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WPTouch Review & Configuration - Make Your WordPress Responsive?

WPTouch Review & Configuration – Make Your WordPress Responsive?

If your website is not mobile-friendly, then it is losing a great amount of traffic. 60% of mobile users on the web use their mobiles to make searches on the internet. This number is increasing every day as most of the people are attracted toward the use of iphones and tablets.

Under this case, WordPress offers different tools to make your site responsive on every device. You can try two things:

  • An adaptable and responsive theme that can work fine on every device
  • A mobile-friendly plugin that can make your site fully responsive. WPTouch is such a plugin that allows you to do so.

In the following, we have started a WPTouch Review, along with the basic settings and configurations.


WPTouch Review & Configuration

WPTouch can help you easily create another version of your website. Your current theme might only support desktop version, but you can create a new version for your mobile visitors with this plugin.

WPTouch gives you complete control over the look and feel of your website. You can easily change and add different elements like the font size, menus, color, and images. Also, you can change different sections of your website including the comment section, email subscription section, categories, tags and author profile sections.

WPTouch can help you create your site themes and child themes. It creates customized menus for you. The plugin also supports Adsense services like Google Adsense and Admob, and other services can also be customized through this plugin. It also supports all video extensions according to your requirements.

WPTouch Features and Highlights

wptouch highlightsWPTouch offers an elegant and easy to use design for mobile users. It is five times faster (more responsive) than desktop themes. Its high quality display and touch enhancement features allow your site visitors to navigate quickly through your site content.

The latest version of WPTouch gives you six amazing and customizable themes and fully branding control over your site. Also, with the help of extensions and add-ons, you can take your site to an entirely new level. Multi-ads, responsive images and mobile content are few of the amazing plugins.

WPTouch is easy to install and maintain. In just a few moments, you can create a new design for your mobile site.

WPTouch support team is available 24 hours to help you in any cases. You just have to change some theme settings, colors, logo and the landing page, and your site is ready for mobile visitors.

WPTouch Configuration, Step by Step Method

If you have purchased a license for WPTouch pro and the download key for this plugin, you are ready to go. WPTouch also offers a free version, but the features are limited. Especially, a free version does not support Adsense options. You can add code into this free plugin, but it works fine with some limitations.

In the up-coming lines, you can receive step by step instructions on the installation and configuration of WPTouch Pro. On the screen, you need to provide a license key. Download necessary themes and add-ons and activate your plugin.

Next, you are taken to the “Account page.” You have to provide the “email address” associated with your account. Then, press the “activate button.” If the provided details are correct, a success message can be displayed.

The plugin menu also shows up in your WordPress Dashboard/Admin area.

Core Settings

wptouch core settingsAfter clicking “WPTouch pro” and going to core settings, a menu can appear that allows you to configure different settings. You can change the “site title” and “byline” so that it may fit in all mobile devices and tablets.

Next, you can see regionalization choices and display mode options. WPTouch offers you the facility to set a certain regional language. WPTouch can configure it for you, but you can customize it yourself.

With the display mode option, you can disable the mobile theme without the deactivation of WP touch plugin. You can activate the theme, de-activate it or you can allow a preview only for the site users.

You can also customize advanced options like a customized landing page for your mobile site. You can also import these settings to a different WordPress site. Customs code can be added in the theme that usually shows up in the footer area.

Site Preview

Now, when you are satisfied with the core settings, click on the Preview Method. Take a look at your site and if you are happy with it, click to save those settings.

Themes & Extensions

Next, go to “Themes and Extensions” section. Click on the “setup” button. Here you can change different theme settings. You can choose a theme and customize it in a few minutes. Click on the “preview” button to see the changes and see how your site can appear on mobile devices. Next, in the branding section, you may upload your site logo or change an existing one.

Now preview the settings and click on the menu. If the menu is not working properly, WPTouch gives you the facility to create a customized one.


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