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What is a Parked Domain? How to Create a Parked Domain for WordPress Sites?

What is a Parked Domain? How to Create a Parked Domain for WordPress Sites?

Domain name is an essential part of online presences. However, many people are confused and puzzled for the different kind of domain names, such as sub-domain, add-on domain, and parked domain. We have introduced the previous two in details before, today we are going to discuss the parked domain in detail, explaining what is a parked domain and how to part a domain for WordPress.

What is a Parked Domain?

Parked domain is a domain name without any email or web hosting service. In general, the parked domain is registered but doesn’t have any website content, aiming for domain sale or redirecting visitors to another domain.

what is parked domainParked domain is a practical method to make money online. For example, some people only register a domain but don’t create a website for it. They host the domain on domain registrar and resolve it to a webpage that includes a series of advertising links, which are dynamic changed according to the visitors’ interests. Also, the domain owners can get money once visitors click through these links.

For the other purpose, parked domain is also widely used by webmasters to drive traffic to another domain. For example, I have a website named as mywebsite.com, and then I assign the other domain name mywebsite.net as a parked domain of this website. As a result, no matter visitors enter which domain name in the address bar of the browser, they can be sent to the same site and see the same content. The process is done without redirecting to the primary domain, and the URL of parked domain remains in the browser’s address bar.

How to Create a Parked Domain?

For the second purpose, a website can drive double traffic from search engines with parked domain, but only need to create single content and framework. Thus, we guide you to parking a domain name for WordPress websites in the below part.

As a matter of fact, the most popular cPanel offers an easy entry to park a domain name. In this tutorial, we show you the detailed steps with explanations and illustrations. Note that the illustrations are based on cPanel customized by HostGator. Maybe you see some differences within your control panel, but the functions are almost the same.

First of all, log into cPanel and scroll down to the Domains section, and then you can see Parked domain icon. Click on it and you can be linked to another page, where you can create a new a new-parked domain.

parked domain icon

Enter a domain name you want to park on your site, and click on the button to add a domain. Don’t type any “http: //” or “www” elements and note that the domain should be registered with a valid registrar and configured to point to your DNS servers before it can be used as an alias.

create parked domain

In the next, the screen shows the parked domain has been successfully created.

At present, you successfully add a parked domain on your main site and visitors can reach your site through both the primary domain and the parked domain. If you are still confusing with these steps, please watch this video tutorial.


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