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Why You Need a Blog Online - Blogging Necessity

Why You Need a Blog Online – Blogging Necessity

As the powerful discussion or information board, blog has been utilized by millions of people all over the world. Why it can be so popular? What benefits it can bring? Is it difficult to use? These might be the common questions bearing in your mind. In this article, we’d like to give the answers and tell you something about blogging necessity.

Blog allows you to achieve a variety of purposes, such as promoting your business, sharing your thoughts on a subject that you like, or just writing about what happened during a day. The themes and topics are endless. Instead of pure word, you can post some funny pictures of your dogs, the beautiful songs of your favorite singers, or the promotional video of a famous movie. In a word, you can fully control the content of your blogs.

Showcase Your Knowledge

KnowledgeThis is the main benefit brought to college students. After all, they have gained a lot of theoretical knowledge during their college life, but have almost no opportunity of use it in the real world. Blog, however, offers a great platform helping them put these theories into practice. For instance, for students majoring in Computer & Science, they can set up a personal blog sharing some knowledge or experiences on website building, search engine optimization, site customization, and many more. Once the blog has a high daily access, they can even provide some paid posting or related services to earn a profit.

Promote Yourself

Starting a blog, you can write something about your life, about your career, about your hobbies or something you good at. No matter what you write, you introduce yourself to readers so that they can learn about you, even just on some aspects. With the accumulated over time, your readers are more and more, along with the growing influence of you. By this way, you promote yourself greatly on the web.

On the other hand, with many readers read about your blog, and discuss with you, you can meet many friends in various fields and broaden the communication network. For example, if you are a college student or job hunter, your employer can easily find you through your blog, learn about your advantages and skills, and you can finally get a preferred job with ease.

Get More Chances for Job-Hunting

At present, the pressure for employment is severe as the number of graduates has increased significantly. So, how to become competitive and stand out from the crowd? We highly recommend you creating a positive and successful blog site. There is a survey released by Microsoft in 2012 showing that 80% of HR managers think that the information on the blog is the most reliable source to reflect the real personality of a candidate. Besides, 75% of these people are impressed by an informative and well-designed blog than an ordinary CV with some plain words.

online cv

Keep a Good Habit

Keeping your blog updated constantly is essential to maintain the traffic and popularity. After all, if you fail to add new content to your blog site constantly, people may feel you are not serious about your blog and will stop coming back, even if they love what you have written. In this circumstance, you have to develop a habit of publishing new posts in a regular interval to retain loyal readers and attract new visitors. To be honest, if you succeed in having this habit, then you will not feel difficult to keeping doing some other things like daily excise and enough rest.

Build Visibility and Reputation

Always remember that a good personal brand is the fundamental part of any successful life. To be frank, there is nothing more effective and easier than a blog site to promote yourself and show your strong points to the world. For instance, you can openly showcase your expertise and tell your readers what you can do better than anyone else by posting highly specialized articles or resolving your readers’ problems in the comment area. Besides, never say something bad or negative on your blog, which may hurt your online credibility and reputation.

Expand Public Relations

public relationAfter being known by a tremendous number of people online with an excellent reputation, then you can expand your social reach with ease. Your contents are published online, meaning that your readers are coming from different geographical locations. Therefore, you can acquaint with these people by keeping a solid relation with them. The easiest way to do this is opening your comment area, and replaying as many comments as you can with meaningful words and a polite manner. Besides, you can also interact with some high profile bloggers who are performing the same thing as you are, but are more well-known than you. Note that these people might become the most important contact sources in your daily life.

Promote Your Business

Blog is very useful to promote your business. If you have no physical commodities thus join an affiliate program, then you can make your blog become a solid link between readers and terminal sellers by adding some promotion link, banners, or advertisements. If you have your own brand or company, then you can promote it with a well-designed blog at low cost, or you even can turn your blog into an online store to sell your goods directly.

For instance, if you are a boss of web hosts, you can blogging about the data centers, servers, networks, and disclose the development which can make customers trust your business, products or services.

Make Money

Besides all the benefits above, you can also make money from your blog. We know that making money is not important for promote personal brand, but it helps additionally. You can sell some products or services incidentally when blogging, add into Google Adsense and sell ads, etc.

Grow Your Career

grow careerIf you are an employee, starting a blog for your personal brand can help grow your career very much. On one hand, you can blogging about your work. Imagine if you are a database administrator for an insurance company, you can write something about database admin issues in insurance and other areas. Then, you can teach others, answers the readers’ questions, and lead others. Not long after, your employer gets to know that they have the best.

In addition, you can record the problems that met in your work, and analysis it and give your workarounds. In this case, you can learn from the problems and gain more experience as well as help others who met the same problems. You can summary your work life in a period, write about the gained knowledge, and discuss the new skills. Through a long-term accumulation, you will improve your job skills greatly and gain an abundant of work experience.

Is Blog Site Useful?

Of course YES. In fact, the abovementioned advantages of blogging are just a piece of an iceberg, so you may gain more from the blog than you can imagine. However, there is one thing that you have to keep in mind – setting up a truly amazing blog site by utilizing a reliable blog hosting solution. If you cannot wait to start a personal blog, just move on!

How To Start Blog?

If you want to start a blog for personal brand, the self-hosted WordPress blog is a perfect choice. Before starting, you need to prepare a domain name and web hosting account, and then follow the below steps:

  • Setup WordPress in the hosting account
  • Customize your blog appearance with themes
  • Install some plugins to extend the functionality
  • Determine the scope of your brand and readers
  • Write quality and original content keep your brand fresh
  • Promote your blog

If you still haven’t had a blog, we recommend you going with the following companies. They’re proven to offer the best WordPress hosting service including rich features, easy-to-use control panel, and award-winning technical support.


Susan Rose is a freelance writer who has a deep knowledge about WordPress. She loves everything related to website building since the freshman year at Christopher Newport University, and loves to share her experience with people all over all the world. In the daily life, Susan loves detective novels as it can train her logical thinking and creativity.