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What is an Addon Domain?

What is an Addon Domain?

Addon domain is a functional domain that can be created in control panel. The practice allows users to establish several different websites within a hosting account and manage them with the same control panel. Once you create an Addon Domain, there are three processes: the creation of the domain folder, the establishment of subdomain, as well as the connection between the new domain and the subdomain.

For example, you already have a domain name that is DOMAIN.com on your account, and then you create the ADDON-DOMAIN.com as the addon domain. After this, the addon-domain.com becomes an independent website, and nobody except you realizes this website is a part of the primary DOMAIN.com.

Pros of Using an Addon Domain

By adding an addon domain, you can build a totally new website without purchasing another hosting account. This will save you much money with the aim to create multiple websites. What you need to do is to check whether your server resources permit first. At the same time, the control panel comes with an interface where you can not only manage your primary domain but also deal with an addon domain.

Cons of Using an Addon Domain

In fact, there are also some cons of using an addon domain. Before the creation of an addon domain, you should get a whole picture of it. An addon domain will share server resources within a single hosting account. There is a great possibility that your websites will experience slow speed with limited resources. And the stability and security of an addon domain has a close relationship with that of the main name. This could be the major concern for most webmasters. What’s more, ONLY the main domain name has access to technical support and backup service from a web host in most cases.

An advice for an addon domain is to create a FTP access. This is a quick way to directly remove and upload files for an addon domain.


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