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WordPress VS Drupal - Which is Better for Personal Bloggers?

WordPress VS Drupal – Which is Better for Personal Bloggers?

It’s quite easy for readers to make a choice between WordPress and Drupal after reading this WordPress VS Drupal comparison which reviews two applications in-depth.

WordPress and Drupal both are powerful blogging platforms and content management systems. Before comparing them side by side, we introduce them at first.

WordPress – It is the official successor of b2/cafelog, focusing on the ease of use, fast speed, and friendly user experience. Started in 2003, it has been a mature and reliable blog engine, powering a large number of websites all over the world.

Drupal – started in 2000, Drupal is the most famous CMS based on PHP. It has the most powerful customization and flexibility, which causes it a little difficult to start on the hand. It provides powerful features which can be free configured, and has the ability to support personal blogs and large websites.

WordPress and Drupal have a similar background, so what sets them apart? Check out the differences between them as following.

WordPress VS Drupal – Differences

WordPress is a consumer-oriented application while Drupal is a technical-based software. They are different in the following aspects.

Ease of Use

Ease of UseWordPress is recognized as the most easy-to-use CMS. Technical experience is not necessary, and it is intuitive and easy to get a simple blog or website set up. With the graphical interface, users can easily create and publish pages or posts. Especially, they can paste the text from a Microsoft Word document into a post.

Drupal is called as “Expert’s choice” in general. It is not as easy as WordPress, and requires much technical expertise. Users who want to use it should be ready to plunge into coding and scripting. Fortunately, with each release, it is becoming easier to use, and the latest Drupal 7 is quite user friendly. As a matter of fact, Drupal is not a good choice for customers who have little technical knowledge.


WordPress has powerful features to keep the website management easily. The themes allow users to change the appearance of a WordPress website; the plugins enable users and developers to extend website ability beyond the core installation, and widgets offer users drag-and-drop sidebar content placement. In addition, WordPress allows the use of multisite network, and supports mobile system like Android, iOS, and Blackberry.

Drupal rich features make it easy to manage websites. The designers love the flexibility; administrators love the limitless scalability, and developers love the well-documented APIs. Drupal is also is known for the ability to tag, categorize and organize complex content. The core modules help to extend the functionality; the themes can be used to customize the website looks. Besides, Drupal is also featured with the localization, auto-update notification, database abstraction, and more.

Main Usage

Generally speaking, WordPress is an ideal choice for anyone who wants to build an easy-to-manage site including common websites, blogs, everyday news sites. That is the reason why more than 2.1% new websites are built with WordPress.

However, Drupal is more suitable for technical experts to create complex and advanced websites like Fast Company, Team Sugar.

WordPress VS Drupal – Similarities

Though different with each other, WordPress and Drupal have many points in common.

Open Source

WordPress and Drupal are both free and open source applications which means customers can utilize, modify and customize them without any cost.

Community Support

WordPress and Drupal are both backed by the community where users can download plenty of themes, plugins, widgets shared by developers, designers and other users. Besides, once users encounter some technical problems, they can discuss the questions with experienced experts in the forum.

With all the differences and similarities, WordPress and Drupal are both helpful, so it’s hard to say which one is better for websites. Your choice depends on the goals, technical expertise, budget and the website usage. In general, we recommend customers who have little technical skills going with WordPress, and suggest technical experts going with Drupal.

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