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What Does Unlimited Web Hosting Really Mean?

What Does Unlimited Web Hosting Really Mean?

Nowadays, many web hosts claim they offer unlimited web hosting with countless features as unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited email storage, and so on. Does there really exist such a good thing in the realistic world? Before signing up and running off an account, let’s look at what it really means and what you can truly get for your money.

What is the Unlimited Web Hosting?

unlimited web hostingWeb hosting industry has been increasingly competitive and thousands of web hosts provide similar products and services. In order to emphasize their strengths, some companies launch unlimited web hosting packages, offering limitless disk space, bandwidth, email addresses, etc.

As a lot of customers who choose shared web hosting services because of the cost-effectiveness and ease of use, they are usually unable to resist the temptations and miss the awesome deals. However, it’s just a myth, and there is nothing truly unlimited.

Actually, a commercial server holds thousands of shared web hosting account, and the actual account of resources a website occupied is often quite small. Everything is in Terms of Service (TOS), but not in the marketing advertisements.

What Does Unlimited Web Hosting Mean?

unlimited web hosting meanBasically, an unlimited web hosting plan means the web host does not set the upper limit for the resources. However, it does not mean you can upload whatever you want and whenever you want without worrying how many resources you are taking up. Everything is going on a reasonable assumption that you probably won’t use much anyway.

A large number of web hosting companies explain what “unlimited” means in Terms of Service (TOS). In general, it means there are no limits on the disk space or data transfer in the hosting plans and 99.95% of all customers can have more than enough disk space, and bandwidth to meet the actual needs.

That is to say all customers should be completely compliant with the web hosts according to the TOSs. The provided resources are always sufficient enough for almost all of customers utilize them for normal operations of small business or an individual websites.

What Happens if I Use Too Much Disk Space or Bandwidth?

questionThe service is suitable for individuals and small businesses who use the hosting service for normal usages like publishing posts without too many images, presenting optimized images, publishing resumes, introducing companies, selling products and services, etc.

On the other hand, it is not appropriate for customers who utilize hosting service for abnormal usages like file storage or sharing. The web hosting companies regularly run customer bandwidth and disk space utilization by a series of monitoring and analyzing. If you fall outside the normal range of 99.95% customers, the companies will concern about your account, and then they email you for reducing the usage.

In most cases, the companies provide customers 24-48 hours to make adjustments before taking the accounts offline. So you can adjust the website files or upgrade to a VPS hosting or dedicated server plan.

Sometimes, some unmoral providers even disable your site without informing you at first. They lock you out and deny you access to the hosting account and files. Especially, as you violate the TOS, the companies don’t need to give you any refund or explanations.

How to Avoid Losing Your Site?

As almost all of the web hosting companies claim the service, how to avoid the unscrupulous companies? The most effective and simple way is signing up a really reliable web host. Even if your website exceeds the normal usage, you have enough time to configure or upgrade it to a higher plan.

The below companies are recognized as the best web hosting companies. They are highly recommended by both communities and customers, can be good choices for individuals and small to medium sized businesses.


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