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How to Build a WordPress Chat Room?

How to Build a WordPress Chat Room?

wordpress chat roomLive chat is a popular activity on the Internet, which is widely used to support online businesses, such as interacting with visitors, offering instant customer service for products or services, replying customers’ questions, and so on.

However, WordPress disappoints customers as it doesn’t include a built-in chat box. In order to help a wide range of WordPress fans experience this helpful functionality, in the below, we introduce 2 easy methods to build a WordPress chat room.

Build WordPress Chat Room with Chat Plugins

It’s undoubted that plugin is the most important and easiest method to extend the website functionality. Actually, you can also use a chat plugin to build WordPress chat room. By simply installing and activating a plugin, you can easily create the chat room using the WordPress administrative interface.

Just like any other plugins, there are many free and paid plugins available for creating chat room. To narrow down your search and save your time, we are sharing a list of the greatest ones.

ClickDesk Live Support


ClickDesk Live Chat is said to be the fastest tool to offer live chat service. The plugin allows all visitors to have a voice chat with anyone by clicking the call button. With these, you can get to communicate with your readers directly via the website browser.

This plugin allows you to dial to the local access numbers that are available in over forty countries. With the newly integrated support desk, you are even able to manage your personal emails and the offline chats. Besides, if you have agents or multiple website masters, you can allow them to answer live calls and reply to the chats with their online agent panel, or via Google talk and Skype.

ClickDesk Live Support

Casengo Live Chat


Casengo Live Chat provides you with live chat service with the top level quality. This plugin can handle the live chat through online chat button, email and social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook straight for your website.

The plugin helps you reply to the questions faster than many other plugin. It also guides you improve the satisfaction of the web visitors with a combination of email and live chat. You can be able to customize the live chat button and also use it through the mobile devices. It also provides portable communication.

Casengo Live Chat

Chatwee Live Chat


Chatwee Live Chat is a great plugin that provides the best service for the blogging community. You can add the plugin with a few simple clicks of the button. The chat widget can appear as a chat tab at the foot of the website, or it can be presented as a chat box that can be inserted in a specific container. It is a fully customizable plugin that provides an advanced comment and social chat system for the WordPress websites.

Chatwee Live Chat

Provide Support Live Chat


Provide Support Live Chat is easy to integrate with the WordPress websites that require online communication. The integration can take a few minutes and just requires a minimum effort. It has been able to offer cutting-edge technology in communication for over ten years and has been awarded as one of the best reliable Live Chat plugins.

The support team strives more to offer the most intuitive and user-friendly. The plugin allows you to add a live chat button on the sidebar. This plugin can be easily customized according to what you may like.

Provide Support Live Chat

Comm100 Live Chat


Comm100 is a live chat plugin that can be integrated into the WordPress and allows you to have an all-round view of the visitors in the website. It also allows you to have online support system. The best thing about this plugin is that it is designed to have an easy and quick system for installation and management. This makes it easy for you to set it up in the WordPress website with just a few steps.

The plugin also allows you to have the monitoring code that can be added into the WordPress page easily for the enhancement of performance. It can automatically boost your sales and client satisfaction. You need to purchase the plugin, but a free trial of fifteen days is available.

Comm100 Live Chat



Zopim Live Chat is a plugin that allows you to communicate with visitors via your website easily and directly. It is possible with the help of a widget setup in the WordPress site. The plugin allows you to manage a couple of conversations through your online dashboard.

The benefit of this plugin is that it can be provided in the mobile devices with the help of mobile optimized widget. It enables your visitors to chat with you through the mobile phone. Zopim is highly customizable and has a user-friendly dashboard. The 24/7 live chat support system has trained experts and can be localized in over forty languages.


Live Chats for WooCommerce


This is a plugin that can be integrated with WordPress websites. It allows you to switch easily from one of the best live chats in WooCommerce to another. The current version supports Zopim, and Olark live chats. The plugin also has a customizable chat window and button along with offline messaging system. The plugin saves up the history of the chat. This system is available for free.

Live Chats for WooCommerce



The ActiveHelper Live Chat system is well-suited for all the small and medium sized websites by WordPress. This plugin can be accessed or integrated with any screen and viewing devices, such as the desktops or the mobile devices for all mobile systems.

It is also able to monitor all the visitors to the websites in real time, providing you with full control over the data and information in your website. The plugin can also be localized in over twenty languages.


In below, we take the Chat Room as an example and guide you how to use it to create a chat room.

Login into your WordPress admin panel, go to Plugins – > Add New, search for the Quick Chat, install and activate it.

install Chat Room

Then, you can see the Chat Rooms in the menu bar, click the Add New to create a new chat room. At present, the chat room is available for visitors and you can interact with them at once.

create chat room

Use Twitter to Chat With Others

Twitter is one of the most famous social networks in the world. However, few of people use it as a chat tool. Simply, adding a Tweet to me button on WordPress websites and it will allow readers to send a tweet to you directly from the website. In the follow, we show you the detailed guidelines to use Twitter to contact with readers on WordPress websites.

Just like adding a Twitter follow button in WordPress sites, you need to go to twitter official website to get a Mention button and add it to your website.

mention button

You can customize the Button Options, define tweet to somebody, set a default text, and give two recommended twitter accounts to readers to follow. Personally, we would like to enter my personal and the website twitter handles.

button options

Copy the code first. Then return to your website, go to Appearance – > Widgets. Drag a text widget to the sidebar and paste the code into it. Still now, your website has a tweet to me button with which visitors can contact you directly.


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