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6 Helpful YouTube WordPress Tutorials to Customize WordPress Themes

6 Helpful YouTube WordPress Tutorials to Customize WordPress Themes

YouTube WordPress tutorialWordPress includes a flexible template system that allows users to beautify the website appearance by customizing themes. However, for customers who have little technical knowledge, they are not easy to change the default themes in the way they like.

Generally, watching a video tutorial is a quick way to learn something, especially for the operation process. So we collect 6 helpful YouTube WordPress tutorials here, to teach readers to customize WordPress themes in an easy way. With clear explanations and detailed steps, even a WordPress newbie can be easy to understand how to custom WordPress themes.

How to Create a Custom WordPress Website – BEGINNERS

This is a complete video tutorial that shows how to create a custom website with WordPress from start to finish. With detailed steps, it is designed for WordPress beginners and covers the following aspects:

  • Signing up web hosting account and register a domain name.
  • Setting up WordPress website from scratch.
  • Changing the default WordPress theme to a different theme.
  • Customizing your website with free textured backgrounds.
  • Using a free online photo editor called Pixlr to make custom header images and to re-size images.
  • And so on…

WordPress Theme Tutorial

This is a series of WordPress theme tutorial that includes 8 separate parts to teach beginners to customize WordPress theme. It talks about some basics of theme setup and adding the footer, header, and sidebar to pages. Each part is about 10 minutes so that you are free to arrange a time to learn and it won’t cost you a lot of time.

How to Build a Custom WordPress Theme

This is a hands-on tutorial that shows a variety of options for getting started with WordPress customization. From working with the presented themes to creating a unique theme from scratch, you can make sure to learn a lot and have fun in the process. Besides, it carefully introduces how to build WordPress theme from scratch which is the best for a custom WordPress website.

How to Customize WordPress Twenty Twelve Theme

When you installed a WordPress website, it comes with a default theme – Twenty Twelve, which is very minimal and responsive, adapting to any devices with different screen sizes. However, it is simple and plain, with little stylish design. In order to make this theme suitable for your own requirements, you can watch the video learn about how to customize it.

Easy & Quick Method to Customize a WordPress Theme

As most of the WordPress operations are boring, this tutorial introduces the WordPQuick ress theme customization in an interesting way. In addition to the regular elements that people want to change, this tutorial mainly gives users creative ideas to customize the website to suitable for their brands.

Customize any WordPress Theme

Before starting to learn methodsto customize WordPress theme, you are required to understand the files that control the themes appearance and structure. This video tutorial just introduces 3 most important files: header.php, style.css, as wellas footer.php. With them, you can learn how these 3 files control a WordPress website so that you can be very easy to customize any themes into a design you like.


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