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What is Backlink? How to Get Backlinks for WordPress?

What is Backlink? How to Get Backlinks for WordPress?

Backlink, also known as an incoming link, is a link setting on the web page but pointing to another page. For example, if you write a post about whatswp on your own site, you can add a direct link on a related word which is pointed to whatswp.com. In that way, whatswp.com gets a backlink from your site.

Getting more backlinks means your website gaining more popularity. This is a good method to increase the traffic of a website and make it well-known. For search engines, the number of backlinks becomes one of the most important factors for determining the ranking of a website.

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In addition to Google tools, nofollow link, and SEO plugins, backlinks are also used by webmasters who wish to make the websites more SEO-friendly. If a post or site is pointed by multiple backlinks, it is more likely to be searched by visitors. Thus, knowing how to make use of it has become a must-have skill for all the webmasters.

Why Do You Need Backlinks?

BacklinksBacklinks are used in Search Engine Optimization written in short as SEO, which direct to hyper-links highlighting a specific webpage on the internet. The quantity and quality of backlinks decide page rank that is a crucial factor in SEO. In fact, this kind of online links have a number of benefits in website optimization by wooing the readers to the site and also by increasing traffic to your webpage that is of crucial significance in boosting the follower base.

Backlinks are useful in the sense that it improves the site working performance and links the site to other networks.

How to Add Backlink to WordPress?

When running several websites simultaneously, you can make full use of backlinks to interconnect each site. This is a great method to increase the traffic on all the websites. However, for some readers wish to acquire more backlinks from others’ sites and feel confused to do it properly. In the following, we list some useful tips for you.

Exchange Backlinks with Other Sites

You can contact the webmasters who run the similar websites with yours and ask for a backlink on their sites. Meanwhile, you should add a link on your post, which is pointed to the websites where you have got a backlink. This is a win-win method good for both you and the cooperative websites.

Press Releases

Press ReleasesWondering how to get quality backlinks by press releases? One has to write a press release and have it distributed to various different press agencies and news sites. Well-written press release of high quality can be taken by websites such as the USA Today and the New York Times that may reward the writers with backlinks for free.

Handing the press release to the sites owned by individuals is a tedious work only if the writer decides to do this alone. Writer is advised to use the distribution service to reach the targeted individuals on a short period. Here, we recommend the PRWeb – a distribution service that provides the track record of writer’s press releases on different sites.

Product Testimonials

Writing on commodities and services that one has used for the better part of the life is a thrilling experience. This is also an opportunity that should not be left to get great backlinks.

If the testimonial in question meets the required standards, it can be chosen and displayed on the website. The writer then gets the backlinks. Honestly speaking, this gives the testimonial writer an advantage of getting the wanted backlinks.

The testimonials have the links of the people who write them and make testimonials authentic. To benefit from such incentives, one must continue writing the testimonials on the products and services that has been used and understood.

Social Bookmarks

Social Bookmarks that provide no-cost backlinks are pleasure to everyone. It provides people with a chance to save their favorite bookmarks online and go through them later. One can use SocialMonkey.com to get social bookmarking because the bookmark address can be directed to 25 other social websites. This bookmarking website also plays a role in marketing a business online.

Social Bookmarks

RSS Directories

You must have read on or heard of RSS Directories as a way on how to get quality backlinks. The RSS Directories assist individuals to explore a variety of blogs and other sites of interest on a specific issue. When you submit a website to RSS Directories, a backlink is generated to you.

If you want to submit your website to RSS Directory automatically then, you can use the Fast RSS Submitter. The Fast RSS submitter can automatically submit the RSS feeds to over a hundred RSS Directories and thus saving you a great deal of time.

Make Full Use of the Social Media

Make full use some popular social media like Google+, Twitter, Facebook, etc. Add a link to the profile and make it point to your website. You need to keep updating the content posted on your social media and add links to a proper place pointing to your web page. That’s a good way to arouse the followers’ interests to visit your site.

Write Guest Posts

write guest postAs many websites or blogs tend to post the articles and blogs written by other editors and bloggers, it is a good chance for you to write a guest post and get permission to add links to the post. It is a common used method for many webmasters who wish to get more backlinks to their sites. Note that you’d better choose the website which gets high ranking on the search engine and acquire more traffic than most other competitors.

Be Active on Popular Forums

Forum is a discussion board on the Internet, used to allow people to publish posts and share their comments with others. You need to be active on some popular forums and always make a comment to the post. For the hot post is commented by a lot of people, you can write an eye-catching comment to this post and add a link to it properly. If visitors are interested in your comment, they may access to your website through the link to get more information.

Make Your Web Content Qualified and Shareable

Frankly, almost all the visitors prefer to read the web content which is readable and qualified, such as an in-depth review to a product, a comprehensive tutorial, a valuable video, and so on. People are more likely to share those posts which provide them with qualified information to their own sites and offer the address where the posts come from. It is a great way to help you increase the website awareness.


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