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Why WordPress is So Popular Among Bloggers?

Why WordPress is So Popular Among Bloggers?

WordPress is no doubt the most popular publish platform for blogs, business websites, and even the sites showcasing a large amount of images & photos. So far, WordPress is widely used by over 65 million users including novices, designers, developers, etc. WordPress powers more than 52% top 100 blogs, up from the 32% we identified 4 years ago. So, how exactly popular WordPress is? Why it is so popular? Therefore, we summarize some data to illustrate the strong influences of WordPress, and introduce its advantages to show why it is so popular among bloggers, as below.

How Popular WordPress is?

why wordpressCreated in 20003, WordPress is a free open source built on PHP and MySQL, and under GLv2 license. It is currently the most welcomed blogging system, and you can check how popular it is in the following. There, we list a collection of statistics data to show its popularity.

  • WordPress is powering 69,276,366 websites all over the global now. At we write this article moment, it has 319 websites increased. You can have a like look at activity across WordPress.com.
  • WordPress donates 52% of the top 100 blogs worldwide.
  • WordPress donates 65% of the top 1 million blogs worldwide.
  • WordPress is serving over 18.9% of top 10 million websites as of August 2013.
  • There are over 258 million people view more than 11.3 billion pages each month.
  • Users produce about 47.2 million new posts and 68.7 million new comments each month.

WordPress popularity

Why WordPress is so Popular?

From the above Statistics, we clearly know that WordPress is the NO.1 blogging platform/ CMS. So why it is such popular. Here are the top advantages of WordPress.

Free of Charge

You may not have enough budget to build a powerful website. However, you never worry about this with WordPress. WordPress is an open source which is completely free to use, modify, and customize. Moreover, you can sign up a fully free WordPress website on WordPress.com.

In addition, you can also build a self-hosted website for fully controlling your businesses. You just need to register a domain name for $12.95/yr averagely and purchase a web hosting service for $5/mo (if you don’t sell many products online, the shared web hosting is enough to power your website). Specially, if you are going with some reliable web hosts like BlueHost which provides quality web hosting for $2.95/mo and with 1 free domain name included, you just need to pay $35.4 per year to build a website for your business.

Easy to Use

wordpress ease of useWhy WordPress can gain a large number of the user base is also because of its simplicity, which makes it’s possible for users especially newbies to get online and get publishing easily and quickly.

  • Easy Installation. It’s more than easy to set up a blog with WordPress. Many of the reliable web hosts like BlueHost and JustHost provide a 1-click installation within an auto-installer such as SimpleScripts or Softlacous. With this convenient service, users can get their blogs online within 1 minutes.
  • Publishing with Ease. WordPress has a very user friendly interface. With the understandable graphical admin panel, users can easily write, edit, and publish a post. Moreover, be different from other platforms, it allows users paste the content which is copied from the Microsoft Word document.

Flexible & Customizable

WordPress is a flexible software which allows users to customize the website frames, functionalities, and looks. As an open source, users who have enough technical knowledges can edit and modify the website code by themselves. In addition, WordPress stores the content apart from the design so that users can custom the blog appearances as they want. Users can choose a best free WordPress theme from nearly 2,000 free theme options on the Free WordPress Themes directory, or they can purchase a premium theme on the third party themes websites.

Besides the numerous themes, there are a large number of plugins and widgets available to extend the blog functionality. Users can choose the best WordPress 301 redirection plugin to optimize the URLs, and select a best plugin for SEO, or even backup their blogs with an automatical WordPress backup plugin. As statistics, there are over 26,453 free plugins available on the official community WordPress.org, and uncountable plugins on third party websites. So users can take advantages of these plugins to improve the blog’s user experience and attract more visitors.

wordpress flexible customizable
Mobile Ready

As readers are increasingly like reading from mobile devices like iPhone, iPad, Android, and others, It’s import for bloggers to catch visitors from mobile devices. Luckily, WordPress is already mobile ready. You can choose a responsive WordPress theme to make the blog adjust a mobile device, or choose a WordPress mobile plugin to start a mobile presence and easily manage it at anywhere.

SEO Friendly

Making the posts reach the top results of search engines is one of the most important tasks for bloggers. But there are a lot of things to do to contribute this. However, as WordPress comes with many SEO friendly features, bloggers don’t need to do many things by hand. In addition, bloggers can get helps from the top popular WordPress SEO plugins, and learn about the WordPress SEO guidelines to easily improve the websites/posts rankings.

High Security

wordpress securityWordPress is developed by a diligent development team, and the program upgrades continuously. At present, WordPress has reached a very perfect stage, rarely heard of WordPress black case.


Social media is a great way to promote your blog and business. WordPress makes it is easy to integrate with social medias. There are more than 10,000 plugins in the WordPress Plugin Directory, which allow users to add functionality and features to their websites with ease. In detail, there are over 250 of them help you add Social Functions to your website.

With all those plugins, you have options to promote your site on all sorts of social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon, Flickr, or even Last.FM.

Strong Support

WordPress comes with powerful community – WordPress.org – to backup users. There are more than 200 million users, designers, developers devote into it so that users can get effective helps no matter what questions they meet.

In addition, there are tons of resources on the official community. Users can learn about the how-to tutorial on the documents and interact with experienced users in the user forums. Moreover, users can get involved to WordPress development.

If You Need to Showcase Lots of Images & Photos on Blog

Many customers consider whether it is also a good choice for photo and image websites. In fact, the answer is yes. With the free price, easy to use interface, beautiful themes, useful plugins, etc, WordPress works excellently for photo and image websites. In below, we are going to explain the reason why it is a good choice for image & photo blogs.

wordpress for image sitesAs Photos and images always come with large size, they will take use of large storage. So that the large storage is critical for the websites. Because people are always out of patience for a long time waiting, fast speed seems an important feature to a website. With a large number of photos and images, the photo/image website always takes more time to load. Additionally, with fast speed site, blogger can upload and edit the website quickly. And also, the various themes and plugins beautify the looking of a site as well as strengthen the functions.

Normal Blogs, Photoblog & Gallery

Photos and images can be displayed in many ways in WordPress sites, from the normal websites to wordless photoblogs, even the most complex galleries. The normal photo websites put the emphasis on the words. You can add a long article to describe the photos and images, and record the interesting stories. On the contrast, photoblogs are different, all about the images and photos, no words. As of version 2.5, WordPress has included a gallery function using the gallery shortcode. It’s quite easy to create and manage the online galleries on the WordPress sites as there are many PHP and javascripts available.

Easy to Create Websites and Upload Photos

Both bloggers and visitors like an easy to use website. In this case, WordPress is a perfect choice for photo/image websites as it provides the easiest features and plugins. As almost web hosting solutions include 1-click WordPress installation, you can setup the sites in few minutes and by few clicks. With the intuitive interface, you can be quite easy to upload photos of different sizes as well as to upload batches of photos.

Multi-Features & Additional Options

wordpress multiple optionsWordPress is popular for the rich features. Except for the normal features, it also provides useful image features. As customers may want to share the website with families and friends after a photo/image website, it helps a lot on social media with the sharing tools. Generally, visitors can share the website contents and photos to Google Plus, Facebook, Pinterest, and more social websites. Besides, WordPress supports multimedia that you can store the videos and audio on the website. It also allows visitors to create prints of the photographs and personalized photo gifts such as postcards, posters, canvases, and more.

A Large Number of Themes & Plugins

Themes and plugins are always important parts of WordPress, they also play critical roles in the photo/image websites. With plenty of themes available in the community, you have strong flexibility and customizability, feel free to change the themes to match the photo style.

On the other hand, plugins give you the ability to extend the website functionalities. You can check out the best WordPress plugins, or find out more about plugins at the WordPress plugin page. In below, we list some useful ones which are widely used by photo/image websites.

  • WordPress.com Stats: Allows you see how many visitors viewed your website and photos, which pages they look, and where they come from. You can promote the website based on the statistics data.
  • WordPress Related Posts: Automatically generates a list of posts which relate to the one the visitors is reading. It can encourage readers to read more post.
  • WP Super Cache: increase the website speed and saves the bandwidth usage by saving the cached versions of pages to serve visitors.
  • WP Greet Box: Add a welcome sentence at the start of each post encouraging visitors to subscribe to the RSS feed or share the link on sites like Facebook and Twitter.


The above advantages are the most highted reasons why WordPress is popular among bloggers. There are many other advantages such as social media integration, complete control, low cost, etc. Check out full advantages by installing a WordPress blog right away.

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