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WebHostingPad VS HostGator on Shared Web Hosting

WebHostingPad VS HostGator on Shared Web Hosting

WebHostingPad is one of the few companies who price the shared web hosting service less than $2/mo while HostGator is regarded as one of the fastest and most reliable hosting providers in this industry. Both companies have won great reputation. In the WebHostingPad vs HostGator, we would like to make an in-depth comparison between the two companies. Readers can get an all-sided analysis of the web hosts’ shared web hosting.

Who Are WebHostingPad and HostGator?

In case that some users, especially these freshly to the hosting industry, know little about WebHostingPad and HostGator backgrounds, we would like to present a brief introduction before entering to more comparison details.

Founded in 2005, WebHostingPad has been in the industry for more than a decade with its corporate office in Buffalo Grove, IL, US. As it claims, the company has set out to deliver high-quality hosting services at a price that everyone can afford over the web. However, as many webmasters have noted that the company is indeed not a good choice in multiple aspects.

On the other side, HostGator is relatively experienced and reputable, having been in the field since 2002. Headquartered in Houston and Austin, Texas, this company have undergone a fast growth and finally become a leading provider of highly-acclaimed services. Up to now, it has established several international offices and hosted over 5 million domains throughout the globe.

Rating WebHostingPad HostGator
Reputation rating 1.5 of 5 stars rating 5 of 5 stars
Feature rating 2 of 5 stars rating 4.5 of 5 stars
Speed rating 2 of 5 stars rating 4.5 of 5 stars
Reliability rating 1.5 of 5 stars rating 4.5 of 5 stars
Support rating 2 of 5 stars rating 5 of 5 stars
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How Much You Should Pay for Each Solution?

WebHostingPad prices shared web hosting service less than $2/mo while HostGator offers exclusive 45% discount to customers who use a special coupon code HG45PERCENT. Check the detailed price information in the following and decide which company enables more benefits.

# WebHostingPad Shared Web Hosting Price

There are two options available for customers, including Power Plan Hosting and Power Plan Plus, which are regularly starting at $4.49/mo. WebHostingPad releases a special introductory to cut the price down to $1.99/mo. That sounds amazing, especially for webmasters who have limited budget. However, such cheap price is only valid for the 5-year billing term.

Power Plan Hosting: This solution is great for individuals, bloggers and small businesses, which is valid for the 1/2/3/4/5-year billing term.

  • 1-Year Subscription – $3.99/mo
  • 2-Year Subscription – $2.99/mo
  • 3-Year Subscription – $1.99/mo
  • 4-Year Subscription – $1.99/mo
  • 5-Year Subscription – $1.99/mo

Power Plan Plus: This solution is great for customers who need more resources and also have more budgets, which is valid for the 1/2/3/4/5-year billing term.

  • 1-Year Subscription – $6.99/mo
  • 2-Year Subscription – $5.99/mo
  • 3-Year Subscription – $4.99/mo
  • 4-Year Subscription – $3.99/mo
  • 5-Year Subscription – $3.99/mo

If customers use the coupon code FREEDOMAIN during the purchase, they can register a new domain on WebHostingPad without paying extra money. It is optional to purchase domain privacy service that is pricing at $5/year. The account setup is free of charge. Note that, WebHostingPad releases 30-day money back guarantee.

# HostGator Shared Web Hosting Price

HostGator releases the coupon code HG45PERCENT. That is used to activate 45% discount for all shared web hosting solutions, making the price down to $3.82/mo. Customers are allowed to purchase a solution for 1/3/6/12/24/36-month as needed.

Hatchling is the primary plan designed for startups, individuals and small businesses, regularly starting at $6.95/mo for the 3-year billing cycle. With 45% discount, the price is down to $3.82/mo.

Baby is great for websites with medium size or some fast-growing sites, which is regularly starting at $7.95/mo. With 45% discount, the price is down to $5.47/mo.

Business Plan is created for the business websites with high demand on hosting resources and advanced features. Once activating the 45% discount, customers can purchase this solution at only $8.22/mo.

Go through the following promotional link and activate 45% discount by using the coupon code HG45PERCENT.

HostGator Promotion Link Activation

Besides the exclusive discount, HostGator also offers some freebies to customers, like site builder, website building tools, $200 advertising credits, dozens of scripts, etc. Note that, HostGator allows customers to cancel accounts and ask for a refund within the first 45 days.

What’s in the Package?

Both companies include sufficient hosting resources and user-friendly control panel in each plan.

Resources Allocation

WebHostingPad and HostGator allocate unlimited disk space and bandwidth to each hosted site. That leaves webmasters enough space to develop their sites, no matter for small or large websites. In addition, more features are listed in the following table.

Feature WebHostingPad HostGator
Plans in Comparison Power Plan Hosting Hatchling
Disk Space Unlimited Unlimited
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited
MySQL Databases Unlimited Unlimited
PHP5 yes yes
Ruby On Rails no yes
SSH no yes
Perl yes yes
Python yes yes
Recommended Not Recommended Go HostGator

Besides unlimited disk space and bandwidth, both companies also include email accounts and MySQL databases in each plan without limitation. As for SSH access, WebHostingPad enables this great feature for customers who purchase the Power Plan Plus package.

Control Panel

To make things much easier, WebHostingPad and HostGator both integrate each solution with the most powerful cPanel. Users can easily manage MySQL databases via phpMyAdmin. Also, there is no need to pay too much effort for website backup and restore. A one-click installer is included in this control panel, which enables a simple and quick way for application installation.

Comparison on Uptime and Speed

Uptime and speed are of great concern when webmasters select a shared web hosting provider. Many web hosts invest a lot in the maintenance of data centers, and WebHostingPad and HostGator are no exception.

# WebHostingPad Data Center and Networks

WebHostingPad utilizes a US-based data center located in Chicago. The data center comes with fast network connectivity and full redundancy in power. That ensures fast transfer speed and a high level of reliability. Also, WebHostingPad pays close attention to data center security and uses multi-layer security system.

WebHostingPad makes a solemn promise of 99.999% uptime. To check whether this company meets the commitment, we make a 30-day uptime test and get the statistics as below. Obviously, the result is disappointing.

WebHostingPad Uptime Report

# HostGator Data Center and Networks

HostGator utilizes two data centers in United States. One is located in Houston, TX and another is located in Provo, UT. This company has hosted millions of websites worldwide since it is founded in 2002. Both data centers are equipped with cutting-edge technologies.

  • Houston, TX Data Center – Covering 300,000 square feet, this data center leaves enough room for thousands of web servers. Also, the CyrusOne’s Houston West facility is featuring fully redundant systems, such as Detroit Diesel generators, UPS backup, power distribution units, etc. The NOCC keeps monitoring all infrastructures around-the-clock.
  • Provo, UT Data Center – The Ace data center is featuring 8,500 square feet and has a unique energy efficient pod design. Equipping with advanced redundant infrastructures, this data center is supported by continuous power all the time.

HostGator guarantees at least 99.9% uptime. We also test HostGator web server uptime for 30 days. As it turns out, the promise is delivered.

HostGator Uptime Report

# Who Achieves the Higher Performance?

The server response time comparison chart shown as below indicates HostGator achieves higher performance than WebHostingPad. Considering that HostGator delivers excellent uptime and speed to each hosted website, this company should be the better option for webmasters having high demand on web hosting performance.

Comparison on Support Service

When it comes to support service, WebHostingPad and HostGator have a lot in common.

1. Professional Support Team

Each web host has a group of experienced support staffs who are skillful in solving any issues. The support team stays online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

2. Convenient Communication Methods

Both companies support live chat, email and phone. Besides that, HostGator and WebHostingPad allow webmasters to search for an answer by submitting a ticket.

3. A Large Number of Helpful Resources

WebHostingPad Support Center – WebHostingPad has a Support Center which includes the guide for account registration. The Knowledgebase includes categories of helpful articles, in terms of pre-sales, email questions, database questions, addon installation, and so on.

HostGator Support Portal – HostGator offers hundreds of beginner’s guides and advanced tutorials in the Support Portal. Webmasters can search for an answer by topic, which can be hosting guide, cPanel, website design, etc.

Also, HostGator has published multiple video tutorials to deliver useful information in a vivid way. The Video Tutorial System is organized in various categories, including FTP, Domain Control Panel, phpMyAdmin, WordPress, and so on. Each category includes an array of tutorials.

Comparison on Customer Satisfaction Rate

As the saying goes, the disguise was easily seen through by the public. No matter how alluring the advertisement is, users themselves will eventually know whether the products and services are quality or not. And the genuine meaning of any hosting comparison is to deliver these tried users’ feedback to save the new ones a lot of grief.

In total, we have received 16 reviews from verified users of WebHostingPad, only 31% of which are satisfied with the company’s WordPress hosting services. By these facts, we have to admitted that cheap price usually means sub-standard services.

By contrast, a real quality provider like HostGator has endured the severe tests of both users and the market. According to the statistics that we have collected, 99.98% of the 269 users assumed their satisfaction to this company.

Final Thought: HostGator Is the Better Option

Both companies offer premium support service and help customers solve problems in emergency. As for shared web hosting reliability, speed and cost-effectiveness, WebHostingPad is no match for HostGator. As thus, we recommend HostGator to webmasters who are searching for a quality shared web hosting provider.


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