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How to Install & Configure WordPress Contact Form 7 Plugin?

How to Install & Configure WordPress Contact Form 7 Plugin?

Contact Form 7 is an powerful WordPress contact form plugin that enables webmasters to add a contact form one their websites so that the visitors can successfully communicate with them. Instead of developing a form with code, you can easily create a form with the plugin and integrate the form into posts and pages, which saves you a lot of time and energy.

However, many people are troubled with the installation and configuration of contact form 7. We also receive many emails for asking about how to set up and utilize this plugin. So we write this tutorial today to help readers easily install & configure Contact Form 7 for different usage.

Install Contact Form 7

Before everything started, you need to install to the plugin and activate it. The process is very easy, and you can find detailed steps to install a WordPress plugin. Alternatively, you can just follow the brief guide in the below.

Log into WordPress Dashboard and go to Plugins -> Add New, search for Contact Form 7 in the search box and you can see the result like the below screenshot.

install contact form 7 plugin

Click on Install Now and make sure the pop-up question, and then WordPress will automatically install the plugin. Once completed, you can simply activate it, and it will add a Contact tab on the left menu bar.

At present, you can begin to make use of the functional features of the plugin and create a new contact form. Go to Contact -> Add New, you will be asked whether use the default language (English) or select your own language. Here we choose the default language, and click on the blue button of Add New to start.

add new contact form image

Then, you will be linked to the Add New Contact Form, where you can edit the title and content. The title is just a label for a contact form and is used for administrative purposes. And you are available to delete and edit the form by delete or duplicate the links. After edit, remember to save changes.

add new contact form process image

Once saved, it generates a line of shortcode. You can copy the code and paste it into posts, pages, or other text widget content.

add new contact form shortcode

Screen down to the Mail section, you can start to configure your mail information. You can set the content of email elements, including To, From, Subject, Additional headers, and File Attachments. When completed, you can see the sample in the Message body like the following.

message body showcase image

In the next, you can still scroll down the page and go to Messages section to configure the messages that are used to various situations, such as “Uploading a file fails for any reason”, “Uploaded file is too large”, and so on.

Make Use of Contact Form

It’s quite easy to make use of the contact form. For example, in the below content, we showcase the process by building a Contact us Page and inserting the shortcode into it.

Go to Pages -> Add New, and you can start to add a new page. Enter the title as “Contact us” and then paste the shortcode of the contact form you created before into the content field.

At last, publish this page. You can check out the result by viewing this page on the site. It looks like the below screenshot.

contact form screenshot image


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