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What is Bandwidth?

What is Bandwidth?

Bandwidth means differently in different fields, however, in website hosting world; it is a synonym with monthly data transfer. It refers to the amount of data can be transferred from a website to visitors’ browsers in a month. Usually, different hosting plans offer various bandwidth amounts. For example, shared web hosting usually advertise unlimited bandwidth but there is an underneath limitation actually; VPS hosting includes a clearly certain amount bandwidth according to package.

However, how can you know how much bandwidth you’ll consume every month and what are the criteria to choose a suitable bandwidth? In fact, they depend on website page size and the amount of visitors.

For example, if the size of your website file page is 30kb and the page also comes with 30kb pictures. In this way, when visitor goes to your website, they download 60kb of data. If you have 1000 visitors in a month, then, your monthly data transfer would be (30 kb + 30 kb) x1000 that is about 58 MB every month. In this way, you may need to choose a hosting plan that offers at least 100 MB bandwidth considering your own management on the site.


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