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What is Domain Name & How to Choose a Domain Name?

What is Domain Name & How to Choose a Domain Name?

Domain to a website is as the identity to a person. Thus, knowing what is domain name and how to choose a proper one are two primary considerations for a webmaster planning to start a website. To help readers make a wise choice on their domains, we make a comprehensive introduction about domain and list several tips on how to select the best suitable one.

What is Domain Name?

waht is domainDomain name is a unique name used to differentiate your site address from others, which is used in the URLs. For example, in the URL http://www.whatswp.com/, the domain name is whatswp.com. People are able to visit your website by typing it into the address bar. Note that the domain name should be different from any other domains in the world.

A complete domain includes the top-level domain (TLD), which is the suffix of your domain, like .com, .net, .org, and so on. For different people have unlike purposes to develop the websites, they need to choose an appropriate TLD at first.

In addition to the TLD, a domain contains second-level domain (SLD) as well, which is to the left of the top-level domain. Here, we also take whatswp.com as an example, of which the TLD is .com while the SLD is whatswp.

How to Choose a Proper Domain Name?

In addition to get a domain from the domain registration, you can also make it from some reliable hosting providers. Some hosting companies even provide you with free domain. When registering a domain name, you need to consider how to find the most suitable one for your website. In the following guide, we list several tips to help readers select a proper domain name with ease.

Nice & Catchy

As the unique way to your website, the domain name should be short and clear. Some successful sites, like google.com, youtube.com, whatswp.com, all use a few letters as their domain names, which are easy to understand and spell. Thus, when selecting a domain, you should avoid difficult words and specific symbols.

Relate to the Web Content

waht is domainThe domain should be related to the brand closely so that visitors can get a general understanding about your website at the first sight. For example, if you are running a coffee shop named as A’s Coffee Shop, the most suitable domain for the website is ascoffeeshop.com.

No Hyphen

For many people, it is a troublesome step to type hyphen when fill the URL in the address bar. And also, if a domain name is mixed up with one or more hyphen, it looks cumbersome and wordy. In this case, you’d better set your domain as xxxxx.com rather than xx-xx-x.com.

Make it SEO-friendly

When running a new website which is not known very well by other people, you need to use an SEO-friendly domain that is more likely searched by visitors. To get the words that acquire high monthly search on the Internet, you can make it by using Google AdWords. With this powerful tool, you are able to find the words which are popular with visitors. Based on the results, you just need to add the commonly searched ones to the domain name.

Be As Soon As Possible

Every website has its own domain name, which is different from any other sites. Namely, you are not allowed to have the domain which has been registered by others. In this case, you need to finish the registration as soon as possible. If the domain is registered before you do it, you must use another option.


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