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What is Social Bookmarking and Why Use it?

What is Social Bookmarking and Why Use it?

There are millions of websites on the internet world at present. These websites are categorized into several categories on the basis of its primary subject. For instance, some websites promote commercial goods, whereas a handful of websites provide information about science and medicine. With thousands of websites on almost every niche, it is very difficult for an individual to visit all and get sufficient information. Hence, until a few years back, individuals used to visit many websites and choose the most suitable ones from them so that they can visit it in the future.

To remember the website, they used to bookmark the link and save it on the computer for future references. Seeing the inconvenience of individuals in saving links, the idea of bookmarking has been developed, further advancing in the form of social bookmarking.

What is Social Bookmarking?

To have a clear idea as to what is social bookmarking, it is imperative to understand the term bookmarking. Bookmarking is the tool that allows the users to save a link of a webpage so that they can visit the website conveniently in the future. As an option for bookmarking is available in browsers, the bookmarked links are stored in a computer. But, when it comes to social bookmarking, it is the type of bookmarking where the link is stored in an online database, and can be shared and viewed by other individuals surfing the internet.

Social Bookmarking

Although the basic idea and motive of the individuals are to practice social bookmarking only for convenience, modern developers and experts come up with the vision that it can be used as an effective SEO tool. Gradually, the concept of using social bookmarking as an SEO tool has been accepted by the majority of webmasters, making it an inevitable part of the internet. Presently, there are numerous social bookmarking websites where the links can be shared and stored easily by becoming its member. Some of the most-popular ones are Digg, Reddit, StumbleUpon and the leading social networking site Facebook.

Benefits of Social Bookmarking

Individuals, who have a clear idea as to what is social bookmarking, find it quite beneficial in several ways. Some of the advantages of social bookmarking that grabs the attention of developers as well as individuals are discussed here.

Generate Backlinks

BacklinksEvery webpage that is bookmarked by an individual in a social bookmarking site can be viewed by other members. The links are saved as tags in every social bookmarking site, and it is displayed. As a result, this creates backlinks because the social bookmarking site highlights the link of the bookmarked website to the visitor. Hence, the bookmarked site develops an opportunity to gain traffic without offering anything to the site in return.

Increase Ranking in Search Engine

There are tremendous numbers of users who spend hours regularly on popular social bookmarking sites like Facebook and StumbleUpon. With the presence of links to a website in such dynamic platforms, thousands of users click on these links and visit websites. Therefore, the majority of websites receives traffic due to social bookmarking. As regular traffic to a website is considered as an effective SEO tool by Google, it boosts up the ranking of effective websites and webpages in the Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

Cloud-Based Storage

Cloud-Based StorageBookmarking has a loophole because the link is stored on the computer and not on an online platform. This doesn’t allow the user to visit a bookmarked website conveniently if he uses another computer. But, when it comes to social bookmarking, links and information are stored in a proper server or the cloud. This enables the user to visit the bookmarked website from any device at any time. Also, cloud-based storage removes the burden of bookmark data in a computer.

Result Which Can Be Easily Found

Links are saved and shared in social bookmarking sites with a tag. These tags help the site to categorize and to filter the link. A visitor can simply find the link or a series of link relating to a particular niche by entering a keyword on the site. Also, they can choose the bookmarked links from the categories created by the social bookmarking site. As a result, visitors can find whatever they desire in a fraction of a second.

Cost-effective Promotion

Website owners spend a remarkable sum of money for the promotion, advertisement and optimization of their website. With the enhancement of ranking in the SERP being the primary aim, people charge tons of dollars for the service. When it comes to social bookmarking, it is completely a cost-effective method of a website’s promotion as the webmasters are required to pay its visitors for bookmarking its link. Also, no website needs to pay any kind of charges to social bookmarking site. Hence, it is completely a cost-effective promotion way for a website, yielding fruitful results.


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