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WordPress Missed Schedule Error - Proper Ways to Deal With It

WordPress Missed Schedule Error – Proper Ways to Deal With It

For most bloggers or website masters, scheduling the post publishing is a common practice. Especially, for WordPress users, the content scheduling is easy to achieve. You just need to enter the editing screen of your target blog post, navigate to the Publish meta box in the right hand, hit the Edit button next to “Publish immediately”, choose the proper posting date and time, and then, click the Publish or the Update button. However, you may find a missed schedule error when you have done these steps properly. If so, your web contents will not be published at the exact time you have determined properly. Instead, you can find an error message in the website back-end, telling you that the platform fails to post your words timely. To help you deal with this frustrating issue, in the following, we have come out some tips about how to fix the WordPress missed schedule error.

About WordPress Missed Schedule Error

In fact, scheduling is a truly excellent feature of WordPress. Especially, if you are going to have a vacation and cannot open the computer and enter the WordPress admin to click the Publish button, this feature can erase your burden and give you the perfect vacation. In addition, it is possible that you want to post different blog posts at different time zones to better target the potential readers. And the scheduling feature allows you to plan in advance without the need to wake up at some odd times.

However, if missed schedule error happens, you will find that none of your blog posts are available online based on the schedule you have already set. To make the content online, you should click the Publish button manually.

And the thing is even worse that WordPress will not notify you about this error. In this case, when you come back from your perfect vacation, you may find that you haven’t shown up in front of your readers for a long time.

WordPress Missed Schedule Error

What Leads to This Error

Surely, no matter what issue you have met on your website, there can be multiple reasons that lead to it. And the missed schedule one is not the exception. However, as we have researched, the most common reason is due to the failed cron job.

In fact, you can regard the cron job as a task that needs to run or to finish during a specific interval automatically or regularly. You can set the program in advance. And without your human intervention, the cron job will take over in time. In the most cases, the cron job can form the actions like website backup, trash empty, content scheduling and many more.

Typically, the cron job is handled by the servers, the operating system or its clocks. The WordPress cron job, however, works in a different way. Describing its working shortly, when readers land on your website, WordPress will scan the system to check whether there are some tasks that should activate the cron job. In this case, if there is no one visiting your site right before your scheduled content is set to post, the cron job will not be executed.

If your website is a popular one that has the traffic all the times, this issue can hardly happen. If not, you’d better consider the following methods to fix and to prevent this error.

ix WordPress Missed Schedule Error

Fix WordPress Missed Schedule Error

To fix this error and to prevent it from happening, the best way is to use the WordPress schedule plugin to finish the scheduled task properly instead of doing this manually with the default WordPress feature.

Or, you can make use of the WP Missed Schedule Posts plugin or the Scheduled Post Trigger plugin to deal with this issue effectively.

Both of these two plugins just require the most basic installation and activation. No further settings are required. Moreover, they will check your site regularly to see whether there are any scheduled posts missed. If so, the plugins will trigger the WordPress cron jobs to have your web content available online immediately.


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