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Best Tips to Write SEO-Friendly WordPress Post Title to Boost Traffic

Best Tips to Write SEO-Friendly WordPress Post Title to Boost Traffic

Title is the beginning of a post, which leaves an initial impression on readers. Also, that delivers the general idea of an article. A great post title plays an important in arousing readers’ interests as well as boosting website traffic. Besides that, an optimized post title is more likely to be crawled by Google bots thereby getting high search engine ranking easily. It makes a big difference on on-page SEO.

Honestly, it is not troublesome to write SEO-friendly WordPress post titles for your website only if you follow the tips listed as below. Those provide you with comprehensive knowledge of post title optimization.

Tip 1: Keyword Is the King!

A great post title should include the keyword with high search volume, which can be indexed by Google or other search engines quickly. The following steps guide you to find an awesome keyword with ease.

Step 1: Search for a keyword Using a Keyword Search Tool

Multiple keyword search tools are created for looking for a great keyword, among which Google AdWords is selected in recommended here. That helps you do keyword search for your WordPress website within a few steps. Log into this tool with a Google account and then enter a search item that is related to your post in the search bar. Select the keyword with highest monthly searches from the results page.

Below is the results page that displays the monthly searches for the search item “how to build a real estate website” and also lists some relevant keywords.

Keyword Search Google AdWords

Step 2: Insert the Keyword into Post Title Properly

Embed the optimal keyword into post title properly and make it idiomatic. For example, we are going to make a guide that introduces the way to create a real estate website with WordPress and then add the keyword “how to build a real estate website” to post title. In this case, the best title should be “How to Build a Real Estate Website with WordPress”.

Tip 2: Make It Simple, Readable and Attractive

Control the Length of Title – There is no need to add too many words to the post title. In most cases, readers have no patience to understand a complicated title. The title should be as simple as possible and includes 10 words or fewer. Also, the title should deliver the main idea of this post and leaves a good impression on readers.

Add Numbers to A Post Title – The most acceptable post title is the one including numbers, such as “5 Tips to Optimize Your Website”, “The Best 5 WordPress Hosting Companies” and “Top 10 Strategies for Internal Link Optimization”. That makes it clear on how much information readers can get from the post. Such post title is far more appealing than the ones without any number.

Ask Questions and Leave One in Suspense – Use a question as the post title and that leaves readers some suspense. If visitors are interested in this question, they would like to click the title and find an answer from the post. That is an effective method to increase page views.

Tip 3: Customize Permalink URL

Once you draft a post via WordPress dashboard, a permalink is generated automatically under the post title and that is shown as the following example. If you are not satisfied with the current permalink structure, you can change permalink structure via Menu > Settings > Permalinks.

Customize Permalink Structure

A permalink is comprised by your website URL and a post slug. By default, the post slug includes all words of the post title. To make it SEO-friendly, you are required to delete the words that are not regarded as the keyword. In other words, the permalink should be short and include the keyword that you have searched in Step 1.

Tip 4: Add Subtitle to a Post

Subtitle is a line of text shown under a post title, which acts as a brief description for the main title and deliver more information about an article. The default WordPress Posts Editor leaves no space for a subtitle. To make things much easier, WordPress developers have released multiple plugins for adding subtitles, such as WP Subtitles, KIA Subtitles, Subtitle 360, Widget Subtitle, and so on. Select any method as you want and insert a subtitle into the post easily.

Post Subtitle

Tip 5: Give Each Post a Meta Description

A meta description is a line of words, which is used to describe the main idea of a post. It will be shown on the search results page and placed under the post title. That tells visitors about what they can get from this post thereby drawing their attention. The meta description should include keyword, in this way, which is more likely to be crawled by search engines.

Post Title Meta Description

The WordPress SEO by Yoast is a great method to help you add meta description to each post. Once installing this plugin on your website, a section called “Yoast SEO” is included in each post editor, which allows you to type focus keyword, SEO title and meta description in an easy manner.

Yoast SEO Settings Tab


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