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How to Auto Post WordPress Blog Posts to Facebook

How to Auto Post WordPress Blog Posts to Facebook

Facebook becomes increasingly popular with WordPress users, for which has great potential to increase traffic. Many webmasters tend to integrate Facebook with their WordPress sites so as to take more benefits from this power social network. To enable more popularity for your WordPress site, you might as well share posts through this great platform automatically.

That is a win-win method to allow both your Facebook page and website to be favored by more visitors. This guide on how to auto post WordPress blogs post to Facebook introduces an easy way to make a hit.

Use Social Networks Auto-Poster Plugin

Share WordPress Posts to FacebookPlugin is the simplest way to fulfill a task without using any code. The NextScripts: Social Networks Auto-Poster is selected here to help you achieve the goal. This plugin enables an easy manner to automatically share new posts or reshare old posts on various social networking platforms, like Facebook, Google+, Tumblr, Twitter, and so on.

The process of post sharing is completely automated. In this way, you can get the shared posts reached by most audiences and all your friends. And now, set about installing this plugin via WordPress dashboard to get more customizable features.

Auto Post WordPress Blog Posts to Facebook

Having this plugin installed and activated, an array of options is available for you to auto share WordPress posts to Facebook or other social networking accounts. Go to Settings > Social Networks Auto Poster and come to the settings page. Follow this step-by-step guide to set up this plugin.

Social Networks Poster Options

Step 1: Add New Account

The first tab is where to add the social network account used to share WordPress posts. That can be any social network accounts according to personal needs. Here, we are going to add a Facebook account. Click the “Add new account” button and select Facebook from the drop-down list.

Add New Network

Step 2: Set Up Facebook Account Information

Once selecting Facebook, here comes a list of settings for Facebook account setup. Give your account a nickname to help you easily identify it. And then, move to the Account Info section. The Facebook URL field is where to paste the URL of your Facebook profile, page or group. That depends.

Enter the Facebook App ID and Secret as required. The Message Text Format box is where to customize the message to be sent to others. Leave the default setting or customize the text as you want.

There are three post types available here. The Text Post is the post type only includes text message. The Image Post combines text message with big image. The third post type, Text Post with “attached” link, attaches a link to each text post. This one is highly recommended. Having all settings done, click “Update Settings”.

Set Up Facebook Account

Step 3: Schedule Autoposts Time

Move to the Settings tab and that allows a list of advanced settings for you to customize the autoposts. Before everything, we are going to set the publish time from the first section “How to make auto-post?”. Two options are available for you, including “Publish Immediately” and “Use WP Cron to Schedule Autoposts”.

The first option allows all posts to be shared on your Facebook page once publishing on the WordPress website. The second one leaves room for post schedule by using WP Cron. That makes it possible to limit autoposting speed and randomize posting time so as to enable more flexibility. Make a decision according to personal needs.

Make Auto Posts

Perhaps, if there is a need to repost some existing articles, you can schedule the time for auto reposting by going back to Your Social Networks Accounts tab. Show settings and extend the Advanced tab. Customize the options subject to the “Auto Reposting” function by following this guide. And then, update all settings.

Step 4: Share New Post to Social Network

Go to Posts > Add New to create a new post. Perhaps, you can edit an existing post in draft. Here comes a new section that requires you to determine how to share this post on your Facebook account. Having all settings done, you should publish this post.

New Post to Social Networks

After a while, the post will be published on your Facebook account automatically based on the settings in step 3.


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