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Weebly VS Blogger - Which Is the Better Blogging Platform?

Weebly VS Blogger – Which Is the Better Blogging Platform?

Newbies in the blogging world may find it a challenge to select a blogging platform that can suit them best in the niche they select. The blogging platforms offer great functionality, and their features are great to confuse those who are not experienced in the tech world.

However, there are differences between the blogging platforms as each strives to stay on top of the competition and ensures that it garners as many bloggers using its features as possible.

As Weebly and Blogger are two popular blogging platforms, this post looks at Weebly vs Blogger comparison to see which is better and which should bloggers run to.

About Weebly and Blogger

Weebly is a blogging tool that allows you to create websites with ease. You can create e-commerce sites and blogs in simple steps. The software uses drag and drop templates that enable you to create a site easily even when you do not have prior experience. The sites created through Weebly are mobile compatible and thus bloggers do not have to manage different sites in different viewing devices. You just need to keep all your details in one site.

Blogger is a product of Google, and many of the features are integrated and associated with Google. Blogger is a cheap way to create and maintain a blog that fits in any style. The templates by Blogger make it easy for bloggers to enjoy the ease of blog creation and maintenance. You can use HTML and CSS to further customize your blog to meet your needs. This ensures that you create something more personal bearing your style and your taste.

Weebly vs Blogger

General User Base – Blogger

market shareA resolved look at how the two sites face online shows that Blogger is more popular than Weebly with more people using the platform for their blogging needs. The sites that are built on Blogger also succeed and are ranked higher than Weebly.

On Datanyze Univerese, there are 575,149 Blogger websites with only 150,145 Weebly websites. This is the same scenario on Alexa. Comparing the Weebly and Blogger websites on Alexa top 1 million sites, Blogger has 22,539 websites while Weebly having 886.

Note that most people depend on Alexa ranking to know which sites and platforms to use. On Alexa to the top 10000, there are 740 Blogger websites and 16 Weebly Websites. There are 31 Blogger websites on Alexa top 10,000 and 1 Weebly site. There are 7 Blogger websites on Alexa top 1000 and one Weebly site. The two blogging platforms do not make it on the Alexa to 100.

From the above, it seems that the use of Blogger is better as compared to Weebly when it comes to increased Alexa ranking for more traffic.

New Websites in the Previous Month – Blogger

Blogger can be better than Weebly as per the number of websites that are created last month. During the previous month, more Blogger websites were created as compared to Weebly websites. There are 701 new Weebly sites created. As for Weebly, however, there are only sites have been dropped leaving 647 sites.

Popularity on Twitter – Blogger

Twitter PopularityAs Twitter has been part of our life, many people view the popularity and follower base on this social media greatly. In this case, we have compared this aspect between Blogger and Weebly after collecting some statistics online.

Blogger has 214, 000 followers on Twitter while Weebly having 95, 000 followers and thus making Blogger outstanding. Weebly is more active on Twitter with 50 accounts while Blogger has nine accounts only. Weebly makes a total of ten tweets per week while Blogger makes a total of 5 tweets a week.

Functionality and Features

Although Weebly and Blogger are all the popular blogging platforms, they are striving for different aspects. In this case, we have listed their best and the most obvious features and highlights in the following, with which you can select between them based on your ultimate needs.


One of the features that make Weebly a great blogging platform is the drag and drop feature, with which you do not need skills to create a site, and you do not need a whole month to do it. The content you share can also be dragged and dropped into their best places as you want.

Building a site is done directly from a web browser, and there are not components that need to be installed. To publish a post, you edit just like in a word processor making it more customizable.

It enables you to create an online store using various designs and enables you to sell great online. There are great free themes that you can sue on Weebly.

Besides, Weebly gives free hosting services for their sites. You can also blog on mobile through a mobile app or mobile browser.


Blogger also has a range of features. The platform enables you to share the content on Google Plus that is part of Google. Also, the platform helps you earn money through Google AdSense even on a free hosted blog. Honestly speaking, the back-up from Google makes Blogger a good choice for many bloggers online.

Also, Blogger offers some applications for mobile users making it easy to blog anywhere on their mobile device.


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