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YouTube vs Vimeo – Which One Is Better for WordPress Videos

YouTube vs Vimeo – Which One Is Better for WordPress Videos

YouTube and Vimeo, two popular video platforms on the web, are used to upload videos online. But the question is: which one is better for WordPress videos? Without the need to go further, you can find a professional answer in this article. We will have a detailed discussion on their own pros and cons so that you can you make a clear choice between YouTube vs Vimeo.

Why Not Directly Upload WordPress Videos

Great chances are that you will run a blog with WordPress after receiving some advice from experts. Until now, WordPress, an open source project, has a massive audience across the globe. You are given the freedom to add videos to attract more attentions. But the videos directly uploaded to WordPress will take over many server resources, slow down your website, and even crash your server. That’s the reason why YouTube or Vimeo comes in handy.

With either YouTube or Vimeo, you will have a good video streaming experience. What they focus on is to serve videos with their own server resources and technology. Embedding WordPress videos is easy to do with the help of an exclusive video platform.

User Members – YouTube Wins

More than one billion users are using YouTube for uploaded videos in WordPress, accounting for a third of the market. In contrast, the user base of Vimeo is much smaller than that of YouTube. Vimeo has a total of 800+ million users according to the company data. Following the trend, YouTube is the better choice.

YouTube VS Vimeo - User Members

Search Optimization – YouTube Wins

Here YouTube puts Vimeo in the shadow. Only behind parent company Google, YouTube is in the position to be the second largest search engine. With the use of YouTube, videos can be created to a specific search query. On one hand, they will have better search results on YouTube. On the other hand, Google will prefer videos from YouTube to those from other platforms.

Mobile – YouTube Wins

YouTube is more advised to get more traffic from mobile. There is a fact that mobile is the source of most YouTube views. Mobile streaming space is dominated by YouTube mobile app which is still the winner in comparison with other formidable competitors.

It cannot be denied that both platforms optimize videos for mobile. However, more chances for mobile discovery and reach are available with YouTube.

Cost & Storage – YouTube Wins

YouTube is recommended to those who have no budget for uploaded WordPress videos. This free platform can save users much money without the limitations on the storage. However, Vimeo users often have to upgrade free plan to a paid one for the more storage. The Vimeo prices range from $7/mo to $75/mo for the annual payment.

YouTube VS Vimeo - Vimeo Plans

Technical Support – Vimeo Wins

With Vimeo, paid video hosting solutions features Priority, Pro, VIP, and Live support on their own. So those who have limited video experience will benefit a lot from the Vimeo technical support. Such is not a case with YouTube whose free help documentation and support community are only at customer service. No personalized technical support is accessible to YouTube users.

No Pre-Roll Ads – Vimeo Wins

One thing you need to know is that YouTube mainly make profits on advertisements. Without the paid subscription on YouTube Red, viewers have to put up with advertisements in the sidebar, inside the video player, and inside the YouTube app. This will result in a bad using experience. In contrast, Vimeo has not troubled users with advertisements until now. And there are no signals to indicate that this policy will be changed within a short time.

YouTube VS Vimeo - YouTube Red

Running Ad Campaigns – YouTube Wins

There are some instances where you want to add your own ads. Then YouTube is the video platform from which you can purchase ads space and access personalized ads support. But this is impossible with Vimeo who strictly enforces the ‘No Ads’ policy.

Privacy Controls – Vimeo Wins

At least three privacy options are available for you to choose for WordPress videos. It is Vimeo that gives you more possibilities to make privacy settings, such as, Anyone, Only me, Only people I follow, Only people I choose, and more. Vimeo enables you to have better privacy controls. Especially, membership websites can make videos viewable for paying subscribers ONLY with Vimeo.

YouTube VS Vimeo - Privacy Controls

Analytics – YouTube Wins

All the analytics like views and more advanced statistics from YouTube are open to users for free. For the evaluation of performance, however, you are required to pay for more than basic stats with Vimeo.

YouTube VS Vimeo – Conclusion

Whether to use YouTube or Vimeo should be according to your goal with WordPress videos. To some specifications, one video platform can be better than the other. When targeting at specific niche, Vimeo can better satisfy your needs. Otherwise, YouTube is more perfect for WordPress websites which want to reach a more massive audience and treasure search optimization.


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