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WordPress SEO: How to Optimize Meta Description?

WordPress SEO: How to Optimize Meta Description?

WordPress SEO is one of the essential factors that influence online website success. As there are many tips and methods to optimize a website to be SEO friendly, where to start? Today, we introduce some WordPress SEO tips about the meta description, which is always ignored by webmasters but plays an important role in gaining visits from the search result page.

What is a Meta Description?

Meta description is kind of HTML attribute that shows what information a webpage contains or what a webpage is about. It is a short sentence or paragraph that covers clear and informative content about the web page/post.

Code Sample


Meta description is not important to search engine ranking, but it is extremely crucial for user click through rate (CTR) from search engine result page as it is always used to display previewed snippets for a given page on the search engines result pages(SERPs).

meta description snippet

How to Optimize Meta Description?

As meta description may control the summary that searchers can see in Google and other search engines, webmasters have to optimize it to improve the CTRs through SERPs. Following the below tips, you can make thing easily.

  1. Write Compelling ContentcontentIn order to attract searcher to click your page link when they see it on SERP, it’s necessary to write compelling and readable content that visits would like to click. For example, you can write the overall content of a post so that searchers can learn about what your post is at first. And you can also write rhetorical style content to draw searchers’ attention, and they may click into your site.

    In addition to appealing, you should also keep the meta description matched to the page content. Sometimes, Google also displays a snippet instead of meta description if the former better matches to the users’ keywords.

  2. Include Keywords IntelligentlyGoogle and other search engines also bold keywords in the description when they match the users’ search queries. So, you can also include the keywords intelligently to maximize CTRs through search engine result page.

    However, you should never repeat keywords many times unnaturally in the description as it may cause keyword stuffing, which is punished seriously by search engines.

  3. Keep in Recommended LengthlengthIn general, the meta description can be any length, but Google displays the previous about 150 characters in the search result page. So, in order to optimize meta description keep its integrity, you’d best to keep it between 150 and 160 characters.


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