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Does Windows Hosting Support PHP Scripts like WordPress Effectively

Does Windows Hosting Support PHP Scripts like WordPress Effectively

Recently, some of our readers are inquiring about whether they can host a PHP based website with the Windows hosting. The answer is definitely YES. As compared with Linux hosting, however, Windows hosting may not be an excellent choice for PHP websites or the sites build with some PHP based scripts like WordPress.

In the following, we have come out three reasons explaining why Windows hosting cannot support the PHP websites effectively.

Expensive License Fee

MicrosoftFrom the budget point of view, Windows hosting is more expensive than Linux hosting. Unlike Linux operating system that is usually free to use, Windows is absolutely a paid one that charges users the license fees. It is developed by Microsoft, and can only be purchased from this company and its legally assigned agents. This kind of monopoly allows Microsoft to set the price at a high level to increase the benefits with no competition at all.

In addition, Windows can be regarded as the most widely-used operating system in the market. Due to the tremendous popularity, its license fee can be escalated. After all, selling the Windows hosting can be easy as everyone knows about its existence and the powerful functionalities. In this case, the Windows brand can be an important factor causing this operating system to be costly.

Moreover, the Windows server only includes a few free applications, which means you may need to pay a large sum of extra money to make the hosting service reliable.

Incompatibility of Some PHP Scripts

It is inevitable that you may want to customize your PHP website or further add more functionality by installing some powerful modules or plugins. With the Windows hosting, however, you may encounter the compatibility issues with a PHP Warning in PHP error log.

PHP error log

In fact, there are dozens of scripts that cannot work with Windows system. This is the main reason why Windows hosting cannot support PHP websites well. After all, it is very frustrating to find that the installed tools are not compatible with your hosting service.

PHP Cannot Run Well on IIS

IIS, or Internet Information Service, is a set of Internet-based services for servers using Microsoft Windows. Without doubt, it is powerful and secure, being able to handle any demanding tasks you want perfectly. As investigated, however, PHP websites running with IIS often encounter the 500 error or sudden breakdown. This requires webmasters to restart the server to make the site work properly. In this circumstance, the Linux hosting using Apache is better than the Windows hosting using IIS for PHP based websites.

bad job

Looking for Linux Hosting?

According to the information discussed above, Windows hosting may not be a good option for running a PHP website due to the costly expenses and compatibility issues. Linux hosting, however, can come to be ready. Here, we’d like to recommend the top three Linux hosting providers that are trusted by millions of webmasters, promising the cheap price and the quality hosting service.


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