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Great WordPress Video Tutorials for Beginners

Great WordPress Video Tutorials for Beginners

wordpress video tutorialWordPress is free, flexible, and easy to use, awarded as one of the most popular blogging tools and content management systems (CMS). It is widely used to build standard blogs, forums, online stores, and other types of websites by millions of individuals and businesses. Because of the huge power, many beginners are struggling to learn about it.

In fact, watching WordPress video is the best method for beginners to quickly learn how to use WordPress to create their own websites. Without reading about technical books, they can be relaxed to follow the detailed video guide step by step.

Searching in the Youtube, there are a large number of video tutorials for WordPress. However, it’s hard and time-consuming to select a really effective tutorial from thousands of options. To narrow down readers’ choices, we come out this list of great WordPress video tutorial, to help beginners learn about WordPress easily and efficiently.

What is WordPress?

Launched in 2003, WordPress is original a basic blog engine. With 10+ years of development, it has grown to be a rich-featured website creation tool used by millions of individuals, businesses and organizations all over the world.

Designed by Websmarttv, the following tutorial carefully answers the question of what is WordPress, comprehensively introduce the software’s creation, development and features. In addition to this video, readers can also learn why WordPress is good for blogging for this article.

WordPress .ORG VS .COM

For WordPress, there are two important websites: WordPress.com and WordPress.org. So what are the exact differences between them? TweetPages explains the question carefully in the following video. For readers who are not able to play the video, they can also find the answer in our previous post.

Joomla VS Drupal VS WordPress

Although WordPress is powerful, there are other robust CMSs like Drupal, Joomla, Tumblr, etc, what are the differences among them. Watch the following tutorial of CMS Comparison, which compares Joomla vs. Drupal vs. WordPress comprehensively, you can have an in-depth understanding about them three and easily make a choice to build your website.

How to Make a WordPress Website

WordPress runs on a web hosting platform. In this video tutorial, Tyler Moore shows the way to create a $2500 WordPress websites in 1 hour. Without knowledge of how to create a website required, you can learn how to build a website from getting hosting solution, installing software, to choosing a theme and even creating a special logo.

In addition, this tutorial also shows the method to create a mobile website that can also work well with creating a business website.

How to Use WordPress

Published by BlueHost which a famous web hosting provider recommended by WordPress community, this video demonstrates how to create a real website using WordPress on its account. With the detailed guidelines, you can learn click-by-click how to create a static page, add a blog, upload photo galleries, and even post a resume.

With 7 separate parts, this video explains how WordPress is a completely functional CMS. Even if you are a newbie who never touches this software, you can successfully build up a unique website and customize it.

How to Backup WordPress Websites

Running a WordPress website online, you are possible to get hacks or attacks for some reasons. If you don’t backup your website regularly, you may lose all of the data and content once you get hacked or attacked. This video shows an easy method to backup and restore website files and MySQL database by using your web hosting cPanel.

For readers who don’t want to watch videos for special reasons, they can follow the steps in this article.

Getting Google Traffic

It’s essential to get traffic when operating a blog or website. However, with thousands of millions of websites over the Internet, it’s not easy to attract visitors from search engines like Google. In order to help your blog popular, this video comes with some helpful advices for search engine optimization and ranking tips. As well, you can learn more SEO tips in our old post.

How to Make Money with a WordPress Blog

Everyone wants to make money. Many webmasters wonder about how to make money online with WordPress blog. After building a stylish website design and write great content, there are a few effective ways you can make money with a blog. In this following video, the publisher introduces 3 popular methods: affiliate marketing, using plugins and Pay-per-Click. Learn about the detailed introduction in the following.


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