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ZhuJi91 Review - Is Zhuji91 Wordpress Hosting Good for Business?
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ZhuJi91 Review – Is Zhuji91 WordPress Hosting Good for Business?

ZhuJi91 is a Hong Kong web hosting company providing quality hosting services in the market of Asian areas. There are various hosting solutions available to customers, among which WordPress hosting is one of the most popular services. To help readers know whether ZhuJi91 is powerful enough to host their websites, we have made this in-depth review on the aspects of editorial rating, price, features, performance, WordPress compatibility and technical support.

According to our review on hundreds of Hong Kong hosting companies, we find that ZhuJi91 has won a high reputation among the customers for its outstanding services. In the following chart, we list the editorial rating on several aspects.

ZhuJi91 Review

  • Reputation
    rating 4 of 5
  • Features
    rating 4.5 of 5
  • Speed
    rating 4.5 of 5
  • Reliability
    rating 5 of 5
  • Support
    rating 4.5 of 5
  • Price
    $4.95/mo, 45% off $8.95/mo regularly

WordPress Compatibility

ZhuJi91 guarantees 100% compatible with WordPress for it supports PHP5.2/5.3/5.4, MySQL5 and Apache. Besides, this company offers 1-click WordPress installer, with which webmasters are able to install it easily. Even for the beginners, they can do it without any effort.


ZhuJi91 devotes itself to providing customers with cost-effective hosting service, which is a good option for some webmasters who are looking a budget web host. This company regularly prices its WordPress hosting at $8.95/mo. And now, to make its service affordable, ZhuJi91 offers 45% discount to cut down the price at $4.95/mo.

ZhuJi91 Promotion Link Activation

ZhuJi91 allows customers to subscribe its hosting in 3/2/1-year billing cycle, which are priced at $4.95/mo, $5.95/mo and $7.95/mo respectively. Besides, to make sure that the service is risk-free and worry-free, it offers 30 Days money back guarantee. And also, it supports the payment via PayPal.


In order to provide customers with high quality service, ZhuJi91 offers rich features in the WordPress hosting including abundant disk space, unlimited bandwidth, various programming languages, advanced operating system, etc. Here, we list all the features in the following table.

ZhuJi91 WordPress
Disk Spac 500M
Bandwidth Unlimited
PHP 5.2/5.3/5.4
Python Yes
MySQL v5
phpMyAdmin Yes
Zend Optimizer Yes
Customizable PHP.ini Yes
Perl Module Installer Yes
Override .htaccess Yes

In addition to those advanced features, it utilizes the most user-friendly cPanel to help customers manage their websites with ease. Note that, ZhuJi91 is free for Chinese ICP license so that it can guarantee all the hosted websites are never blocked.


ZhuJi91 utilizes the world-class data center in Hong Kong with redundant power generator, mature upstream suppliers and high security to guarantee at least 99.9% uptime. The data center is equipped with cutting-edge technologies including SSD, RAID 5 Disk Array and Firewall & DDoS Attack Response. We test its uptime in the past 30 days and the result is as the following chart.

By using the firs-class data center and integrating with 100% DELL servers, ZhuJi91 can also offer high page loading speed to every website. Its professional technicians monitor the infrastructures 24×7 to make sure all the facilities run in a normal environment. We also test its server response time for 3 months at a 5-minute interval. According to the result in the following chart, we can conclude that it consumes 348ms server response time on average, which is much faster that many other Hong Kong hosting providers.

Technical Support

ZhuJi91 offers excellent customer service including various 24×7 communication channels. Customers are allowed to contact the support team via live chat, phone call, email and ticket, which are all available in both Mandarin and English. The friendly and well-trained staff can answer the inquiries promptly.

There are also some useful resources offered to readers including knowledgebase, video tutorials, blogs and FAQ, from which customers can get a lot of methods to start and manage a websites. Additionally, people are able to communicate with other webmasters in the forum to exchange their real hosting experience.


According this review, we can find that ZhuJi91 has done a good job on its WordPress hosting. This is because that this company provides outstanding hosting service with affordable price, rich features, high performance and excellent customer service. Thus, ZhuJi91 is highly recommended to people who are looking for a reliable and reputable hosting company.



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