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The Top 7 Award-Winning WordPress Real Estate Plugins

The Top 7 Award-Winning WordPress Real Estate Plugins

Do you have a real estate website? Or do you want to design one to make a strong online presence for the house information? WordPress real estate plugins are specially designed for the real estate industry. WordPress plugin directory has a great number of real estate plugins optimized for different purposes. From list management to payment methods, WordPress real estate plugins offer a perfect toolkit to assist you with your job demands. Most plugins offer street view, Google map, property listings, property search functionality and photo galleries.

From list management to payment methods, WordPress real estate plugins offer a perfect toolkit to assist you with your job demands. Most plugins offer street view, Google map, property listings, property search functionality and photo galleries. Here is a list of top 7 WordPress plugins for professionals. They are not arranged in any particular order as they support different amazing features and layout styles.

WP Property


WP-Property plugin has all necessary features for your real estate website. Its dynamic property listing and usage flexibility make it a complete property management system. You can easily add listings, edit them and feature them on your website.

It supports automatic image resizing, shortcodes, Google map, and friendly-user interface to transform the on-site experience for your customers. It supports website translation into Italian, Portuguese and Russian. You can use different customizable options for different property listings. This plugin is well-optimized for your SEO needs and the requirements of your customers. Also, it has loads of great features. It is completely FREE!



It is a must-have plugin for any professional real estate agent. It can transform your blog/website to a complete new functional real estate website. This plugin is ideal for the following tasks:

  • Design a fully functional real estate website
  • Offer an easy to use interface
  • Achieve the blog separation from listings

In this way, you can easily turn your blog into a real estate website, and you can also separate your blog from the listing section.

Real Estate Website Builder

Real Estate Website Builder

This plugin can help you design a fully functional real estate website in a quick and efficient manner. The real estate website builder provides you with a fully customizable layout and customs widgets. You can add, edit and feature your listings in an easy way.

This plugin also supports international listings in 240 countries. It provides landing pages for each of your property listings. And this feature works great for SEO purposes. Real Estate Builder plugin comes with a number of free themes that can work amazingly well with your website.



It is a free WordPress plugin with some awesome features. You can easily create your property list management system for your website. The plugin supports all WordPress themes and it can easily adjust to your site by using built-in templates. You can also add some useful details like price and location, property types, and property status.You can design your ways to classify your listings in different categories. It also adds a contact form in your listings so that your customers can ask questions about a certain property location.

WP-Real Estate


This plugin can help you build a user-friendly real estate site. You can add property listings, customs listing pages and images. The plugin is also offering a new translation feature that can empower your website to be translated into different languages.

It also provides advanced property search and property search widget. This plugin is particularly planned for real estate agents who require the function of listing properties on their website in a fast and effective way.

Simple Real Estate Pack


As mentioned in the name, this plugin is a complete package of real estate tools, and it comes with an easy to use interface. The plugin has all the tools to meet the requirements of the real estate industry. It has been particularly designed for real estate agencies that have to showcase the house information effectively. This plugin can become your assistant in your business tasks. Here is a list of features:

  • Live Mortgage Rates Calculator
  • Business listing integration with yelp and Google maps
  • Street view and neighborhood profiles
  • Cost estimators

It also supports financial and statistical charts. It can be regarded as one of the must-have plugins for any real estate business or agency.

WPL-Real Estate


This advanced real estate plugin is ideal for real estate agencies. It comes with a ton of features and supports many add-ons. This plugin is basically designed for data management tasks. It also has a property search function that makes it flexible and responsive.

The plugin can be expanded for different purposes. It gives you a flexible data structure and dynamic search parameters. If you are looking for a complete responsive plugin that can help you with a comprehensive and easy property listings management, then WPL-Real Estate plugin is the best for you.


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