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Top 10 WordPress Post Checklists Before Publish & How to Implement It

Top 10 WordPress Post Checklists Before Publish & How to Implement It

The well-written and properly-formatted content is surely the core component of a website of any kind. This kind of web content generally determines the success of your website. However, how can you make sure that what you write is the good and quality blog post? In addition, if you are running a multi-author website, there might be the chances that some of your content contributors may make a mistake or forget to do something.

Here, we have listed the top 10 WordPress post checklists for you. Before you hitting the Publish button, you can review these checklist items to figure out whether you have met all of these requirements. Besides, the checklists allow your authors to go through all the aspects they should check before publishing the article.

Frankly speaking, this practice helps you avoid most unnecessary mistakes and can better optimize your web contents effectively. In addition, we also would like to introduce the simple method of how to implement this step from your dashboard directly to save efforts.

Top 10 WordPress Post Checklists

To determine the items in this special checklist, you firstly need to think about what form a quality and typical post. The following points are suitable for all the common blog post. Surely, if you want, you can add some others based on your real situations and requirements.

Fully Integrated Post Topic

It is possible that you have already decided the blog topic before editing and have found a lot of related resources as the references. In this case, after you finish the writing, you need to read through the whole site to figure out whether the content is fully integrated with the topic.

Properly Used Keywords

Every blog post should have an exclusive keyword. This special word or phrase can point out the thesis statement of your content. In addition, the proper density of the keywords can benefit your website SEO. In this case, before publishing your post, you’d better check the keyword density to keep it between 0.5% and 3%.

Properly Used Keywords

Eye-Catching Post Titles and Headlines

Personally, we think you can learn some tips on how to come out the attractive post headlines. After all, the quality and the attractiveness of the headlines directly determine whether your post is checked or passed by readers.

In addition, as people may scan your content, the focused and eye-catching sub-headlines are also essential.

Properly Used Media Components

Now, a typical blog post not only contains the plain texts. In addition, you need to include at least a single image. This can add more interests to your content. Besides, the graphical component is useful to ease the stress and eye-strain when people read a lengthy paragraph.

Also, if possible, you’d better insert some other media items, such as the video, audio and podcast.

Media Components

Organized Content Formatting and Categories

The proper and organized post formatting can improve the reading efficiency greatly. Here, you can adopt the bold font, italics and some others to emphasize the critical information. In addition, the listing format can display some short points in an obvious manner.

Also, you need to make sure that whether this post is well grouped into the proper category, along with the suitable tags. Especially, if your site contains the rich information that is concerning about multiple topics, you’d better finish this step. This way, your website content can be organized properly and readers can target their wanted information easily.

The Effective Ending Part

Most bloggers only focus on the beginning of a blog post. Actually, the ending part is also important. This part allows people to digest your whole content. In addition, it is a good location to place the call to action.

Meta Descriptions

If you have installed the SEO plugin that requires you to enter the meta description for each post, you have to ensure that this step is finished. After all, the meta descriptions are the post summaries that can show up on the search engine result. This way, people can know what you want to say before entering your pages.

Effective Website Linking

Personally, we think each post should have at least one internal link. This step can benefit the overall structure of your website and also can enhance your search engine optimization. Surely, you can add some outside links if needed. All you need to ensure is that there is no broken link at all.

To test the broken link, you simply need to preview the post and click the link to figure out whether it can redirect you to the right location.

Website Linking

Image Alt Tag

This step is always ignored by most editors. Actually, search engines cannot figure out the main content of the image, so you need to enter the alternative description for it in the image alt tag. Also, the alt tag is a good location to enter the post keywords.

Here, we need to mention that the keywords added into the alt tag will not be calculated into the keyword density of the whole site.


Surely, you need to make sure that you have already checked the spell, grammar and any other aspects of your blog post. In this case, there are no errors contained in your content at all. For this, you can consider some proofreading tools.

How to Add the Checklist System in WordPress

Frankly speaking, even if you are a professional webmaster and experienced post writer, you need a post checklist to inform you of what you have done and what you have not. In this case, we highly recommend you to add such a special system into your WordPress admin.

For this, we think you can consider the Pre-Publish Post Checklist plugin. With it, you can generate a special checklist that contains all the requirements you have to finish before publishing a blog post. In addition, by activating it, you will never post an article accidentally.

Add and Edit the Checklist Items

Now, you can install it from your admin panel and enter its settings page upon the activation. From this page, you can decide which items or requirements can be added to this checklist.

Default Checklist

By default, this plugin lists 4 default checklist items, which concern about your post title, SEO title, meta description and focused keywords. Frankly speaking, we highly recommend you to remain them. Surely, you can edit the item descriptions by clicking them. Or, you can delete them by clicking the Remove button.

If you are looking to generate some new options, you need to click the Add Item button, enter your needed checklist item and save it.

Now, you can start editing your blog post. Here, from the bottom section of the right hand, there is a newly added box available. From it, you can find all the checklist items that require you to tick the checkboxes.

Pre-Publish Post Checklist Box

Decide the Settings for Publish Attempt

Now, you should decide the publish attempt after you hitting the Publish button. Here, this plugin provides you with three options.

Publish Attempt

  • You can prevent the post publishing in any situation.
  • If you fail to tick all the items within the checklist, you cannot publish this post right away. Instead, this plugin will give you the warning message. From this popup box, you can choose to publish anyway or do not publish.
  • The last option is Do Nothing. This means even if you haven’t finished the checklist, you can publish the post without any warnings. But personally speaking, we do not recommend you to do so.

Publish Warning

Now, you have done with it. The checklist system is already added into your WordPress site. With it, you can make sure that all the post requirements are met by you.


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