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What is Disk Space?

What is Disk Space?

Disk Space is an important figure in web hosting world, which means how much hard disk space the hosting provider offers to you. Everything on your website including posts, pages, images, themes, plugins, and videos will be stored in disk taking some storage space.

The allocation of disk space is often according to the hosting solution you choose from a web host. So here is a question: How much disk space can meet the need for your website? Websites all of you want to run will be of different sizes. The best solution is to learn the calculation of disk space. As long as you want to calculate your needs, the job can be done within seconds.

Generally speaking, a plain text file takes up 10 kb. So there is no need to purchase a great amount of disk space for a website which only contains HTML-based pages. It often takes 40 kb for the most simple web page. To save more disk space, the images uploaded to a website can be clear when the quality is higher than 85. There are some instances when you run a complex website with rich media included. For example, a video clip with low quality even needs 200 kb in size. More disk space is required for the download of these files. Think twice before adding too much video into your website, because they will slow down your website speed.

According to the above information, you will learn the simplicity to cut down on your needs. However, we have to remind you to reserve enough disk space for the future usage. In the market, a web host will give punishment to the excessive usage of disk space. This requires you to have a broader long-term vision for the growth of your website.

Thus, every site owner needs to take disk space into consideration for it decides the amount of content you can have on your site. Before choosing a hosting plan, you should check how much space your web page need at first. Note that you’d better purchase 50% more disk space than your present demand for you may want to add files to your site in the future.


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