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Tips for Writing Great Google+ Posts to Increase Followers

Tips for Writing Great Google+ Posts to Increase Followers

Google PlusGoogle+, a popular social network powered by Google, has already been integrated into the Google search results. That means your content can get better search engine rankings in the SERPs by promoting it with Google+. On the contrary, good website content can also improve the Google+ followers, which is essentially important for promoting anything via Google+ account. In this article, we sum up some important tips for writing great posts to help readers increase their Google+ followers.

First of all, you should understand that Google+ is just like any other social network. That means, in order to be social, you need to have a large amount of friends/ followers. In addition to interact with people on your Google+ account, you can also get followers by writing interesting and quality content on your website. In the following, we just discuss how to write a great post and promote it on Google+ to increase your followers.

Pick an Interesting Topic to Post

pick a topicFor writing a great post, you need to make sure its quality at first. Pick up an interesting and smart topic at first, then you can write splendid content around the topic, telling story, citing specific examples, or referencing allusions. You can write anything you like, only ensure it is useful and interesting for people.

If you have no idea about what to write, you can also use a trending topic of Google+, which is located on the right side of the home page. By writing the content that people are currently focusing on, you can easily draw their attention and get +1s, comments and shares.

Choosing a Compelling Image

Google+ is special for image rules, which more like that of Pinterest. Since it updated last time, Google+ even started to support large, gorgeous images, and allow some images to stretch across the entire screen. In order to draw people’s attention, we suggest you use a bright and full size photo to run within the post. Instead of dropping a link only or using the tiny images, the large size photo can be better grab attention and stimulate discussions.

To help non-designers find good images, we just share some great resources of interesting images, including Tumblr, StumbleUpon, Society6, Behance, Flickr, and so on. Only keep in mind that you should ask permission and give credits when using photographs or images.

Write an Attractive Headline and Introduction

attractive contentWhen sharing an article in Google+, you can enter the title and introduction to tell others what your content is about. Just be the same as a post, you can add an attractive title for the post to engage friends click through the link. As well, we suggest you editing the title to make it stand out from a group of words. Note that keep the headline within 60 characters; otherwise it humps into the second line.

After the title, you can write some introductions about what your article is about or what kind of discussion you’d like to start. There are a number of ways and can change it up according to the nature of the specific content. For example, you can summarize the article, give out your point directly, or discuss a different topic entirely and relate it to the blog post. In a word, you need to offer the Google+ followers a reason to get involved and read the content.

Mention Influencers

mention influencerYou can mention the main influencers in your post properly. For instance, you can mention friends in the description which can draw their attentions to post as well as acknowledge their contributions to the content. By referring friends via Google+, they can get notifications at once you published the post, and then have a great possibility to reply you with comments or some other social signals.

However, you should note that you need to have perfect and legitimate reason for mentioning them. Don’t mention the unrelated persons for your own purpose. That really annoys!

Include Hashtags

You can tag your article with 2 or 3 hashtags. That can tie your post to other related posts and discussions, increasing the visibility. Make sure your content is highly related to the hashtags.

Respond to Comments

After sharing an article on Google+ circles, you need to spend some time to reply people who take time to comment and interact with you, expressing your appreciations, answering questions and demonstrating your expertise.

In addition, every comment also serves to further increase of activity and engagement on the post, generating more +1s and interest and vitality. Don’t ignore this step if you want to get your post hot.


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