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What Is an Editorial Calendar & Why Your WordPress Website Needs One

What Is an Editorial Calendar & Why Your WordPress Website Needs One

With the development of this digital world, webmasters pay increasing attention to improving their websites by means of various tools, plugins, software, and so on. Among those methods, editorial calendar is the one popular with most people running content based websites. Since more and more people turn their attention to editorial calendar, we make this post in terms of what is an editorial calendar and why it should be allowed for your WordPress website.

What Is an Editorial Calendar?

As a paper-based calendar helps users schedule daily life orderly, editorial calendar is an online tool used for content marketing. This simple tool helps you schedule the publication of all web content and makes each post published at the specified time. For instance, if you determine to write several posts for the upcoming Christmas promotion, you can finish the text ahead of time and then set release time to December 25th. After this, the posts are going to be published on the appointed date.

what is an editorial calendar

Why Your WordPress Website Needs an Editorial Calendar?

After getting a rough idea of the editorial calendar, you may have had a taste of this powerful tool. Here, we are going to tell something more about the advantages of an editorial calendar and the surprise it will bring to you.

Schedule Web Content

Have you ever been in a mess when facing a large number of posts to be published? If so, you must have failed to schedule release time in advance. In this situation, an editorial calendar is a good assistant for you, which helps you make a careful plan including what you are going to write and the date for each release. All tasks in the schedule are clear at a glance and therefore you can always keep your mind sober and deal with the web content in perfect order.

Keep Releasing New Posts

keep releasing new postsThanks to the careful planning, a consistent flow of content is released at the scheduled time, so your website stays up-to-date. In this way, visitors are able to view the latest information every day, and they are willing to come again to get something new and interesting. In this way, the editorial calendar goes especially well with some news sites or magazine websites.

Know Content Diversification Clearly

Visitors are more likely to be interested in the websites full of diversified content rather than the ones filled with boring information. The editorial calendar helps you schedule posts in advance and know distribution of different topics. If you are running a news site, you are required to post the news about politics, entertainment, people’s livelihood, current affairs, and so on. To make a homogeneous distribution, you need to figure out the proportion of each topic by means of an editorial calendar and then make an appropriate adjustment.

Work out Quality Content Related to Your Niche

Drawing up a plan with editorial calendar leaves you enough room to think out a series of topics related to your business and the way to work out readable posts in advance. Because the topics and the text structure have been figured out, you just need to devote yourself to the writing without the need to worry about wandering off the point.

Make Collaboration Easier

make collaboration easierIf you are running a website supported by a group of staffs, easy collaboration contributes to the success of your site. With editorial calendar, you are able to assign tasks to each team member and specify pre-fixed responsibilities on the table. In this case, all members know what they need to do and when the tasks should be finished. It’s a great method to stimulate the whole team so as to get a mutual improvement.

Recommended Method to Get an Editorial Calendar

The recognized method to build an editorial calendar is the use of WordPress plugins, such as Editorial Calendar, Edit Flow, WordPress Event Calendar, and so on, among which Edit Flow is the most popular one in this field. Here, we would like to make a brief introduction about this plugin.

Edit Flow is a rich-featured WordPress plugin designed for people who wish to make the sites more organized. It allows users to check the web content month-by-month and view the upcoming tasks as well. Besides, Edit Flow also features Notifications to remind users the updates of the posts that they are following.


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