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Top 10 Helpful WordPress Plugins for Photographers

Top 10 Helpful WordPress Plugins for Photographers

It’s simple to convert a traditional WordPress site to be a photo gallery by an effective WordPress plugin. These plugins are helpful to post images, photos, portfolios, screenshots, etc online. With 100% compatibility, good ratings, frequent updates, large user base and professional support, many of them are definitely the best choices to start photo gallery websites.

Here we list some very useful WordPress plugins for photographers, coming with unique features and functions for images and photos management. They can help make your website more powerful and faster, and at the same time, enable you to create a specially customized website.



Gallery can give your website a more intuitive result by offering unlimited and customizable galleries. It is a perfect choice for photographers who want to show visitors a beautiful and appealing look. Each gallery is allowed to add multiple images and descriptions and you can display them all at a single page or showcase each one separately.


NextGEN Gallery


As one of the most popular galleries, NextGEN Gallery enables photographers to batch upload, import meta data, arrange images freely. It has been used by millions of webmasters worldwide for it contains a lot of advanced features. Users are able to edit galleries, water markers, albums and many more.

Also, it provides two front-end display styles as slideshows and thumbnail galleries, which give you more space to optimize your website. Moreover, this plugin makes it possible to combine advantages of upload galleries, manage galleries and display galleries, finally show visitors a stunning and pleasant website.

nextgen gallery

Gmedia Gallery


Gmedia is a plugin with many unique and practical functions designed for photographers to help convert websites into an omnipotent showcase. With Gmedia you can upload unlimited photos and audio files, create dozens of galleries and playlists. Also, you can handle any file format so you will never worry about the image processing. Besides, Gmedia gives you a user-friendly feel and look . Besides, it provides unlimited customization to draw more attention from viewers.

gmedia gallery

EWWW Image Optimizer


WWW Image Optimizer is designed to optimize image without any lose in image quality during the uploading process. And the only change it brings you in optimizing process is a much smaller size of images. Apart from that, you can also use it to optimize images uploaded in the past. Further more, with the help of pngout, optipng and pngquant, it makes lossless optimization of images possible. Using this plugin brings you faster page loading speed, faster backups, less bandwidth usage, and better SEO optimization for images.

ewww image optimizer

Image Formatr


You might have encountered some difficulties when uploading images on your websites because of the format of images. With this plugin, you can have a preview of all content images on your blog in the form of small thumbnails in the media library, and you are even provided fine-grained control of each image’s format.

image format

Simple Image Sizes


Sometimes you feel disappointed when you need to upload images on the website because you must adjust the size and format of images in advance to suit the presented theme, which may causes loss in your image content and influence its quality. Simple Image Sizes is a professional plugin for photographers, allowing create custom image sizes as you wish, and its operation are quite easy.

simple image sizes

WP Super Cache


WP Super Cache is a plugin that can generate another format of files like html from WordPress blog, and the html files ,taking place of the heavier PHP scripts, will be processed by web server. The process mentioned above ensure WP Super Cache a very fast engine for WordPress that produces static html files. For photographers, it will save more space for the loading and thus give users more comfortable experience.

wp super cache

Flicker Photostream


Flicker Photostream is designed for multi-purposes, and is especially practical for photographers. Comes with a configurable gallery, it allows you to design layout as you wish. Moreover, it offers customizable image size so that you can adjust it to fit your images in order to keep them complete. One feature must be mentioned is that it can use a cache to load galleries instantly.

flicker photostream

W3 Total Cache


Caching is the best way to ensure fast loading speed of websites and it is especially necessary for photographers, because innumerous images need to be uploaded and loaded and only high loading speed can give visitors a more pleasant user experience. W3 Total Cache, with its strong performance, is recommended and trusted by countless companies because of its excellent performance in improving speeding up pagesand user experience.

w3 total cache

Easy Media Gallery


Easy Media Gallery can make your image processing and website / blog management less time- consuming. It is very customizable, and you can use its media gallery and portfolio to set display whatever you want, like adjusting colors, positions, grid, media sizes, and hover effect. It is also featured by its full media support, a wide range of galleries and album.

easy media gallery

Grand Flagallery


Grand Flagallery is a smart galley choice to show the best of your products or describe in brief any event. It is a powerful media gallery content plugin which allows users easily upload create a video playlist, pictures, place group images into images slideshows and many more. This plugin is optimized for SEO and supports FeedBerner, Google Reader and so on. Moreover, it comes with mobile apps friendly for Desktop, Android, iPhone and iPad.

Grand Flagallery

Awesome Flickr Gallery


Awesome Flickr Gallery is a WordPress plugin that enable users to make galleries to customize WordPress sites. It is carefully designed but comes with powerful features, aiming at making the creation of professional Flickr galleries as easy as possible. As it utilizes intelligent caching to deal with galleries, you are able to manage your images with a fast speed. What’s more, it is designed friendly for SEO, which means your photos are able to be viewed by as many as web visitors.

Awesome Flickr Gallery

Page Flip Image Gallery


Page Flip Image Gallery is a wonderful WordPress photo gallery plugin. With it, you are able to make a photo gallery that comes with the page flip effect. It helps to display your items perfectly in the photo gallery speedy manner. In addition to the traditional features of a photo gallery, it also can work smoothly on some other type of devices, including smart phones and tablets.

Page Flip Image Gallery

Lightbox Gallery


As the name implies, Lightbox Gallery is a light photo gallery plugin for WordPress websites only. With it, you can view the images with lightbox display, or switch to color box if you prefer. As well, it can also present the related meta data with pictures, display the gallery on several different pages, and more.

Lightbox Gallery



ZoomFolio presents endless possibilities to meet all your demands. It not only displays your creative portfolio to visitors, but also shows the recent posts from blogs, gallery or even your vacation. The plugin comes with many remarkable features such as RTL support, highly, responsive, shortcode generator, CSS3 technology, custom light box, iPhone/iPad optimized and ten skins.


Complete Gallery Manager


This is an unbelievable versatile plugin that allows you to create fully responsive galleries with posts, pages, pictures, and videos. It is easy-to-use with simple graphical interface and a bunch of outstanding features such as an unlimited number of galleries, shortcodes and Add Gallery Icon making it easy to insert gallery, duplicate galleries in List Gallery view, live preview touch slider and so on so forth.

Complete Gallery Manager



WEBphysiology is perfect for portfolio presentation, allowing you to setup an expanded-list styled or a grid-styled page containing images and supporting detail portfolio. It is implemented through shortcodes that support many filtering options based on Portfolio type. The whole design is simple, light but elegant.


WP Portfolio


WP Portfolio comes with automatically generated website thumbnails, ability to fully customize the layout, the option to use a custom image rather than a screenshot, and Support for grouping entries to categorize your work. All these features can enable you to quickly and easily show off your portfolio on WordPress websites.

WP Portfolio

Nimble Portfolio


The plugin helps you turn an ordinary portfolio to the cutting-edge jQuery powered gallery, enabling you to feature and classify your work just like an expert. With Filterable jQuery Portfolio, you can get Youtube, Vimeo, and Quicktime video support to easily showcase videos and group them nicely under filterable tabs.

Nimble Portfolio

Fancy Gallery


Fancy Gallery intends to help you create an individual gallery in WordPress website easily. There are thousands of layout & hover effects variations, different galleries including Prettyphoto, Fancybox, and Inline. Installing this plugin, you can create a special and exclusive gallery quickly with a user-friendly AJAX-driven administration. You can also use galleries on an external site through HTML-Generator. All these excellent features and designs only charge for $21.

Fancy Gallery

Awesome Filterable Portfolio


This portfolio plugin allows designers, artists, as well as photographers to create, manage, and publish a modern and awesome filterable portfolio, with smooth animations and cool image hover effects. The plugin also lets you order portfolio categories and items, configure animation properties, and filter items using jQuery animations.

Awesome Filterable Portfolio



You can use uSquare to display content in a unique and elegant way, including team members, products, services, designs, blog posts or anything else that comes to your mind. You can design it according to your wish through scrollable content, intuitive design, custom width and height of items, as well as custom colors, backgrounds and colors.




As long as you install CataBlog, you are free to catalog images, give them titles, links, descriptions and then share them through your blog in an easy but decent way. The plugin is equipped with WYSIWYG TinyMCE editor to easily format catalog description. Besides, Catalog has many other features to help you customize your websites such as organizing catalog library with any order, displaying catalog in sidebars, and setting separate height and width values for catalog thumbnails.



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