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What Does 30 Days Money Back Guarantee Really Mean?

What Does 30 Days Money Back Guarantee Really Mean?

When it comes to choosing a reliable and suitable web host, secure purchase is one of the most important factors to take into account. It not only shows a company’s confidence and conscience, but also maximally protects the rights and benefits of customers. Under this circumstance, nearly all the reputable web hosts release their money back guarantee.

However, do you know what does 30 days money back guarantee really mean and what are the hidden secrets? On behalf of the benefits of webmasters, we decide to reveal all secretes that hide behind a 30-day money back promise.

What Does 30-Day Money Back Mean?

When visiting the official site of a famous web host like BlueHost, you may notice that there is a highlighted line reading: 30 days full money back guarantee with no question asked. If you see the information, then, the company does offer the service. However, if you fail to get the hint on the homepage, you can try to visit their Terms of Service section. But if you fail to find any evidence about money back in both sections, then, it means the company refuses to offer it, which shows it is totally not worth going.

30-Day Money BackChoosing a web host with 30-day money back guarantee can add a layer of protection to your purchase because with the promise, you can ask for full refund within 30 days without losing a cent. However, different hosting providers may present various versions of money back policy, especially for some dishonest hosts who may hide secrets from customers. Therefore, we are going to reveal all secretes in the next part to alarm readers.

Secretes Behind 30 Day Money Back

Although 30 days full money back guarantee seems alike at any company, reputable hosts will give you refund in a short time without tedious process while newly built or notorious web hosts may set barriers for you in the process, or even refuse to do so. Thus, we are going to list all the secrets and hidden rules in below.

Fees that is non-refundable

Take 1and1 for an example. Its money back policy is only valid for some services such as instant mail, shared hosting, VPS hosting, and MyWebsite, etc. However, it refuses to refund fees paid for domain names, shipping & handing , bandwidth, additional service, software, as well as transferred account. Besides, the policy only applies for setup fees and monthly fees. To be honest, all the limitations devalue the company’s money back guarantee.

Refunding limitations

MoneyIt is not unfamiliar for webmasters to notice that most web hosts offer multiple of payment methods, often including credit cards and PayPal. Of course, you can choose either one according to your preference. However, when it comes to money back, some companies may claim that the refund policy is any valid for one of the methods. Thus, be careful before choosing payment channel.

Besides, some companies may delay the refunding by setting complicated cancellation process. Anyone who wants his money refund should fill up an application format at first and wait for a long time for the reply. He may be asked for reasons of the cancellation, and if they are not reasonable, hosting providers may refuse to pay back the money.


All in all, the quality and reality of money back guarantee is largely depending on the fame and conscience of the web host that you choose. Therefore, the right way to secure your is to purchase hosting service from reputable and trustworthy web hosts. In the following, our editors carefully pick out three best web hosting providers.


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