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WebHostingPad VS Bisend on Linux Shared Hosting

WebHostingPad VS Bisend on Linux Shared Hosting

Both WebHostingPad and Bisend have survived in the fierce completion with a great number of followers. Some of our readers are likely to look for an in-depth comparison on their Linux shared hosting. With limited technical knowledge, they want some advice before making a final decision. To benefit our readers, we spend much time collecting information and writing this WebHostingPad VS Bisend comparison.

Here are some criteria we use to evaluate the two web hosts for hosting a website: price, feature, uptime, speed, and support. Being responsible for our readers, we not only show the details you concern a lot but also roll the gathered information into a rating table. At the end of this comparison, you will have a clear idea why Bisend is a better choice for Linux shared hosting.

Rating WebHostingPad Bisend
Price 5 4.5
Feature 3.5 4
Uptime 2.5 5
Speed 3 5
Support 3.5 4.5
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WebHostingPad VS Bisend on Plans


Power Plan from WebHostingPad and Pro Plan from Bisend are regarded to be the best choice. With the purchase of them, you can have a good control over your budget in the long run. Considerable discounts are available for the long-term subscription. For example, Bisend users can pay as low as $5.45/mo when they opt for the 3-year Pro Plan through the exclusive promotional link. A 30-day full refund policy can be used to reduce losses for the cancellation of your account.

Price Information WebHostingPad Bisend
Plan in Review Power Plan Pro
12-Month Payment $3.99/mo $7.95/mo
12-Month Payment $3.99/mo $7.95/mo
24-Month Payment $2.99/mo $6.95/mo
36-Month Payment $2.29/mo $5.45/mo
48-Month Payment $1.99/mo
60-Month Payment $1.99/mo
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Before the establishment of long-term relationship, however, you need to increase the knowledge of your hosting provider. Then we move forward to check what features you can get from and Power Plan and Pro Plan.

  • Disk space and bandwidth are enough for you to run a website with rich media and high traffic.
  • Both of them give users the possibility to run multiple websites on one hosting account.
  • Good control panel, cPanel or Plesk, will simply the process to manage your account.
  • Their full refund period endure for 30 days.
Feature Information WebHostingPad Bisend
Plan in Review Power Plan Pro
Free Domain 1 for 1 Year 0
Website(s) Unlimited 5
Email Accounts Unlimited 100
Disk Space Unlimited Unlimited
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited
Control Panel cPanel Plesk
Refund Policy 30 Days 30 Days
PHP 5 5.x/7.x
SSH Optional Yes
Perl/Python/Ruby Yes Yes
Free SSL No Yes
Databases Yes Yes
Conclusion Recommended

In fact, one bright spot in the WebHostingPad feature list is the provision of a 1-year free domain name. But paid SSH access, SSL certificate, and old PHP version are the major downsides for this web host. Things are different with Bisend who claims no hidden fees with each hosting solution and is sensitive to latest technologies.

WebHostingPad VS Bisend on Hosting Environment

Great benefits will be brought by a good hosting environment. Due to the sufferings of constant downtime and low speed, it is hard for visitors to have trust in your website even if there is valuable content waiting for them. From this point of view, the importance of a good hosting environment should be learned without the further explanation.

The whole process to get real statistics costs us more than a half year. With the analysis of statistics we get from a monitoring tool, WebHostingPad has trouble providing reliable and fast shared hosting service. The lack of reliability and speed can be seen from the following charts. However, Bisend minimizes the downtime to less than 1% and shortens the server response time to no more than 400ms.

All the Bisend servers have been optimized for higher uptime and faster speed, featuring RAID10 fast storage, 64+ GB memory, 24+ CPU cores, and more. Also, the Bisend professional support team works around the clock to prevent security problems from emerging and becoming more and more serious.

WebHostingPad VS Bisend on Technical Support

There are many issues which get in your way to run a website. It is impossible that you can handle all of them without the help of a support team, though you may have acquired many technical skills. So support quality is also one of the criteria to check whether a web host deserves your choice. This is a task which has been done by our dedicated editors.

With rich hosting experience, their technicians have prepared an extensive knowledgebase for users who are faced with common errors. Also, they claim to provide 24/7 technical support for those who fall into trouble through live chat and ticket system.

Since phone system is also a communication channel between users and WebHostingPad, it appears that WebHostingPad can provide more helpful technical support. However, what we have learned from verified users and our editors tells a different story. Unlike Bisend, it takes a quite long time for WebHostingPad to answer the requests.

Wrap Up

To sum up, Bisend can meet your high expectations for the best possible web hosting service. Better feature offerings, much faster page load speed, and more responsive technical support are the reasons for you to start a hosting journey with Bisend. It is wise for you to look beyond the allocation for less server resources.


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