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WebHostingBuzz Review on WordPress Hosting
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WebHostingBuzz Review on WordPress Hosting

Many webmasters choose WordPress for site building because of its usability and scalability. That’s why WordPress web hosting becomes more and more popular in this field. In this WebHostingBuzz review, we make an in-depth analysis of this company’s WordPress hosting. That is great for readers being of two minds about whether to host their sites with WebHostingBuzz WordPress hosting.

Who is WebHostingBuzz?

Who is WebHostingBuzzWebHostingBuzz sets foot in WordPress web hosting industry in 2002. The management team of this team consists of a group of experienced developers. They are professional in computer networks & system, computer sciences & electrical engineering, UNIX-like technologies, and some other fields related to web hosting.

With a collection of real customer reviews, WebHostingBuzz WordPress hosting is favored by a large number of bloggers. They appreciate this company as it is fast, reliable and affordable. However, there are still complaints about the poor technical support, unprofessional support staffs, serious down time issues and slow page loading speed.

As options vary, we would like to find out the truth to prove whether WebHostingBuzz WordPress web hosting is worth a short.

Review on Support, Performance and WordPress Compatibility

Before everything, let’s start with the knowledge of WebHostingBuzz support service, server performance and WordPress compatibility.

Poor Technical Support

As many complaints about WebHostingBuzz technical support, we find that the support team cannot offer valid solutions in time. When we send a request to the support team via live chat, we are asked to wait for a moment. As a matter of fact, no reply is sent back even a few hours later. Obviously, our request is ignored. It follows that WebHostingBuzz has not made good on the promise of 24×7 responsive technical support.

Reliable Hosting Environment and Fast Speed

WebHostingBuzz utilizes three data centers, among which the Atlanta, GA data center and Dallas, TX data center are used for WordPress shared hosting, reseller hosting and VPS hosting. Each data center is powered by N+N network redundancy and 24×7 monitoring system thereby ensuring high level of reliability and performance.

Based on our real monitoring on WebHostingBuzz uptime and response time, we get a result as below. No downtime is recorded.

WebHostingBuzz Uptime

100% WordPress Compatibility

WebHostingBuzz allows webmasters to install WordPress with a few clicks by using Softaculous 1-click installer. That makes each solution WordPress ready. The latest PHP and MySQL are included in each WordPress hosting package, making it 100% WordPress compatibility.

WordPress Hosting Packages

WebHostingBuzz aims at launching generally accepted hosting services for individuals, bloggers, small businesses and enterprises. Besides, the 45-day money back guarantee is available for all WordPress hosting solutions.

1. WebHostingBuzz WordPress Shared Hosting

There are two WordPress shared hosting packages designed for websites with different amounts of monthly visits. The two solutions are named as WP Light and WP Power.

WP Light Price

Starting at $4.95/mo, WP Light is created for small blogs with up to 5,000 monthly visits. The starting price is valid for 24-month billing term. For the yearly plan, webmasters need to pay $5.95/mo. Note that, the solution is not valid for the monthly subscription.

WP Power Price

Starting at $6.95/mo, WP Power is designed for blogs with medium size and up to 25,000 monthly visits. That is valid for 24-month billing cycle. For the yearly plan, the service is pricing at $7.95/mo. This package is not valid for the monthly subscription.

WordPress Shared Web Hosting Resources Allocation

Both shared web hosting solutions include one free domain name, cPanel, 1 cPanel account and rich resources. Check more details as below.

WebHostingBuzz Shared Web Hosting Price

WebHostingBuzz allocates sufficient resources to both WordPress shared hosting packages. However, the price of each solution is much higher than the best cheap WordPress hosting companies as below. All recommended companies are pricing the WordPress shared hosting solutions less than $4/mo.

2. WebHostingBuzz WordPress Reseller Hosting

One WordPress reseller hosting solution is designed for webmasters who run multiple sites and plan to resell sites to clients.

WP Multi-Site Price

This package is called WP Multi-Site, which is starting from $9.95/mo. That is valid for 24-month billing term. For the yearly subscription and monthly subscription, this reseller hosting solution is pricing at $10.95/mo and $12.95/mo respectively.

WordPress Reseller Hosting Resources and Features

WebHostingBuzz WP Multi-Site plan allows webmasters to host unlimited websites on one account. Besides that, 50GB disk space, 5000GB bandwidth, 50 cPanel account and one free domain name are included in this solution as well. That enables an easy manner for managing as many sites as needed.

Accordingly, WebHostingBuzz offers affordable reseller hosting with high level of usability and rich resources. It is worth choosing. For some readers looking for a reseller hosting provider with high reputation, the top 3 reseller web hosting companies should be in consideration.

3. WebHostingBuzz WordPress VPS Hosting

The WordPress VPS hosting solution is suitable for the websites with a demand of large amounts of hosting resources.


The WordPress VPS hosting solution, named as WP VPS, is pricing at $52.95/mo for 1/12/25-month. No special offer is available for this plan. There is an extra fee needed for the new domain registration.

WordPress VPS Hosting Resources and Features

This plan includes 60GB disk space, 750GB bandwidth and unlimited cPanel accounts. Also, it allows full root access for each VPS server and makes it much easier to manage server by using user-friendly cPanel.

Compared with many VPS hosting companies who include unlimited resources in each VPS server and enable an affordable price, WebHostingBuzz WordPress VPS hosting is not cost-effective. Just like this VPS ranking site recommends the following options with both cheap price and rich resources. Those are worth a try.

Final Thought – Not Recommended

The unprofessional technical support has disappointed many webmasters who wish to get emergency measures. Besides, the WordPress hosting solutions are much more expensive than many competitors. In general, WebHostingBuzz WordPress hosting is not comparable to the companies recommended as above.


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