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What is Google Adsense and How to Make Money with It?

What is Google Adsense and How to Make Money with It?

AdSense is a popular advertising network used by webmaster to monetize their traffic. Google AdSense, the top earning way, is an advertising program running by Google that allows website owners to buy/sell advertisement based on the targeted and relevant content and audience.

Most of the webmasters have heard about Google AdSense, but a few of them understand it. Today, we are going to explain what is Google AdSense and how it works in detail, by which you can learn how to make money online.

What Is Google AdSense?

what is google adsenseLaunched in March 2003, Google AdSense is a free and flexible way to earn money from online websites, mobile sites, and site search results with relevant and engaging ads, helping over two million partners grow their businesses. It has now been particularly important for delivering advertising revenue to small websites that don’t have the resources for developing advertising program.

In order to help people maximize the revenue, Google AdSense comes with 6 different types, each of which targets different content and audiences.

  • AdSense for Content. This is the general AdSense type that is content-based adverts targeting for interest or context. It is always CPC or CPM based. The ads can be simple words, image, animated image, flash, video, or rich media ads. Users are able to change whether to show text and multimedia ads.
  • AdSense for Feeds. Announced in May 2005, this is a version of AdSense that works by inserting images into a feed. When the picture is shown by an RSS reader or web browser, Google adds the advertising content based on the content of the feed surrounding the image. When visitors clicks the image and then (s)he is redirected to the advertiser’s website.
  • AdSense for Search. AdSense for Search enables site owners to place Google Custom Search box on their website and shares them with 51% of the revenue when visitors searches through the boxes. Meanwhile, the publishers are only paid if the ad is clicked.
  • AdSense for Mobile. This AdSense allows users to make money by displaying advertisements on their mobile websites. Be very similar with the AdSense for Content, it only requires the shown site is based on mobile.
  • AdSense for Domains. It enables ads to be shown on domain names that haven’t been developed.
  • AdSense For Video. It allows users to get revenue by displaying video content from Google’s extensive advertising network, such as YouTube videos.

How to Use Google AdSense?

Once you have enough content and traffic to your website, go to http://www.google.com/adsense/start/ to apply. Follow the instruction on the official site and if you meet all the requirements, you can get permission.

Create Ads on the Website

After successfully apply for AdSense, the next step comes to creating ads on your website. Sign in to your AdSense account and go to AdSense. You need to create an ad unit at first by clicking on My Ads and +New Ad Unit.

Google AdSense Add New Ads

Customize the Ads

Later, name your new ad and choose the color, size, and shape of it. Note that you should spend time on this step to make sure the ads can not only be easily noticed but also perfectly integrated with your site. After creating an ad successfully, you can get the html code. Copy that code and paste it to wherever you are going to put an ad.

Google AdSense Create Ads

Choose where to show ads

In order to make more money, it is basically required you to present ads to visitors as many as possible, which is able to generate more clicks, Pageviews, or permissions. So, you should first to choose where to show ads by pasting ad code into the space. Theoretically, you can showcase ads anywhere you like, but you should make sure the ad type is suitable.

Highest-paying ads display

Once your site is ready, advertisers bid to show in your ad spaces in a real-time auction. Finally, the highest paying ad will be displayed on your site.

Get paid

As many ads are displayed on your pages, you can just wait for revenue. However, Google won’t allow you to extract money until your earning exceeds $100. It seems a simple task, but many people get banned from Google when they accumulated $90 or more in click through earnings and cannot get any paid. This is generally because Google doesn’t check whether you are complying their rules until it comes to paying you.

Tips for Making Money with Google AdSense

make money with google adsenseAs we all know, getting more clicks means earning more profits. Thus, to help webmasters achieve the maximum of benefits, we also list the following tips to increase Google AdSense revenue effectively.

Publish Readable Web Content

Visitors are always keen on the readable web content including fascinating information. If they care a hang about a post, they are more likely to stay on your site and notice the Google advertisements. Thus, to attract people’s attention on the ads, you need to let them be interested in your posts at first.

Select the Proper Keywords

You need to keep renewing the target keyword of each post with the help of Google Adwords. The web content that is related to the ads should include the frequently searched keywords. For the monthly search keeps changing, you need to improve the keywords at least once a month.

Freshen the Web Content

In addition to update the keywords frequently, it is also important to keep freshening the web content. This is because all things on the Internet are in solution. People are fed up with the old content easily. To maintain the regular visitors and attract new comers, you need to keep the post fresh and novel.

Choose a Right Theme

An elegant theme is a critical factor to make your site beautiful and eye-catching. In addition, you should also consider whether the theme provides you with a placement to post the ads. There are numerous WordPress themes for Google AdSense available to you. Check this page for more information about the themes.

With the Help of Google Analytics

Some people may ask how they can increase Google AdSense Revenue with the help of Google Analytics. In fact, with the help of this powerful tool, you can get the results about which kind of web content acquires more clicks and which keywords get higher click rate. In the later post, you can publish the web content that caters to the preference of most people.

google analytics

Add Internal Links

If the visitors stay on your site longer, they are more likely to focus on the ad and click it. Using internal links is a good way to guide visitors to view other articles and keep them continuing to browse web content on your site. In this case, you need to add a balanced amount of internal links to each post. Note that, the number of internal links should not be excess.

The Highest Money Making Google AdSense Alternatives

Since applying for Google AdSense comes with strict rules, you may not meet the requirements. In this case we carefully choose the following high paying alternatives to Google AdSense for reference.


Website: http://www.infolinks.com/

Infolinks is the best option for Google AdSense. The only requirement to get this alternative is a good traffic. Once you have applied for an account, your account will be approved within one day.

There are three methods for you to get avenue, including PayPal, Infolinks debit cards, and Wire Transfer. The minimal rates of PayPal and Wire are $50 while that for another one is $400.



Website: http://www.clicksor.com/

Looking to make money? Clicksor is the right choice. It offers various advertising formats, with which you can design a suitable ad for the promotion purpose.

So, how much can you earn? In this respect, Clicksor offers 60% of the revenue produced by the websites. After getting money, there are three choices to payout them: PayPal and Check payment and Wire Transfer.



Website: http://www.qadabra.com/

Only when you have enough traffic, you can make money online with Qadabra. It takes you a few seconds to sign up with it. Note that you just need three steps to add ads: create, embed, and track your profits.

In addition, the payout is as low as $20, and you can get money via Wire, PayPal, and credit card.



Website: http://www.chitika.com/

Going with Chitika is an easy and enjoying task. It offers various ads types to meet different needs. As a result, the ads integrate unceasingly with any content. Chitika sets its payout lower than the majority of companies. The minimum requirement for PayPal is $10 and that of check is $50.



Website: https://www.adversal.com/

Advertisal is the first choice that is next to Google AdSense. It offers multiple ad formats, along with a low payout. With Advertisal, you can payout via Check, PayPal, Wire , and ACH.



Website: http://www.bidvertiser.com/

Bidvertiser allows you to make money quickly and conveniently. Every click can get paid for you to get extra avenue. It offers ads of many kinds like text, image and links.

The company gives you a simple click tool, helping to customize the layout of ads. In this way, these ads can perfectly be displayed within the website.



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