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Important Pages to Have on Each WordPress Website

Important Pages to Have on Each WordPress Website

After the establishment of a WordPress website, almost all website owners are looking for the must-have pages on that. Generally speaking, pages are used to show visitors static content, for example, privacy policy. This article has the aim to help beginners have a clear idea what important pages should on each WordPress website.

Reasons to Have Important Pages in WordPress

By default, two content types are available for WordPress beginners to choose from: posts and pages. The main difference between them is that posts are timely and social. Thus there is no surprise that an overwhelming majority of WordPress users choose posts as the main content type.

However, some static content should be included into pages so that visitors can discover it with ease. At the same time, your WordPress website can be more complete. Below is a list of must-have pages in WordPress.

1. Homepage

In most cases, homepage is often the first page people choose to see. Therefore, you’d better have the questions answered that who you are and what you can provide. In the meantime, homepage should arouse the interest among the viewers with the valuable content and professional design.


2. About Page

The first page which a WordPress should have is “About Me” or About Us”. It can be a place where people can learn the course of your history, what efforts you have made, what content can be expected, and more.

About page

With the use of this page, you can make audience increase the knowledge of your website. Also, chances are that you can get more traffic with the showcase of the most popular content.

3. Contact Page

A contact page can bring people the convenience to contact those who take the responsibility for maintaining the website. Often, it contains an email address, a form, phone number, links to social network services, etc. More convenient ways should be provided for the faster delivery of a message to website owners. Only in this way can audience have no need to leave a public comment.

Contact page

4. Privacy Policy

There is the need to create a privacy policy page which tells how to deal with the gathered information on the WordPress website. Sometimes, it is not you but third-parties tools that collect user information. Google AdSense is a typical example which requires the creation of a privacy policy. Customers will have much more trust in your website through a privacy policy.

Privacy Policy

Those who have no idea how to write a privacy policy can take InMotion Privacy Policy as an example. Following the link, you can find how to create a privacy policy manually. But it is also possible for you to simply the whole process with the help of exclusive plugins.

5. Custom 404 Error Page

Visitors will be redirected to a 404 error page when paying a visit to non-existent content. Since the layout is too plain to please them, they will choose to find useful information on the next website. Things will be different with a custom 404 error page to show useful links. Thus people can still have the interest to read more without leaving your website.

Custom 404 Error Page

6. Sitemap Page

Sitemap, a file to list out the webpages of your website, tells search engines what web content is available for crawling. To be honest, few visitors will land on this page. But fresh content can be easily indexed and ranked by search engines through the sitemap page. HTML Page Sitemap plugin is recommended to create this page.

7. Affiliate Disclosure

There are some instances where you want to earn some commissions with the purchases through affiliate links. Under this circumstance, you need to have a disclaimer page which shows how your content is monetized. Otherwise, your application for many affiliate networks will be rejected. Following the link, you can learn the best affiliate programs in the marketplace.

8. Advertise Page

As a matter of fact, website monetization can be true with Google Adsense and an ‘advertise’ page. The availability of ad spots can be learned from your advertise page. With the goal to attract more advertisers, you should show how well your WordPress website performs, such as, daily traffic, main audience, tec. And contact form on the advertise page can promote the further negotiation.

Advertise Page

9. Service Page

WordPress websites which are selling services and products should have a service page. WooCommerce and other ecommerce platforms come with a default service page which can be added to navigation menus. When new visitors come to your website, the product offerings are accessible to them directly. A contact form should be also on the service page so that potential customers can request a quote for more details.

10. Terms of Service

Describing what rules visitors should obey before using your services, a Terms of Service page is also a must for an ecommerce website. For the sake of cutting down the risk, you are not advised to work out this page with online templates. It is necessary for you to get professional legal help.

Terms of Service


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