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How to Solve WordPress Another Update in Progress Error

How to Solve WordPress Another Update in Progress Error

WordPress is the main target for most hackers. In case of the frequent attacks, the developing team of WordPress has constantly updated this script to fix the potential online vulnerabilities and loopholes. In addition, the designers and developers of WordPress plugins and themes also will make the update of their products regularly. Once there is a new version released for the WordPress, themes or plugins, you can get the notification from the admin panel. And then, you should enable the update in WordPress to better safeguard your website. However, the thing is that you may encounter the “another update is currently in process” error. In the following, we’d like to tell you how to solve WordPress another update in progress error.

How Can This Error Appear

Generally, if the primary update on your WordPress core is running in the background and you initiate another update, this error will happen. After all, WordPress itself will set an update lock option automatically in the website database. This setting will prevent the webmasters from starting another update at the same time.

WordPress another update in progress error

Generally, this error can be fixed automatically after the core update process is done. You might need to wait for around 10 minutes. However, if you cannot wait for that long time, you can consider the following troubleshooting.

Make Use of the WordPress Plugin

Here, you can use the Fix Another Update in Progress plugin. It can effectively deal with the automatic lock setting for update. Thus, you can get rid of the error message and make an update on your website without the need to wait for sometimes.

After the installation, you just need to hit the Settings > Fix Another Update in Progress button from the admin panel. If there is no update issue with your WordPress site, you can see as below.

Fix Another Update in Progress plugin

However, if you are encountering the update locking issue, this plugin will give you an option to fix this issue. In this case, you just need to click the Fix WordPress Update Lock button. The rest thing can be done automatically.

Make Use of Your phpMyAdmin

If you do not want to install the extra plugin, you can also make use of the phpMyAdmin to make some changes on the MySQL database of your WordPress site.

Here, you just need to enter the phpMyAdmin and select the database for your website. After checking all the tables listed, you just need to target the “wp_options” one and hit the Browse button. There is a special “core_updater.lock” row inside this table. Here, you simply need to click the Delete button.

Delete core_updater.lock row


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