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WordPress VS Weebly - Which is Better for Small Business?

WordPress VS Weebly – Which is Better for Small Business?

This WordPress VS Weebly comparison review and compare two services on ease of use, price, flexibility, plugins, themes, and technical support, aiming at helping readers pick up the right service for small businesses.

WordPress is an excellent blogging tool and Content Management System while Weebly is an American web hosting service which features with a drag and drop site builder. Though many people are confused which one to choose, we truly think about WordPress is better than Weebly for business websites. As well, we sincerely recommend you going with InMotion WordPress hosting to experience how powerful WordPress is. Starting at $3.49/mo and 50% off the regular price, InMotion WordPress hosting is also along with the following features.

  • Free Domain Registration or Tranfer
  • Free SSD for speed increasing
  • Multiple Database Choice including MySQL and PostgreSQL
  • $300 Advertising Credits
  • Pre-prepared solution for WordPress, Joomla, and PrestaShop
  • SSH for Safety Websites
  • 24/7/365 US-Based Technical Support
  • 90-Day Money Back Guarantee

In order to better explain why WordPress is better than Weebly for business websites, we compare two services. Before introducing the specific reasons on every aspect, let’s have a look at the overall comparison between WordPress and Weebly in the below table.

Features WordPress Weebly
Started 2003 2006
Price FREE 0 – $8/mo
Powering websites Over 60 million Over 15 million
Ease of Use rating 5 of 5 rating 5 of 5
Customizability rating 4.5 of 5 rating 3 of 5
Flexibility rating 5 of 5 rating 4 of 5
Technical support rating 5 of 5 rating 3.5 of 5
Sociability rating 4 of 5 rating 3 of 5
WordPress.org Weebly.com


Price is an important factor to start business websites, especially for startups who have little budget. You never need to worry about this by using WordPress – it is an open source for completely free. You can sign up a website on WordPress.com with no charge, or build a self-hosted WordPress site for fully controlling the business. Some famous web hosts like BlueHost provides superb WordPress hosting for only $2.95/mo, 63% discount available for customers going through the promotional link. Besides, it even offers 1 free domain name and up to free advertising credits.

Weebly offers a free online website creator and free website hosting service. However, the price is $4/mo if users want to add custom branding options, expanded website stats & premium support, even it is up to $8/mo for the pro packages.

Ease of Use

ease of useIt’s hard to pick up the winner between WordPress and Weebly based on the ease of use because both service are easy to manage. The process is simple and very similar for registering a free account on WordPress.com and Weebly.com. You just need to sign up with your email and create your website with started wizard. On the other hand, thing is the same easy if you want to build a self hosted website as most web hosts provide 1-click WordPress installation which helps build a website in seconds.

With WordPress intuitive graphical interface, the website management is as easy as a piece of cake. You can simply to create and publish a post, upload an image, insert mp3 or video files, and add a piece of product information. On the Weebly, all operations are done by dropping and dragging, which is easy for beginners, but inconvenient for experienced users.

Customizability & Flexibility

Running a business website, it often needs to customize the website styles and appearance to attract customers and match the main products. WordPress helps website customization greatly. You can easily change the website settings, and freely choose a beautiful and suitable theme from thousands of options WordPress Theme Directory and third party companies. As well, it’s also easy to extend the website functionality with the various of plugins.

On Weebly, you can customize the website by changing the settings and themes. However, there are no additional plugins available for extending the website functionality.

Technical Support

Technical support is one factor can not be ignored in the choice of web hosting service. After all, no one knows when she / he will encounter troubles. There are plenty of resources in the WordPress community WordPress.org. You can get free themes, plugins, documentation at the website, and ask for help from experienced users including developers, experts, designers, etc. Besides, as WordPress is the most popular content management system, you can easily browse the relevant information on the internet.

However, for Weebly service, you can only get technical support by purchasing the paid packages.


Both WordPress and Weebly services are suitable for websites. However, by comparison, WordPress is better for blogs and business websites while Weebly is still a good choice for blogging. As business websites always need stronger features than normal websites, we suggest you going with InMotion hosting for business class WordPress hosting. For only $3.49/mo, you are also backed by the 90 FULL money back guarnatee.

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