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WordPress Hosting Guide - Which Factors You Shall Consider

WordPress Hosting Guide – Which Factors You Shall Consider

WordPress is a free and open source blogging tool and a popular content management system (CMS). With features as plugin architecture and template system, WordPress is easy to use, widely adopted by over 22% of new websites, and it has been the most popular blogging system.

Due to this popularity, there are varieties of WordPress solutions here, so you may feel not easy to find the best WordPress hosting. Here, we summary up WordPress hosting guide to help you find the best solution based on your unique requirements.

Linux or Windows?

WordPress is written in PHP and powered by MySQL databases. It needs PHP 4.3 or greater versions, MySQL 4.1.2 or greater versions, and mod-rewrite Apache module in basic. You should consider the Operation System of your personal website, Linux or Windows. Though PHP, MySQL and Apache run smooth on Windows, it is better to go with Linux that it is undoubtedly the best.

WordPress Hosting Type

WordPress hosting could be well on shared hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated servers, and etc. Different type hosting comes with different prices and features. When your daily unique visitors is less than 300 unique IPs, the shared hosting is the best choice. If you have heavier traffic, you may need to consider upgrading your plan to VPS or dedicated server. The web hosting type depends on the traffic.

WordPress Hosting Features

WordPress hosting feature is a critical factor you need to consider. The WordPress hosting space and bandwidth should meet the min requirements, and the more the better. PHP runs as suPHP could improve the WordPress sites security. Going with some professional WordPress hosting provider such as BlueHost will make you worry-free in the future.

cPanel Control Panel

Today, cPanel is the most popular and used control panel for Linux-based web hosting service, which provides almost all the features webmasters needed to manage their web presence including domain mapping, DNS setting, website management, file management, email/FTP accounts management, MySQL management, PHP.ini customization, URL rewrite configuration, etc.

1-Click WordPress Installation

The 1-click WordPress installation is helpful for website beginners to set up the WordPress sites quickly without technical skills required. As the 1-click WordPress installation integrated with cPanel usually, any kinds of users can install a WordPress site in just a few seconds by 3-4 clicks.

Price & Budget

priceIn plentiful plans available on the web, their prices vary from several dollars to dozens of dollars. Since the industry average price is $5 per month, the WordPress hosting under $3 per month is scam while the one higher than $10 per month is too expensive. Thus, Prices from $3 per month to $5 per month can be a cost effective choice.

However, your option is based on your demand and budget. We suggest you search some web hosting promotions and coupons before going to a company. By going with some exclusive promotional link, you may save a lot of money and get some extras. If you do have a limited budget, you can choose the best cheap WordPress hosting – BlueHost, which is the most affordable hosting that comes with superb service.

Hosting Speed

Speed plays an essential role for online businesses. According to research, an only 1-second delay in page load speed can decrease 7% of your business conversion rate, and reduce 16% in visitor satisfaction and 11% fewer page views. Even Google grades slow sites lower in their search rankings. So, it’s necessary to choose a fast WordPress hosting package which has full ability to keep your website running fast and having high conversion rate.

As the hosting speed is mainly determined by the data center and networks, you can check out the infrastructures and networks of the WordPress host before going with it. Usually the company that own dedicated data centers or partner with the world-class data center providers can always keep your website running fast. And the hosting solutions which are powered by Dell brand servers and utilizes SSD drives can deliver fast performance.

Besides, you can give priority to the WordPress hosting includes free CDN service because it can be used to speed up your website greatly.

99.9% Uptime

uptimeThe 99.9% uptime is indispensable when choosing a reliable WordPress hosting. If a website suffers from crash for more than 0.1%, which seems a trivial number, but turns to be a scary figure as 2592s per month.

Therefore, it is significant that an uptime of 99.9%+ is assured, which are not boasted. Usually, a good WordPress hosting provider offers 99.9% uptime guarantee, which is a strong backbone for the website performance.

Customer Service

Customer service is a key factor as well. It is can’t stand that there is no one to help you when you have questions. You also need to care about the support methods, as phone call, live chat, email ticket and online support center. That depends what way you can go through when you are in troubles. Besides, the US based support will bring a more effective help.

These factors are the most important things you should consider when you choose the best WordPress hosting. There are still some others just as company experience, reputation, and more. The easiest way to choose the best WordPress hosting is going with following best WordPress hosting.

Storage & Bandwidth

Many web hosts claims their shared hosting packages includes unlimited storage and bandwidth, that’s just fraudulent. Actually, there is no really unlimited storage and bandwidth in the world.

The common web hosting storage and bandwidth are enough for the simple blogs and personal websites. However, you should choose a really powerful web hosting to serve for the business websites. You can know your actual storage from their server storage and how many accounts on 1 server.

PHP Version & Modules

It is important to choose a hosting supports most of the latest technologies. With the cut-edge technologies, you can build your website more advanced by leveraging the modern WordPress themes, plugins and templates as well as taking the full advantages of the new WordPress upgrades.

The PHP modules influence the WordPress site hosting in a big degree. You should make sure some required modules are supported by the web host prior to the purchase, like CURL, URL Rewrite, DomXML, ImageMagick, etc. The CURL is usually integrated with Google / Facebook / Twitter plugins; the URL Rewrite provides a powerful way to change the URL of the posts to make them to be search engine friendly; the DomXML is used for accessing and manipulating XML documents; and the ImageMagick is widely used to process bitmap images in a variety of formats.

PHP Memory_limit

The PHP memory_limit is the max allocated memory for a shared web hosting account. WordPress needs 16MB memory at minimum, but it runs much more better with 64MB or larger sized memory. It’s a web hosting global environment configuration that any shared hosting accounts cannot change it after the purchase.

Custom Cron Jobs

Custom Cron Jobs allow you to schedule background jobs, which is widely used in the WordPress platform. You can effectively set up the schedule using the the Manager Feature in the web hosting control panel. For example, a famous WordPress plugin “Google XML Sitemap” needs the Cron Jobs to fully function the updating of Google-friendly XML sitemap in 30 minutes.


SSH stands for Secure Shell Access that a network protocol designed for secure data communication. It allows you to connect directly to your web server and make changes to it in a secure way. With it, you can program your WordPress sites tasks, such as daily back up the WordPress databases or download the WordPress files to local. As SSH requires the higher experience and skillset of a web host, so now it’s not supported by a large number of web host.

Reliability & Security


For online business and eCommerce websites, the online time means money, and 1 minute of downtime may affect thousands of dollars in business or sales. You should make sure your hosting package has good reliability. In general, it can be guaranteed to go with a web host with at least 99.9% uptime commitment.

As well, the security of your web hosting package influences your business security. If your web hosting is poor, and then your website is facing be attacked or hacked, that’s very risky and terrible. If you run an online store, you should make sure your web hosting includes SSL Certificate.


It’s better choose a web host that provides a series of hosting packages including shared, VPS and dedicated servers. So you can choose a basic plan at present, and easily upgrade to a higher plan when your business grows.

Company Reputation & Customers Satisfaction Rate

Undoubtedly, a hosting company which gains high reputation and customer satisfaction can guarantee services of high quality. Since customer is the best criteria for testing services, before selecting a WordPress Hosting Services, remember to browse adequate customer reviewsonline to make sure that there are too many complaints.

On the other hand, a good WordPress hosting provider also offers sufficient articles and tutorials related to WordPress in the online support center so that customers can search online and ask experienced users in the forum.

Top 3 WordPress Hosting

These 3 WordPress hosting are recommended as the best WordPress hosting among hundreds of options. We have reviewed them in depth, based on price, features, WordPress capability, performance, speed, uptime and technical support. You won’t be wrong with them.


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