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Weebly VS Squarespace - Which is Better for Building Blogs?

Weebly VS Squarespace – Which is Better for Building Blogs?

When it comes to building a blog website, WordPress may be the first choice occurring into people’s mind. However, apart from WordPress, there are many other services or software that can be used to build a blog site, for example, Concrete, Weebly, as well as Squarespace.

Different platforms come with various pros and cons. In order to help readers choose a suitable one to build their amazing website easily and quickly, we compared WordPress with Conrete5 and compared WordPress with Weebly several weeks ago. Now, we are going to write Weebly vs Squarespace thoroughly to help readers choose the premium one to build their blogs.

Ease of Use

Weebly is extremely easy-to-use for utilizing a graphical and intuitive interface and tries to simplify the site building process as simple as possible by offering drag and drop templates. All users can easily create websites, blogs, or e-commerce business within a short time. Weebly is also mobile compatible, which means users can keep everything on one beautiful and clean website.

Weebly VS Squarespace

On the other side, the interface of Squarespace is a little bit complicated. You need to spend some time to get familiar with it before using it freely. As a content management service creates for new users and geeks, its configuration is a little complex but it is also on this basis, you can use Squarespace to build a stunning and functional website.

Features and Flexibility

Weebly strives to keep thing simple and effective; therefore, it only offers necessary features in the Pro plan including site builder, mobile compatible, eCommerce installing, as well as site planner. However, as for user group management and some other advanced features, they are all not available in Weebly. Although it comes with some themes and plugins that help users customize their websites, it leaves small room for people to do the customization themselves.

FlexibilityDifferently, Squarespace is created for developing stunning and complex websites. Accordingly, it offers numerous features and divides them into several sections such as Designs section and Image Manager. Designs section provides various tools including modern templates, templates switching, style editor, build-in mobile websites, customizable content layouts, free Google fonts, custom CSS, and so on so forth.

Image Manager section helps control image by drag and drop management, responsive image loader, progressive image loading, CDN, simple image downloading, and many more. Besides, there are Galleries using to display excellent content, audio collections to upload and display music, and also site control, blog apps, and commenting system, etc. With these features and tools, you can build any site easily, no matter it is simple or colorful.


Weebly does much work to ensure websites SEO. It automatically pingsfor new content, uses sitemap to offer shortcuts for search engines indexing users’ sites, and applies meta description and suitable HTML formatting. Besides, alt tags on photos and page-specific description are also available. Coincidently, the SEO technologies and methods offered by Squarespace are similar to that of Weebly including site states, clean URLs, meta tags, and many more.


CostsWhen it comes to costs, Weebly is an entire winner that provides a forever free plan, a Starter plan pricing at $4/mo, and a Pro plan pricing at $8/mo. As beginners, you can choose the free plan to have a try, and the software offers everything to build a website. However, there is no free plan offered by Squarespace. It only comes with three priced packages, including Personal ($8/mo), Professional ($16/mo), and Business ($24/mo). Different plans have various features and with the increasing of price, features are more complete.

Customer Support

All people, no matter you are webmasters or freebies, may encounter problems when building a website. Under this circumstance, customer support from site building platform is critical. Fortunately, both the two platform offer technical support through various channels. Every user can get help from Weebly through email, live chat, and knowledge base 24×7. On the other side, Squarespace offers customer service through email, live chat, community answers, as well as help center. According to real customer review we have collected, the latter offers a more efficient support than the former.


According to what we have reviewed above, both Weebly and Squarespace own their advantages and shortcomings. There is no definite answer about which one is better, but which one is more suitable for your needs. If you are a web beginner with no experience in website building and customization, Weebly is your best choice for the extremely easy-to-use features. Otherwise, Squarespace is what you need.

To be honest, both Weebly and Squarespace are suitable for functional websites rather than blogs. For blog only, WordPress is definitely the most advisable choice. Here, we list several best WordPress hostings in below.


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