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Weebly Review – How About Start Websites with Weebly.com?

Weebly Review – How About Start Websites with Weebly.com?

Weebly is an easy to use site builder that helps build blogs, websites and eCommerce stores with simple steps and easy operations. Otherwise, it’s also a platform that integrates domain name, hosting service, themes, Apps, and more. Therefore, many webmasters confuse its service and doubts whether it’s a good choice for starting websites and what are the differences between WordPress. This Weebly review is written for dispelling readers’ doubts, explaining its features and reviewing the advantages and disadvantages.

Weebly Overview

Started from 2007, Weebly is a young service that helps beginners and non-technicians create online presences with great ease. It includes a drag and drop site builder which makes building websites extremely simple, without any technical skills or coding required.

You don’t need to purchase additional hosting service or register a domain name; the service integrates everything together so that you can handle all things in one stop. Here we come out an overall review chart to showcase the ratings of Weebly reputation, features, ease of use, themes, apps, and customer service.

Features Weebly
Started 2007
Price 0 – $19.54/mo
Ease of Use rating 4 of 5
Customizability rating 4 of 5
Controllability rating 3.5 of 5
Technical Support rating 3 of 5

Weebly Pricing

By default, Weebly offers a free service for building personal websites. However, you can only use a sub-domain name of Weebly.com for the site and have to present Weebly ad in the website footer.

In addition, it also provides 3 paid plans as Starter, Pro and Businesses, pricing for $$3.29/mo, $6.63/mo and $19.54/mo respectively. With the paid service, you can basically make use of the site builder, create unlimited pages, remove Weebly link and connect your own domain.

Weebly Pricing

As a matter of fact, the price of Weebly is affordable, similar to the managed WordPress hosting service. Relatively, it is a lit expensive than some cheap web hosting solutions, like JustHost and iPage, which price lower than $2.5/mo but coming with unlimited disk space, bandwidth, domains names and websites.

Ease of Use – Installation & Customization

Getting a website on Weebly is quite easy. You just need to follow the wizard and click on what you want, and then you will have a powerful site. In the below, we list some the simple steps in brief.

  • Sign up a free account, and then it guides you to create your own blog, site or store.
  • Choose a theme from Weebly collection, and you can easily change this later as you need.
  • Customize the site title, text, image, gallery, slideshow, map, contact form and others within the Drag & Drop site builder. You just need to drag and drop the widgets you need and then gather them with a proper layout based on the selected theme. No technical skills required.
  • Click on Publish button on the top-right of the site and choose your website domain name. You are allowed to use a sub-domain of Weeblyh.com, register a new domain or connect a domain you already own. Note that the latter two methods are valid for the paid services.
  • At last, click on Continue button and enter the verification words to publish your site.

weebly interface

Overall, the process is easy to follow and the site builder is extremely simple to handle. Don’t need any codes, you can flexibly edit and customize the site by dragging and dropping widgets.

The only disappointment is that there are only tends of themes collected on Weebly, much smaller than the available WordPress themes, Drupal themes, Joomla themes on the communities.

Weebly Hosting

web hostingWeebly integrates the web hosting service by default. It handles everything about the data center and servers so that webmasters can pay entire attention to the web content. However, at the same time, you have no root access to the server and cannot control your disk space, bandwidth, memory, and other resources. Moreover, you only own your web content, but the site themes, framework, codes, and others are all belonged to the Weebly.

Some people may think sites on Weebly.com are more reliable and fast, because Weebly.com is a large company and has efficient staffs to maintain networks and servers. However, with millions of websites hosted on their server, you cannot hope you can get VIP support. Eventually, you have no idea when your site is down but others are online.

By contrast, we prefer the professional web hosting service from reliable web hosts, such as BlueHost and InMotion Hosting. The shared hosting service is quite similar to Weebly service, but you still have the capability to upgrade your site to VPS hosting or dedicated server when it needs more resources.

Most importantly, you own the entire website, including the codes, themes, content, design, and others. You can design the site as anything you like, and you are allowed to sell ads, write paid reviews and others to make money from online.

Weebly eCommerce

ecommerce hostingWeebly allows users to build online store with it. The Starter, Pro and Business plans are allowed for listing 10, 25 and unlimited products. However, the Starter and Pro plans are charged for 3% transaction fee and integrate shopping cart with checkout.weebly.com while the shopping cart of Business Plan are on your own domain. In addition, the free version, Starter and Pro plans don’t include an SSL service. Without any safeguards, how can you host your store with it.

If you truly want to build an online store, build it with your own hosting package and take a series of security measures, such as backing up your store regularly and manually, installing security plugins, keeping updates, using SSL, etc.


Weebly is truly easy to build websites, but it’s inferior to open source platforms like WordPress. WordPress is a reliable and easy to use platform allowing people to build their own websites with ease. You can learn the differences between WordPress VS Weebly in our previous post.

Instead of having a site on Weebly, we suggest you to build a self-hosted WordPress site with the below web hosting services. All these services are 100% compatible with WordPress, coming with rich resources and features, 99.9% uptime, fast speed and 24×7 technical support.


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