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WordPress for iOS 3.9.1 Released

WordPress for iOS 3.9.1 Released

The WordPress for iOS has launched the new release of 3.9.1 on the morning of Feb 12th, 2014, to help WordPress fans make their websites mobile-friendly. At present, users are able to download this plugin from the App Store.

WordPress for iOSThe old release of WordPress for iOS 3.9 has a few seriously complained bugs – timezones are thrown off on posts, long posts cannot utilize the link editor, and the state restoration doesn’t work when users are back to the app at times. Currently, all of these problems are fixed well in the new WordPress for iOS 3.9.1:

  • Timezone can be properly preserved after updating a post.
  • Users can feel free to add links to long posts.
  • The last tab chosen by users is now loaded when returning to the app.

Besides, the new release also includes a lot of other improvements and gives users the ability to dismiss commenting by tapping on the background.

There are a lot of wordPress mobile plugins that are helpful for creating a mobile-friendly WordPress website, in which WordPress for iOS is a great one for webmasters replying on iOS. Designed for both iPhone/iPod Touch and the iPad, this plugin makes it easy to share posts, write posts, and edit your content while on the go.

In addition to using a mobile plugin, webmasters can also choose responsive themes or create a separate mobile website to make their websites friendly to mobile devices. Read about the previous tutorial to learn about the detailed guidelines.


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