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Is CDN Important For Your WordPress Blog?

Is CDN Important For Your WordPress Blog?

With the high popularity on the improvement of WordPress website speed and security, CDN is recognized as a good helper for site development. Have you ever wondered whether CDN is critical for your website? In this article, we explain carefully what is a CDN (content delivery network), how it works, and why you need it for WordPress sites to help clients who are confused with questions about CDN.

About CDN

CDN, the short of Content Delivery Network, is a globally distributed system of servers which are placed at a variety of data centers across the Internet. It deliveries cached static contents of websites to visitors based on their locations. Is it still confused? Let’s explain it plainly.

Regularly, a visitor is redirected to the host’s web server (i.e BlueHost, locating its web server in Utah, US) to access your website content when she /he visits your WordPress site. If you have a large number of visitors, your website may be caught in slow page loading speed or even the server crash.

If you use a CDN, your static content, such as images, stylesheets (css files), javascripts, Flash, etc, is stored and cached on all of its servers which are located throughout the world. Now if a visitor comes into your WordPress site again, she / he will be redirected to the closest server.


For example, your website is hosted on the server located in Utah, US, and someone from Shanghai, China visits it, then she / he can be redirected to the closest server that is probably located in HongKong. However, if someone from Manchester, England, she / he will be redirected to the closest server in London in some cases.

As a result, visitors can obtain the necessary content from the closest server, which improves the response speed of the user to access the site. In addition, visitors from different places access to the different server, so that CDN maximizes the bandwidth for visits and addresses the network congestions.

Why CDN is Important for WordPress Blog?

After learning about CDN, you can clearly understand that CDN has a big influence on your website performance. In below, we have explained the main highlights in detail that why you need CDN for your WordPress sites.

Speed Up Website

speed up websiteOnce you start using a CDN on your website, your website data and files are cached and stored in all of the servers across of the Internet. So your visitors can get the content and data from the closest server from their locations, which greatly improve the access speed and page loading speed.

Speed improvement is one of the biggest benefits of using a CDN, especially for international websites which have many foreign visitors. Generally, people can visit the domestic servers quickly, but for distant, they access the foreign websites very slowly. However, if using a CDN on your website, they can access your content from their domestic servers, which greatly increase accessing speed.

Crash Resistance

As CDN distributes your content into various servers, visitors coming from different places will be redirected to different servers. So instead of bring 100% traffic to your main server which may lead to server overload or crash, CDN distributes the visiting pressure into a large number of servers, thus making your server more reliable and is less likely to go crash.

Improve User Experience

Research shows that a 1 second delay in page response can be a 7% reduction in conversions. The longer a visitor waits for your site to load, the less likely they are to buy the products or services. In addition, we have also seen the increasing of page views. So using CDN service, you can improve the user experience of your website.

Make for SEO

user experienceGoogle search engine has clearly claimed that the faster websites can be ranked higher in search results. We cannot guarantee that your website can get more traffic after using CDN. However, it definitely be ranked higher in search result page, which increases the possibility to drive more visitors.

With so many benefits, you may want to know how to integrate CDN with your WordPress blog. In the following, we sum up some effective methods.

How to Integrate CDN with WordPress Blog?

There are two easy ways to integrate a WordPress website with CDN service: choosing a CDN web hosting or install a CDN plugin on your blog. In the following, we introduce them separately.

Choose a CDN Web Hosting

Choosing a web hosting that provides CDN by default is the easiest way to get into CDN service. As the web hosts have done all the integration already, you are not required to manage the daunting process of CDN installation and configuration. Most importantly, general web hosts offer CDN service for free.

By considering the web hosting performance as well as integration with CDN service, we recommend the following three hosting providers, which offer best WordPress hosting solution with affordable price, rich features, CDN service, fast speed, 99.9% uptime and professional technical support.

The entire above 3 companies offer CloudFlare CDN service within the shared web hosting solution for free, which is suitable and reasonable for customers who have limited budgets and are confused for CDN optimization. On the other hand, the CDN service greatly speeds up the online website speed, reduces bandwidth costs and increases global availability of content, which ensures a reliable web hosting performance in return.

Install CDN Plugins

CDNIf you don’t want to transfer to a CDN web hosting, you can integrate your website with CDN by installing a plugin. As there are thousands of CDN plugins available on the Internet, MaxCDN is one of the most amazing choice. It is easy to setup and easy to use, widely recommended by worldwide customers for the reasons as:

  • MaxCDN’s control panel is simple enough for a casual user, and robust enough for the toughest enterprise clients.
  • Its servers are connected to multiple 10 GB ports and are virtual firehoses of bandwidth for clients.
  • The caching content can be cached and accessed at lightning speed no matter where your visitors are.

Starting at $9/mo, MaxCDN is affordable for webmasters, especially it allows multiple websites. On the other hand, for customers who desire free CDN service, they can consider the following choice.

  • CloudFlare CDN: it is the most famous CDB provider that has 23 data centers across the global and offers free CDN and DNS service to protect thousands of websites.
  • Incapsula: it provides Application Delivery from the cloud: Global CDN, Website Security, DDoS Protection, Load Balancing & Failover.
  • Photon: developed by Jetpack, it is a powerful CDN service that gives your website a boost by loading images from the WordPress.com CDN.
  • Google App Engine: it is the Google equivalent of Amazon S3 + EC2, used for running web based applications, hosting websites and data storage.


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