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WordPress Ping List for Boosting Your Site SEO

WordPress Ping List for Boosting Your Site SEO

wordpress ping servicePing is a useful push mechanism that a weblog sends signal to Ping Servers to tell them about new updates on your websites. Instead of waiting for search engines to index your updates passively, you can actively ping the site to get it fast indexed.

WordPress Ping List is a series of resources that list pings to different search engines about the new post / page. That means, no matter when you publish a new post / page or change an existing one, WordPress sends pings to all of the Ping Services listed in the WordPress Ping List. As a result, search engines and web directory can be notified about your updates or modifications and quickly index them. Then, you can drive high traffic from search engines.

WordPress Ping List

Ping Services not only indexes your new publishes faster, but it also increases your site visibility. In the following, we collect a wide set of WordPress Ping List which is helpful to improve your site performance as well as boost SEO.


How to Add and Update WordPress Ping List

With so many helpful Ping services, you should add them to your WordPress site and get it fast indexed. Follow the below guidelines, you can easily add / update your WordPress Ping List step by step.

Login into your WordPress dashboard, go to Settings -> Writing, scroll down to the bottom and you can see the Update Services like the following screenshot.

update services

Copy and paste the above WordPress Ping List into the text area, and then click on Save Changes button.

Still now, you have done the process. When you publish a new post, WordPress automatically notifies the Ping Services listed in the Update Services Box so that your content can be quickly indexed and drive a lot of traffic from search engines.

On the other hand, you can also learn what Ping is and how to Ping URLs manually by following this guide.


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