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The Best WordPress Dashboard Plugin to Command WordPress Admin

The Best WordPress Dashboard Plugin to Command WordPress Admin

Most WordPress bloggers spend most of their time at the WordPress admin or dashboard. Sometimes what is available in the WordPress package for the admin is not enough for a pro-blogger. In that case, it becomes necessary to enhance the dashboard to allow for better functionality. You need something that can help you better organize the dashboard and maybe even clear unwanted items or clutter.

Here, we’d like to take a look at some of the best WordPress dashboard plugins that can enrich your experience while working on your project.

Google Analytics Dashboard for WordPress

Google Analytics Dashboard for WordPress

Google Analytics Dashboard for WordPress displays all the reports from Google Analytics on your website backend. It is a free and featured plugin. A simple widget is integrated into your dashboard where various analytical data including the number of visitors to your website is provided using Google API.

You need a Google Analytics account in order to use this plugin. You have to go through an authorization process in order for the plugin to retrieve the analytics data from your Google Analytics account.

Note that you can share the data of this plugin with your team or colleagues. Real-time stats can also be displayed using this plugin. It also offers basic tracking options.

Google Analytics Dashboard for WordPress

Genesis Dashboard News


The Genesis Dashboard News plugin can add the dashboard widgets to the dashboard of your WordPress dashboard. This widget simply pulls in some new and advanced items for the Genesis Frameworks and its community.

The items that are pulled in can be recent news, and you can configure the plugin to tell it how many things you want displayed at once. The number of items displayed varies from 3 to 20.

It only shows the headlines of the various posts and not their content. Most of these posts are in English language although other languages are also available. The Genesis Dashboard News is a small and lightweight plugin. The widget is customizable, so you can brand it the way you like.

Genesis Dashboard News

Google AdSense Dashboard


This widget can display reports and statistics related to Google AdSense, such as the revenue of your WordPress Blog. These reports can be displayed on your admin dashboard. AdSense statistics including total earnings, cost per click (CPC), click through rate (CTR), cost per mile (CPM), the number of clicks and page views, etc. are displayed in detail.

You also have the option to select the time range of your reports. For example, the report for today, yesterday, or the last seven days, last 14 days or even last 30 days. You can have the performance report of your AdSense channels displayed in a table.

The AdSense ad Units performance report can also be displayed as a table. Other than that you can also set different access levels for different users. A dedicated cache system helps improve the page loading speed for the WordPress sites. This plugin also has multilingual support and includes a POT file for translations.

Google AdSense Dashboard

WP Native


This plugin allows you to select the language that you prefer to use for your dashboard. It serves you with many useful options that allow you to migrate from one language to another. Using the log-on screen extension you can specify the language you prefer to use during log-on.

The dashboard quick switch extension lets you easily switch your language at every admin page. With a user profile settings, you can define which language you prefer using.

This plugin works on WordPress 2.7 or higher and PHP 4.4.2 or higher. It is compatible with all major web browsers. Using this plugin does not change the behavior of your website. It does not modify any of your files.

WP Native Dashboard

Easy Blogging


The original WordPress dashboard may seem a bit too daunting and confusing for novice users. The Easy Blogging plugin is there to counter this problem. It removes the clutter from your WordPress admin dashboard. All the unwanted and unused items are removed.

This plugin has an easy-to-use wizard that can guide you through the settings and can allow you to customize WordPress to suit your taste. You don’t have to worry about permanently changing the dashboard. You can easily switch between the easy mode of easy blogging and the regular WordPress admin dashboard. You can even set up your admin icon.

The tooltips and in-built theme presetting the ability to integrate with other WPMU DEV plugins allows you to simplify your WordPress Admin freely.

Easy Blogging

Dashboard Commander


As the name suggests, this plugin can help you in commanding your admin dashboard. Using Dashboard Commander, you can manage all your in-built as well as dynamic widgets. Depending on the capabilities, you can also hide the widgets.

Dashboard Commander is created based on the Dashboard Heaven plugin. Once the plugin is installed, you cannot access any widget of the dashboard. You have to access Dashboard Commander via the settings and then configure the access level of each widget on the dashboard. In this way, each widget is provided with a sort of security in terms of who can access it. The Dashboard Commander is also quiet easy to install.

Dashboard Commander

WP Hide Dashboard


There are many things from your dashboard that this plugin can help you hide. Firstly, it removes the Dashboard Menu, the Personal Options and Help link from your profile page. Secondly, it hides any Dashboard links in the Toolbar Menu if they are active.

It also prevents users that have Subscriber role assigned to them from gaining access to the Dashboard. This plugin comes in handy when you want to allow users the liberty to edit their profiles, but not let them meddle around the admin section.

Only the sections of the WordPress admin that have anything to do with the users’ role can be accessible to them. This plugin has been tested for both Single and Multisite mode for WordPress and can work well in both cases.

WP Hide Dashboard


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