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WebHostingHub VS InMotion Hosting on Shared Web Hosting

WebHostingHub VS InMotion Hosting on Shared Web Hosting

This comparison of WebHostingHub vs InMotion Hosting makes it clear on which company offers more affordable shared web hosting. Besides an in-depth analysis of price information and refund policy, that also briefs on the details of web hosting features, reliability and speed. Check more details as below. Before the purchase, we also hold an idea that you should learn who WebHostingHub and InMotion Hosting are. Their background information is displayed as follows.

Industry Reputation

In the same year of 2001, both WebHostingHub and InMotion Hosting became web hosts who extend business scope into shared web hosting service. Having covered more than 15 years, both web hosts have been receiving many praises from the market. On one hand, most of their users are satisfied with their hosting services. On the other hand, they are often included into the ranking of the best web hosts. To be honest, both web hosts are good shared web hosting providers. Better understanding of the two web hosts, however, makes you tell the winner for your website.

On the basis of customers’ feedbacks and editors’ reviews, a rating table comes first with the purpose to make things as clear as possible. It can be seen that they are almost well-matched in strength. Seriously speaking, however, the winner goes to InMotion Hosting who delivers faster page load speed.

Editorial Rating WebHostingHub InMotion Hosting
Price 5 out of 5 stars 5 out of 5 stars
Feature 4 out of 5 stars 4.5 out of 5 stars
Speed 4.5 out of 5 stars 5 out of 5 stars
Uptime 5 out of 5 stars 5 out of 5 stars
Support 5 out of 5 stars 5 out of 5 stars

Comparison on Shared Web Hosting Affordability

Most webmasters turn to shared web hosting because of its cost-effectiveness. On this point, both companies try to cater to the needs of webmasters by releasing exclusive discounts and affordable price.

WebHostingHub Plans, Price & Discounts

WebHostingHub has three shared web hosting solutions and each comes with certain of boon. The elementary plan, named as Spark, is regular pricing at $8.99/mo. By going through the following promotional link, webmasters can purchase the solution at $3.99/mo for 12-month billing term. If the subscription is as long as over 24 months, the billing for the first three months is $1.95/mo, and then that would be $3.99/mo. The other two solutions are starting at $6.99/mo and $10.99/mo.

WebHostingHub Promotion Link Activation

Each solution includes some freebies as below:

  • Up to $200 advertising credits (Google AdWords, Yahoo! Bing)
  • Website transfer and website builder
  • Domain registration

InMotion Hosting Plans, Price & Discounts

InMotion Hosting enables up to 57% discounts for three shared web hosting solutions. The exclusive discounts can be activated via the following promotional link. In this way, each solution is starting at a budget-friendly price.

  • Launch is designed for webmasters in all skill levels, regularly starting at $6.99/mo. With 57% discount, the price is down to $2.95/mo.
  • Power is designed for small businesses, regularly starting at $8.99/mo. With 50% discount, the price is down to $4.49/mo.
  • Pro is designed for developers or some fast-growing businesses, regularly starting at $15.99/mo. With 53% discount, the price is down to $7.49/mo.
InMotion Hosting Promotion Link Activation

Each solution also includes an array of freebies, like a free domain name, SSD drives, website transfer, data backups, $250 advertising credits and hundreds of applications.

Money Back Guarantee

WebHostingHub and InMotion Hosting both enables 90-day full money back guarantee for all hosting solutions. That allows plenty of time for each user to experience the shared web hosting services. In the event subscribers cancel the services after 90 calendar days, they receive a pro-rated refund of fees paid in advance from WebHostingHub. This is the reason why the purchase from WebhostingHub is more secure than that from InMotion Hosting. But it is undisputed that both web hosts make an industry leading money back guarantee.

Who Offers More Possibilities?

Resource Allocation

Both companies enable affordable price for each shared web hosting solution according to the above comparison. The following table goes on with the comparison on web hosting resources and advanced features. Two elementary plans are selected here.

Feature WebHostingHub InMotion
Plan in Comparison Spark Launch
Websites 2 2
MySQL Databases 10 2
Disk Space Unlimited Unlimited
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited
Python Yes Yes
PHP7 Yes Yes
Perl Yes Yes
Free Advertising Credits $75 $250
Free Applications 400+ 400+
Website Builder Yes Yes

Each solution of WebHostingHub and InMotion Hosting support the latest version of PHP, Perl and Python. They also guarantee a high level of security for emails by featuring IMAP. A big difference is their backup service. InMotion Hosting keeps a backup of your data to protect you from data loss without additional charges while WebHostingHub charges extras $1/mo for the service.

Control Panel

Both companies utilize easy-to-use cPanel with Softaculous 1-click installer. That enables an easy manner to install hundreds of applications within a few clicks. During the checkout process, you can choose the automatic installation of WordPress and shopping cart. Both WebHostingHub and InMotion Hosting will pre-install the needed applications for free on your hosting solution. Besides, this powerful control panel comes with a user-friendly interface, which helps users make a good use of all features easily.

Who Achieves Higher Reliability and Performance?

Green Data Center and Excellent Uptime

WebHostingHub and InMotion Hosting both utilize US-based green data center, located in Los Angeles, and integrate each data center with outside air cooling system. That makes a big difference on carbon emission reduction. All data centers are powered by advanced technologies, including robust DELL servers, redundant power supply, 24×7 monitoring, etc.

Based on an uptime monitoring for a month, WebHostingHub achieves an excellent uptime.

The following statistics make it clear on the uptime of InMotion Hosting in the past 30 days.

Thus, it can be concluded that both web hosts can make users run their websites without much downtime. The smooth delivery of content is really important for any website. With either of them, this will not be a question tanks to their much investment and many efforts.

Server Response Time Comparison

Both web hosts replace traditional hard drives with solid state drives which have faster read/write speeds. However, InMotion Hosting also cooperates with many trust-worthy bandwidth providers to enable competitive network speed. The use of Max Speed Zone with advanced routing technology guarantees fast speed for page load. In this case, this company can perform up to 68% faster than WebHostingHub.

Comparison on Technical Support

As for communication channels, both companies allow webmasters to contact their support teams via live chat, phone and email. The well-trained support staffs will answer any requests in time, which has been tested by our editors and real users. To deal with emergencies, live chat is often regarded as the best way to get instant assistance without any requirement on spoken English. The requests haven often been answered through live chat within seconds.

Also, each web host has its own support center to deliver useful hosting resources. WebHostingHub and InMotion Hosting support staffs help users get started with a website as soon as possible. The Help Center of both web hosts includes multiple tutorials for both beginners and developers, in terms of software installation, cPanel login, email settings, FTP setup, and so on. It will save you much time and energy if you can direct find solutions from the Help Center.

Final Thoughts – Who Offers the Better Shared Web Hosting?

There is a lot in common between WebHostingHub and InMotion Hosting, including web hosting affordability, reliability and technical support. It’s really hard to make a decision. However, when it comes to web hosting speed, InMotion Hosting has done a better job.


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