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WordPress VS b2evolution - Which is the Better Software for Blogging?

WordPress VS b2evolution – Which is the Better Software for Blogging?

WordPress and b2evolution both are famous blogging software, which is the better? In this article, we compare WordPress and b2evolution on ease of use, customizability, and SEO friendliness. Readers could learn about two software in detail, and make a right choice based on their actual requirements.

WordPress & B2evolution Overall


wordpress vs b2evolutionWordPress is a free open source blogging application written in PHP and backed by the MySQL database. It’s also well-known as a content management system (CMS), free and easy to use, secure and reliable. Started from 2003, it has been the currently most popular blogging tool, serving over 60 million websites all over the world, including personal blogs, forums, corporate websites, portals, and more.

  • Pros – Free to download, extremely easy to use, massive options of plugins and themes, SEO friendliness, plenty of online resources and guidance, easy publishing and freedom for customization or configuration.
  • Cons – Suffers from the online threats due to the online popularity.


B2evolution is also a welcomed blogging tool based PHP and MySQL, known primarily for the multi-lingual, multi-user and multi-blog features. In addition, it also includes all the features of traditional blog tools as file & phone management, multiple domain supported, detailed user permissions, and more.

  • Pros – Freedom of customizability, easy installation, allowance for multi-blogging and the clean front-end.
  • Cons – Few options of plugins and templates, relatively slow development for working and security, time-consuming for personalizing.

Compared with WordPress developed into a comprehensive website application, b2evolution is designed to focus on blogging all the time. We could see the overall features comparison as following:

Features WordPress B2evolution
Themes 5 out 5 stars 2 out 5 stars
plugins 5 out 5 stars 2 out 5 stars
widgets 5 out 5 stars 3 out 5 stars
Multi-user 5 out 5 stars 4 out 5 stars
multi-blog 5 out 5 stars 4 out 5 stars
Mobiles 5 out 5 stars 2 out 5 stars
Website wordpress.org b2evolution.net

WordPress VS B2evolution – Similarities

Both of them allow the common features, such as the multi-users, multi-blogging, templates and plugins. Also, for new users, these two blogging tools are truly user-friendly. You can start the utilization with the automatic script installer, and publish the web contents with some simple clicks.

In addition, WordPress and B2evolution are the cross platforms, developed in PHP and store data with MySQL.

WordPress VS B2evolution – Differences

Ease of Use

WordPress is quite simple and easy to use. Especially, there is always a 1-click WordPress installer along with the hosting package that even a start blogger could build up a blog easily. With the intuitive and user friendly interface, customers could simply to create and publish a post. By contrast, b2evolution is a little bit complex. It has a large package and customers have to spend more time to learn than WordPress.


Using WordPress, customers could personalize and customize their websites as they want. With hundreds of thousands of themes, widgets and plugins, customers don’t need any technical skills but just apply new themes and plugins to personalize their blogs. However, on b2evolution, there are no open source templates available to custom websites. In addition, b2evolution doesn’t support pre-made templates that are quite inconvenient for designers.

SEO Friendly

Generally, a good website URL is friendly to search engines. In this regards, WordPress allows to customize the permalinks of pages and posts. However, b2evolution doesn’t support url rewrite.


Frankly speaking, WordPress has the largest support community in the industry. In addition to the official documentation you can find from WordPress.org, you can also get a large number of related information from online resources. As for B2Evolution, you can hardly find a professional website that mainly discusses this script.

Conclusion – WordPress Recommended

No matter for newbies or webmasters, WordPress is an ideal choice. With easy to use features, full themes and plugins, it could not only used to build blogs, but also enterprise websites.

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