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What Is a Dedicated IP Address & Do You Need One for Your Site

What Is a Dedicated IP Address & Do You Need One for Your Site

When checking the feature list of a hosting package, some of you might have found a special term named as “dedicated IP address”. As many people have little or even no idea of what it is, we’d like to showcase a detailed introduction for this hosting feature, including its definition, utilization and benefits.

What Is a Dedicated IP Address?

As for the learning of this term, you should firstly have a general understanding of IP address and shared IP address.

  • When it comes to the IP address, you can regard it as an online identifier that distinguishes your website or web server from others in a certain network.
  • Shared IP address, just as the name indicates, is a particular IP that is used by multiple websites within the same web server.
  • Dedicated IP address is simply contrary to the shared one. It can be used as a unique online address to your website alone.

In the following, we have presented a special graphic telling you the exact difference between shared IP and dedicated IP. Here, we have to mention that do not mix up the dedicated IP with the dedicated server hosting. Also, it is absolutely possible for you to get a dedicated IP address in a shared web server.

Dedicated IP vs Shared IP

What a Dedicated IP Address Brings?

Generally, the majority of webmasters are using the shared IP address. As compared with it, a dedicated IP can bring you 5 main benefits. Let’s look through them one by one.

Website Stability

It is possible that your shared IP might be blacklisted due to the wrong practices carried out by your IP sharers, such as the Black Hat SEO and spamming activities, causing your website unreachable to some networks and resulting in false warning against your site. This means you have to bear the bad consequences even if the IP issue is not caused by you.

With a dedicated IP, however, you no longer need to worry about this. It is exclusively used for your website. Therefore, unless you have done something wrong on your own, there is no such thing that can negatively affect your website operation.

Email Deliverability

Again, your shared IP might be blacklisted or be marked as malware due to the abuse of your neighborhoods, possibly affecting your email sending and receiving. The dedicated IP address, however, simply isolates your email service from any potential dangers caused by bad websites.

Website Access

Dedicated IP allows you to access your site without the need of a domain name. This means even if your domain name is temporarily inaccessible or the DNS setting is not finished already, your website content can still be checked by entering the IP in the browser’s address bar.

Particular Third-Party Tools Usage

In fact, the utilization of some third-party tools and applications requires the dedicated IP address. SSL certificate, for instance, can be running properly under a dedicated IP for the better website security. (The latest SSL version does not require you to do so, but it is still better to use the dedicated IP address.)


In fact, there is no evidence that clearly proves the influences of a dedicated IP on website SEO. However, many experts believe that you can get the best chances to be ranked highly by search engines if your IP is a dedicated one. Also, the majority of high-ranking and popular websites are utilizing the dedicated IP address.

When Do You Need a Dedicated IP Address?

Without doubt, the dedicated IP address achieves a better running for your website than a shared one. However, it does not mean that even a small blogger should use one. Instead, if you are in the situations listed as below, it would be better for you to get the dedicated IP.

  • Ecommerce Website – This kind of site requires the highest level of security, so the dedicated IP is needed for the utilization of SSL and to avoid being affected by some abusive IP sharers.
  • Business Website – You have to maintain a good business identity, so the situations of IP banning or blacklisting can never happen. In this case, you’d better use the dedicated IP.


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