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Wix Review - Wix Blogging Platform Review

Wix Review – Wix Blogging Platform Review

wix logoWix is a great blogging platform and an awesome site builder that helps customers have online websites with ease. Many people are attracted by the stunning design, is it has the same reputation on features, functionality, and performance? You can find a professional answer from this Wix review.

Its price, interface, features, ease of use, flexibility, SEO-friendliness, and technical support will be in our discussion. At the end of this Wix review, you can thoroughly understand the platform and easily make a choice whether to start your site with it.


Wix.com is an experienced company founded in 2006. During these years, it has been working hard to offer more methods to create a website. At present, the website builder can be Wix Artificial Design Intelligence, Wix Editor, And Wix Code. To be honest, Wix has a fast reaction to new technologies than many website builders. And other bright spots bring it to a big success and attract millions of users. Generally, Wix is highlighted for the flexibility, ease of use, and stunning design. View the below editorial ratings to learn about its overall reputation.

Wix Review Rating
Overall Reputation 4 of 5 stars
Features 3.5 of 5 stars
Ease of Use 4 out of 5 stars
Templates 4 out of 5 stars
Apps 4 out of 5 stars
SEO-Friendliness 4 out of 5 stars


Wix is built on a freemium business model, making money through premium upgrades. Customers are required to purchase the premium packages to connect their sites to their own domains, remove Wix ads, add e-commerce functionalities, buy extra space and transfer, and so on.

Customers can simply sign up a free account and create a website. However, the primary plan is very restricted, coming with forced Wix ads but without dedicated space, transfer, and e-commerce features. You have to pay for an upgraded package if you need some extra features. Learn about the detailed prices in the following table.

wix plans and prices

Actually, Wix is not an ideal choice for customers who need full control and large resources. On the other hand, WordPress is an alternative that it is completely free to install and manage. By purchasing an affordable hosting from JustHost, you can start at $3.49/mo by going through the promotional link and get enough disk space, bandwidth, email accounts, and more.

Interface & Ease-of-Use

ease of useWix is quite easy to use. Without any installation process, you can start a website by signing a free account on Wix.com. Then, you can feel free to choose your template, apps, and other services.

Wix is a drag and drop website builder that enables you to drag and drop elements anywhere on the page. Along with the easy-to-understand interface, you can simply do anything you like, without any coding and technical knowledge required.

Besides, the advanced website builders come with Text Editor and free fonts, which make your content look beautiful and help you easily edit text. With the powerful Image Editor, you can enhance, edit and retouch your image to get incredible results. Most importantly, you can embed your own code into text edit window and extend your site functionality.

Design and Templates

Wix is well-known for helping build up stunning websites. It offers a wide set of templates to help users customize their site appearance. Still now, it has 500+ de templates and some Flash-based templates available to use.

wix templates

You can either use one of the pre-made templates to beautify your site, or you can just start with a blank canvas. There is no right given you to utilize a stylish theme from third party websites. Besides, you should note that once you select a template, you cannot change it to another template. As well, Wix does not allow users to edit the HTML or CSS codes of the templates.

In this condition, you can switch to WordPress if you need a wide of themes and have full control over the theme. WordPress comes with thousands of free themes on the community, and there is many premium WordPress themes in the marketplaces like ThemeForest, Elegant Themes, Mojo Themes, and more.

Mobile Optimization

mobile optimizationWix makes the thing easy to optimize your site to be mobile friendly. With just one click, the Optimized Mobile View can automatically create an optimized view for smartphones. With single URL for website and mobile site, your site can get the most visibility in search engines.

SEO Friendliness

Running a site on Wix, you can completely focus on your content and the platform has done everything already. The innovative Wix tool runs an analysis on the site and offers practical suggestions on how to boost your site visibility.

To ensure your site security, Wix automatically generates the sitemap, which only contains the pages that should be seen to search engines. Besides, Wix works closely with Google, Bing, and other search engines and creates the effective relationship between your site and search engines.

Technical Support

With a group of robust staff, Wix offers 24×7 technical support to answer users’ questions at any time. Phone system and email are the ways for those who are in want of help. Plus, It also prepares hundreds of step-by-step guidelines and a series of video tutorials on the Support Center. The detailed guidance will help you build a professional and beautiful website.


Wix is undoubtedly a powerful platform to start an online website. However, considering the limitations on prices, templates, and server resources, we recommend WordPress for customers who expect unlimited resources and full control over the site. The below 3 options are the best WordPress hosting highlighted on every aspect.


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