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What is White Hat SEO and How it Works

What is White Hat SEO and How it Works

Due to the severe competition between websites on the web, webmasters now carry out a lot of SEO techniques to make their websites rank highly in the search engines, attracting more customers for site traffic and popularity.

We have introduced so many related trips and tips in our previous posts, which include keyword strategy, image optimization, RSS utilization, and social networking guidance. In fact, although these methods target different aspects to benefit the SEO of your site, all of them can be categorized into one group, which is called as White Hat SEO.

If you are confused about this term, check out this post to figure out the detailed explanation.

What is White Hat SEO?

What is White Hat SEOWhite Hat SEO is the general designation of any legal, proper, and fair-minded methods for search engine optimization, which apply to and are based on the ranking algorithm of all the main search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

It has been regarded as the best SEO technique in this field, for it avoids all the potential dangers and the possibility to conflict with search engines. Besides, it can be seen as the ultimate ethical standards for all SEO experts and professionals.

Basic Features

White Hat SEO focuses on the long term benefits. Websites optimized by this kind of technique can have a high searching ranking permanently, without the need to worry about search engine punishment in the future.

Besides, if webmasters promote and grow their website sticking in this way for a few years, they can get a result of high ranking and tremendous popularity. Note that this result is stable, and will not be negatively influenced by the changing ranking algorithm in one day.

Main Benefits

White Hat SEO plays a vital in website improvement, making a tight and friendly relationship between sites and searching robots. It follows the search engine roles and does good to website step by step, which includes the overall framework, site code, post content, keyword density, external linking, and many more. Building your site in this way, you can enjoy some great benefits listed in the following.


  • The site can have a stable and high ranking in the searching result list.
  • It guarantees you an excellent daily page views.
  • The traffic can increase unceasingly and stably.
  • Readers can have a strong confidence on what you have said, for all your contents are original and meaningful.
  • You don’t need to worry that your competitors may surpass you by copying your SEO methods as the White Hat SEO is open to the public, which is very fair-minded.

How about Black Hat SEO

Black Hat SEOJust as the name indicates, the Black Hat SEO is contrary to the white one. It seeks for searching loophole, and optimizes websites the way search engines forbid. This means site owners need to face searching penalties at any time with no notifications.

In some cases, this method may boost your ranking rapidly and significantly. However, this result is just temporarily and doesn’t last for a long time. Many webmasters who use Black Hat SEO find that they have spent a large sum of money, energy and time in building a lot of websites, but none of these sites can be a really powerful one.

Besides, if webmasters all use bad methods to be ranked highly in search engines, how can readers believe the results in the long run?

In this circumstance, we sincerely suggest you giving up this kind of SEO tricks. After all, having a site with good popularity is a long term process, so never believe any shortcuts offered by Black Hat SEO.

White Hat SEO Techniques

After learning the definition, features, and benefits of White Hat SEO, and its difference from Black Hat SEO, now you may be wondering the related techniques to optimize your website. In fact, there are a lot of SEO tutorials available on the Internet, and we have shared some of the best ones in this site targeting different aspects. For more information, simply this seo page and check out the tips.


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