Best WordPress Hosting Review and Rating

This ranking page is designed to help you find the best WordPress hosting according to our editors' real WordPress hosting experience and the industry insiders' insights.

We signed up and tested each WordPress hosting provider listed in the site. After reviewed 70+ WordPress hosts and collected over 3327 customer votes, we had come out the list of 5-star WordPress hosting providers as following, based on the WordPress compatibility, speed, reliability, features, support and price.

Best WordPress Hosting 2018

Web Hosting
WordPress Hosting
The recommended business-class WordPress hosting plans are pricing from $2.95 to $4.86/mo, designed for startup and small businesses who need a robust server to host web presence with limited budget for under 500 unique visitors per day.
Rank Company Price Feature
1 BlueHost reviewBlueHost $2.95/mo
  • Free domain name
  • $200 marketing credits
  • 24x7 technical support
  • Enhanced cPanel
  • PHP, suPHP, ROR, Python, Perl, Zend Optimizor, SSH
  • Powering for over 2.5 millions of websites since 1996
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2 InMotion Hosting reviewInMotion Hosting $2.95/mo
  • Automated daily backup
  • Max speed zone tech
  • 24x7 technical support
  • $250 marketing credits
  • Business focus - no sexual, politic & illegal websites
  • Serving for 200,000+ business clients since 2001
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3 HostMonster reviewBisend $2.95/mo
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Free SSD Storage
  • Plesk Control Panel
  • 99.9% hosting uptime
  • 24x7 tech support via telephone, live chat & email
  • Most favourite & small business hosting choice
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4 WebHostingHub reviewWebHostingHub $3.99/mo
  • Free domain name
  • Free SSD hosting
  • 90 days money back
  • $500+ of hosting extras
  • PHP, suPHP, Ruby on Rails, Python, Perl, SSH
  • 100% developer-friendly web hosting service
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5 reviewHost4ASP.NET $2.95/mo
  • Windows Platform
  • Plesk Control Panel
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Free online store setup
  • WordPress Tool Kits to Migrate, and Backup
  • The Industry Best Windows hosting
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VPS Hosting for WordPress
The VPS offers you the full control of server with reliable server resources such as CPU usage, memory and bandwidth, designed for small and medium sized sites with under 3000 unique visitors daily - exactly depends on site performance optimization.
Rank Company Price Feature
1 BlueHost VPSBlueHost $14.99/mo
  • Free domain name
  • Free cPanel & WHM
  • Instant activation
  • Anytime money back
  • 2GB RAM, 30GB disk, 1TB/mo bandwidth, 1x IP
  • 24x7 technical support serving 2.5m+ sites since 1996
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2 InMotion VPSInMotion Hosting $14.99/mo
  • Free cPanel & WHM
  • Business-class service
  • Backup every 24 hours
  • West & East Coast DC.
  • 4GB RAM, 60GB disk, 2TB/mo bandwidth, 2x IP
  • 24x7 technical support via telephone, live chat & email
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3 HostMonster VPSHostMonster $14.99/mo
  • Free domain name
  • Free cPanel & WHM
  • 100% wind energy
  • OpenStack cloud based
  • 2GB RAM, 30GB disk, 1TB/mo bandwidth, 1x IP
  • 24x7 technical support & serving a million clients
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Reseller Hosting
Reseller hosting allows you to resell hosting accounts to your own clients under your own hosting brand using the whole web hosting solution of the provider. The following plans are truly tested by our editors, reliable, trusted & responsive - they're guaranteed for your customers.
Rank Company Price Feature
1 InMotion Reseller HostingInMotion Hosting $13.99/mo
  • Free domain name
  • Free cPanel & WHM
  • Instant activation
  • Anytime money back
  • 80GB disk, 1x IP, 800GB/mo, unlimited accounts
  • CGI, Fast CGI, PHP 5, Ruby on Rails, Python, SSH
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2 HostGator $19.95/mo
  • Free domain name
  • Free cPanel & WHM
  • 30 days money back
  • $450 hosting extras
  • 1GB RAM, 40GB disk, 1TB/mo bandwidth, 1x IP
  • 24x7 technical support & serving a million clients
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3 GreenGeeks Reseller HostingGreenGeeks $19.95/mo
  • Free domain name
  • Free cPanel & WHM
  • Free accts. migration
  • Private name servers
  • 50GB disk, 1x IP, 500GB/mo, unlimited accounts
  • 300% powered by renewable green energy
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Why They Are the Best WordPress Hosting?

After reviewing 50+ famous WordPress web hosts, we finally find that 5 companies, including BlueHost, InMotion Hosting, Bisend, WebHostinghub and Host4ASP.NET, are recognized as the top 5 WordPress hosting providers for their cost-effectiveness, fast hosting speed, high level of reliability, and award-winning technical support. The following words include the detailed information of each company.

Why BlueHost is the Best

BlueHost, one of the top 5 WordPress hosting providers, is a famous shared web hosting providers designed for bloggers and small businesses. Established in 1996, it is focusing on the shared web hosting plan all the time. With more than 16 years experience, BlueHost has been a leader in the WordPress industry. So far, BlueHost hosting has been very popular in the field, serving for over 850,000 customers, and it still grows fast with 1000+ new WP web masters increased for each month.

The BlueHost PLUS plan is affordable, starting at 5.99/mo regularly. Now, it is promoting for 50% off, you can get it for the special price $2.95/mo via this exclusive promotional link.

Designed for both personal and small businesses, the PLUS plan is rich-featured to satisfy both individuals and small businesses requirements. The noticeable features are as the following:

  • Free domain name, free site builder, 1000+ templates
  • $100 free Google AdWords credits
  • Unlimited disk space, bandwidth
  • Unlimited allowed websites & MySQL databases
  • PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby on Rails, CGI, etc
  • 24/7 US based support via phone, chat, email

Be confident with the quality service, BlueHost offers Anytime money back guarantee. With it, you can ask a refund any time when you are not satisfied with the service. You're worry-free with your purchase to this company.

Inmotion Hosting - Best WordPress Hosting for Businesses

InMotion hosting is awarded as the fastest WordPress hosting among 50+ companies that we have reviewed on database access speed, page generation, and page loading time. As we have monitored its performance over 5 years, it always keeps fast, especially it performs nearly 231% faster than the main competitors like GoDaddy in the last 30 days. Averagely, the server responding time is 0.2s, and the page loading time is less than 0.5s.

Note that, for InMotion hosting has 2 data centers located in the West and East Coast, you can choose the data center location with the closer one. If you are within the Exclusive Max Speed Zones, your email and website can run up 6x faster.

With fast speed and excellent performance, this service is still affordable. The original prices are starting from $7.99/month, $9.99/month, and $19.99/month for the Launch, Power, and Pro. However, customers can activate 56% off and start at $2.95/month only by activating this promotional link. Anything unsatisfied, people are allowed to ask refunds due to the industry leading 90-day FULL refund guarantee.

For all the plans, InMotion offers more than $250 free marketing credits including $100 Google AdWords credits, $75 Yahoo/Bing search credits, $75 Amazon product Ads, and free Listing.

In addition to the high performance and affordable price, each hosting package of InMotion Hosting includes all needed features as what are shown in the following list.

  • 1-click easy WordPress installation with Softaculous
  • Unlimited disk space & bandwidth
  • Free SSD included - 300% faster than HDD
  • Automated daily data backup
  • Better security with suPHP
  • Latest versions of MySQL 5 & PHP5, Perl 5, Python, Ruby on Rails
  • Secure shell access allowed

Why Host WordPress Site with Bisend

Bisend has been a quality web hosting provider since 2011. It provides small business web hosting with a rare combination of unmatched reliability, quality and affordability. Bisend has a 3 hosting plans including Standard, Pro, and Business.

Instead of paying the regular price $7.99/mo, you can get Bisend hosting for 64% off and starting at $2.95/mo using this coupon link.

Bisend enables rich features of each WordPress hosting solution, including unlimited disk space & monthly data transfer, one free domain for life, easy-to-use Plesk & site-builder, CloudCDN, and Softaculous Script Installer. It also supports Cron Jobs, PHP, Python, Perl, MySQL5+, PostgreSQL, etc.

Additionally, Free SSL certificate, and free solid-state disk drivers are included in each hosting plan. You can be assured to purchase the service with the industry leading 30 days money back guarantee.

Host4ASP.NET - Best Windows Hosting for both WordPress and ASP.NET

Host4ASP.NET is a leader in Windows hosting. Even thought Windows is not the best platform for WordPress, if you are need a shared hosting to support both ASP.NET and WordPress, then Host4ASP.NET is pretty much the best hosting choice you have.

Host4ASP.NET offer it's customers with Plesk with WordPress tool kits included, with which you could install, backup, and upgrade WordPress with some simple setup. Even better, Host4ASP.NET provide you a WordPress stage environment during website development.

All Host4ASP.NET cusotmers will receive free SSL certificate in their hosting package and 30 days money back guarantee.

In terms of price, you can get Host4ASP.NET hosting at 40% off via using this coupon link, after which the price is $2.95/mo instead of $4.95/mo.

How to find Best WordPress Hosting

What Is WordPress Hosting

WordPress hosting is an optimized shared web hosting for running WordPress sites particularly. As the overall high performance including loading speed, security, reliability, etc, it has the own characteristics, and is favoured by more and more WordPress users.

Besides, some web hosts provide many custom features such as marketplace integration of themes & plugins, sFTP access to WordPress platforms, automatic WordPress backup, WordPress file update versioning, and so on.

How to Choose WordPress Hosting

There are over 100,000 web hosting providers over the Internet, and almost all of them declaim to host WordPress sites, but just like flowers need the proper environment to grow, WordPress works better when it's hosted with the best WordPress hosts. The major problem of WordPress hosting is "over-selling" that many horrible providers oversell accounts on shared servers (including VPS) for high profit. This turns into the insecurity, unstability, poor performance and bad customer service.

Based on our own experience, we summarize the following checkpoints into the consideration while picking the best WordPress hosting services.

  • Support the latest PHP - WordPress is a developing software always needs to back with the latest technology
  • 100% compatible with WordPress hosting - supports almost all the PHP extensions including php_curl, php_mbstring, php_mysql, php_xmlrpc, php_zip, php_exif, etc.
  • PHP memory_limit is configured to be 128MB or higher - sufficient for processing images and large requests.
  • PHP run as suPHP for the increased WordPress security
  • Responsive & 100% US-based technical support w/ rock-solid WordPress experience and knowledge. The 8+ years of industry experience is the minimum requirement.
  • No accident of serious attack, hack or network interruption, and proven 99.9% hosting uptime in the recent 12 months.
  • Have a good reputation and no massive user complaints in web hosting communities.
  • Affordable & reasonable pricing in the marketplace.

To help you choose the best WordPress hosting provider and avoid purchasing worries, we review all the WordPress hosting providers listed in the site based on the real experience by hosting the sample WordPress for performance tuning and uptime monitoring. This is why and what WhatsWP was established and focused on.

Which Type of WordPress Hosting Do You Need

To hosting your WordPress site, you could choose one of the options from free hosting, shared hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated Server or Managed WordPress hosting. In below, we will talk about the difference between those hosting types and how to choose within them.

Free Web Hosting for WordPress

Even you can find some web hosts who offer free hosting, we don't recommend it to host your WordPress site. The reason is simple, free web hosting is slow, no uptime gurantee, pop-up advertisement banners and more, the user expericen of your WordPress site is bad, which means it's very hard to build traffic, and waste all your efforts to build the website. Actually, a paid web hosting could be very cheap. As you can find from above, it might be low to $2.95/mo.

Shared Web Hosting for WordPress

Shared WordPress hosting is one of the most popular hosting options used by individuals and small businesses. Even though you might share the same server with many other account, its price is cheap and the management cost is significant lower than a dedicated server. Most of shared hosting provider will offer you Plesk and cPanel to manage your WordPress site.

Basically, shared WordPress hosting is a good point for anyone to start their hosting adventure. However, it works better with light-traffic websites owned by bloggers or start-up companies because an average plan can handle no more than 300 visits per day.

VPS Hosting for Wordpress

VPS hosting providers offer dedicated resources to all users by allocating a fixed portion of server resources to each account. Compared with shared hosting, it is more expensive as a physical server is shared by less users.

VPS offers more privileges which allow users to run multiple WordPress sites and make more profits. Besides, the performance of VPS hosting is faster and more stable because of more advanced technologies and better monitoring methods.

VPS can be used to host traffic-extensive WordPress websites such as popular blogs or medium-sized enterprises with thousands of visits per day. The VPS of InMotion Hosting is a good choice considering the balance among feature, price and performance.

Dedicated Server for WordPress

Dedicated server is a high-end hosting service where the user purchases or rents the entire server and has full control over the server. Dedicated servers allow users to have full root level access to the operating system and run any script they prefer. Users can keep a real-time monitoring of server resources and maintain the server by themselves. Dedicated server often comes at a dear price, but it also offers many tangible benefits, such as high performance and dedicated resources.

As dedicated servers can handle unlimited visits, they are best for hosting large WordPress websites with huge traffic volumes.

Managed WordPress Hosting

Managing a big WordPress site can be a very complex task, that’s why managed WordPress hosting exists. The benefit of managed WordPress hosting is that users don’t need to worry about anything. It is the provider that deals with all the technical stuffs including server activation, site backup, security, monitoring, maintenance, and continuous optimization. So, managed hosting is more expensive than the same level of other hosting services.

It's recommended to those who are well-off but have no time or skill to manage their sites. E.G. The BlueHost managed WordPress hosting is a good choice, starting at $12.49/mo only. They take over all the difficult stuffs that you only need to focus on content and internet business.